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Do you use a text-mode web browser? If so, which one is your favourite?

I use elinks.

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I don't normally use a text mode browser but when I do I use elinks.

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i use eww, which comes with emacs

it's a little more than just text since it can display images inline, but its pretty similar.

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Links2 is nice

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based termux bro

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What is this

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He seems to be running elinks inside an Android terminal emulator (possibly termux).

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What is your phoneposting cancer screenshot supposed to be showing me

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What is your boomer cringe post supposed to be telling me

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I'm running elinks running in Termux. Are you blind?

I'm a boomer too and while I prefer the desktop for a lot of things, I still use a smartphone a lot because it's convenient.

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eww and links

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How are you managing to browse into threads? Most text-mode browser eat shit when you switch to catalog mode.

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elinks is kind of a lifesaver sometimes. Really stupid how many automated build/test systems generate htmls instead of plain text logs.

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Why the fuck would I do that?

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>Using a text browser on an image board

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Python REPL

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ffs just use gopher you fucking dinosaur

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chad as fuck bro

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