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Just about how long does it take to learn how to code really well? I'm taking some classes in my free time because I might want to work in that field someday, as so far I've gotten a few chapters in, but it looks like it's still the really simple stuff for now. I'm trying to learn Programming. Has anyone else had experience with coding?

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no, no one on the technology board full of discussion of computer hardware and software has any experience coding /s

how old are you OP? i think reddit might be a better site for a kid like you...

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I'm 22. But, thanks for your "response."

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What's up with the huge influx of pajeet niggers trying to learn how to code?

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it takes time and dedication, everyone can learn to code but once you need to stop writing spaghetti, things get interesting

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Sorry I thought you were a high school kid. An important thing to note about this website is that you are supposed to lurk before posting. If you did this you would understand that there is a lot of programming discussion on this board. To answer your question, it varies. You can go to a 6 month bootcamp, and if you work hard you will understand how to build code for websites using whatever tools are popular. This is a very large area of employment, but more advanced programmers can look down on it. If you want to get more involved, it takes longer, from learning via a powerful object oriented programming language like C++ to learning how that is interpreted down to the hardware level, how computers are designed, algorithms, etc. It's a very complex, diverse technical field which is why there is so much money involved.

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>Just about how long does it take to learn how to code really well?
20 years

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