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Hey /g/, how do you escape a bootloop? This shit has been loading for well over an hour now and l don't think that it will ever finish.

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>muh custom roms
found your problem

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Bin that shit and buy an iPhone

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Hold power until it turns off then turn it on holding up or down and it should go either to recovery or to fastboot. Recovery is easier but you can flash it to stock on fastboot as well, either way you're going to need a computer.

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Imagine being this illiterate.

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what phone is that?

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If your trying to install a custom rom, search for the device's specific "blankboot" file. Then actually read the instructions.

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You tried installing a custom ROM without researching ahead of time what to do in case the install fails and bricks your device? This is either bait or deserved.

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Open the back cover and remove the battery

If you can't do it without tools, I'm afraid that means your phone is shit.

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hold the power+volume up button, either (flash stock rom from your manufacturers site or clean flash the rom) and flash lazy flasher in both cases.

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>he doesnt have a removeable battery

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Install gentoo

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