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The umpc market is growing again, gpd brought it back, and now there are a bunch of chink companies making them too. I loved my vgn ux180p, ux280p, ux390n, etc it was a really well made umpc and we should let sony or specifically their now seperate vaio division know that umpcs are coming back and that they should begin making umpcs again.

Imagine if an actually good jap company made umpcs again instead of these chink companies.

I have a gpd win but it needs alot more, the win2 is fine but i would far prefer the vaio vgn ux series form factor where the keyboard slides into the display. Visit us.vaio.com and goto the contact section and let them know.

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They're dead JIM. Everyone else is waiting for x86 MTTCG qemu support on ARM.

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x86 will always emulate horribly on ARM.

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It's getting there.


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not really, gpd showed that its still a viable market, there is still an audience for it. Mostly IT people, those who want to emulate shit, productivity on the extreme level, etc.

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So why does my phone perform like a C2D or better running ARM code, yet can just barely run DOS games for 486 at full speed?

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Because MTTCG for x86 on ARM hasn't been enabled yet through qemu so you're limited to a single core. Of course you're gonna get vastly different performance when running 1 ARM core vs 8.

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But most 486 DOS games worked with 1 thread.

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What qualcom chip are you using, sounds really bad. >>70173131 was done on a snapdragon 835 chip which is now found in ~$400 phones.

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I just want ANY competition for GPD. Their devices are stupid overpriced and keep seeing tons of flaws with these things that break them super early. you can see with all the $200 win 1 devices flooding ebay

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I don't even care about competition, I just want to see GPD make a VAIO UX clone. It's nice to see that they're making UMPCs, now they need to make a good one.

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so why don't we all just move to ARM and call it a day?

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Win 1 was shit. Win 2 is better in every way, people just don't want the Win 1.
Plus at least half the Win 1's out there are early units with dozens of problems.

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Where my N900 lads at

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Good question. Shows the progress we made over all those years. The N900 was just smashing.

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All the useful software is written for x86, dumbass.

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