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ITT: Crimes against humanity

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i worked with it for a year still could just barely do the things i was supposed to

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JavaScript, HTML

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It's software designed for 60 year old women. Don't bother trying to learn it. It's not for you.

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>blue haired kid living in ohio

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SAP is easily Germany's biggest crime against humanity

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You don't even know what it is do you
Fucking Krauts

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SAP is so bad it literally makes Oracle look like an angel

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The biggest crime against humanity was not following through with the Holocaust.

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Back to your quarantine board.

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Which product specifically? Don't they have shitloads?

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1c enterpise menegement is the silver bullet

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>ITT: Crimes against humanity
>germs are behind it once again

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>ITT: brainlets

While SAP Software is ugly you can get lots of cash for it because nobody wants to program it but everyone wants to use it in their omnichannels. You easily get 100k as a junior sap consultant.

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at least you make money?

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"Software Architects"

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What's the problem with SAP

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>that feel when your work's migration from SAP Business One to whatever the hell unfinished SAP CRM/ERP version it was and you have 60 year old women using cheat sheets of ABAP code in Netweaver just to access basic shit like tracking numbers for orders.

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>While SAP Software is ugly you can get lots of cash for it because nobody wants to program it but everyone wants to use it in their omnichannels. You easily get 100k as a junior sap consultant.
Is that figure in USD?

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Nah, yuropoors

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Good planning saves time in execution.
Over engineering a simple problem is bad though.

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Visual Basic

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Haha I have to take an entire class on UML just to graduate. Fucking kill me.

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I cant believe nobody posted this

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Read the intro,it clearly states that its meant for employed programmers as a demo disk of things that C can do.
A hobbyists or a beginner may tag along but its in no shape or form a teaching book,the author is very clear about it.
He is not responsible for a generation of retards that cant read.

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>this thread
Cannot tell if /g/ is ironic today or school is out early.

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Can confirm, I've seen some SAP programming positions paying 36k in a third world hole where junior devs get paid as low as 10k, and the average programmer isn't above 20k.
Of course here you can have a very comfortable life with 36k, consider relativity and that number can climb up to around 60k as the years go by, no more than that though, but you don't need it here, If I earned that I could move to a fancy neighborhood and be comfy.
t. 10k as sysadmin

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jokes on them, cant use audio captcha
i'm pretty sure I'm on some kind of captcha blacklist

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my life will be 10 years shorter due to google's bullshit

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it was nice while it worked
got quickly blocked for sending automated requests though

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If you work as a programmer you'll be using C++ over C anyway so that makes the book quite irrelevant

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All of them

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Tried it yesterday, no longer works for me

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How to become a SAP consultant? There are classes, which amount to hundreds of hours.

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SAP is French.

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The book was written in a time when the word "programmer" refereed to employed person writing code in Fortran and Cobol,not C++.
There is nothing irrelevant in the book its just you are so smug you cant see your own stupidity.

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OW GOD don't get me started on SAP.

Worked for 7 fucking years with that shit.

- Ow you wan't to change that, sorry can't do.

- Ow you have this really urgent issue, please talk to some Indian he will make a call and get back with you in 3-5 days

- Yeah we have this new function it's really fast -> after implementing it's not working or slow as fuck.

It's crap build on crap made by boomers for boomers. The only advantage is the pay is good, since every low level engineer needs basically around 30k of SAP training to get started. And after that huge investment you don't want them to go to an other employer.

Fuck SAP

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how will hungary ever recover?

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I freelance for two companies that have SAP as clients. My apologies for supporting them fellow anons.

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Good, serves them right for helping in Partitions of Poland.

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What good does it do to be rich if you don't have a life to enjoy it?

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No it's German

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(((Copyright))) laws

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>S end
>A nother
>P ayment
but if you get in on the other side (abap/java dev; tech support for sap specifically), its pretty comfy paycheck

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Remember: "captcha is temporary".

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What's wrong with SAP?
My psychologist always suggested I should work for them every single appointment after I mentioned being autistic and programming all day

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Magyar cigan lol

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>implements google captcha
>google uses it to train neural networks
>leaves 4chan
>gets hired at google
makes you think huh

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It's been 100 years and they still haven't lol

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Came here to post this

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Woah, this works great! Thanks anon.

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>not Gothic 3
wew lad

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True those fuckers should be fucking impaled
But just some other criminals: ISP's, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, js, "tech youtubers", nvidia, intel

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op TYPE /4ch/anon,
isfaggot TYPE abap_bool.

CALL METHOD op->analyze.

IF isfaggot = abap_true.
APPEND op TO /4ch/faggotlist.

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>not FED
Come on, anon...

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