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People only dislike Ubuntu because it's popular.

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it relies way too heavily on snaps which run like shit

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>package manager isn't declarative and doesn't support entire OS rollbacks

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>named after some nigger language

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Does it still come with preinstalled bloatware from Amazon?

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People only like Ubuntu because it's popular.

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fedora is everything ubuntu wants to be. ubuntu isnt that bad, but its not that great

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>windows-like malware from linux world

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Only 2 shipping programs are snaps, and they are inconsequential.

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No it's because it's in the amazon botnet

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This. Ubuntu is running on the momentum of its better days. They introduce garbage such as Amazon ads, Snaps, and Gnome 3 but people still recommend them.

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Explain how it's in the botnet

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Canonical want to replace apt with snapd in a future release.

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