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I've been a hardcore PC user for as long as i can remember and obviously ive built pcs for gaming and things of that nature however as i get older i am finding that i really don't have the time or patience for tinkering with games and game settings and just want to play on my ps4 or switch or 360 or whatever. I've done all sorts of gaming and used all sorts of Linux distro's and although the UI and GUI are nice on Linux i really don't see any practicality in using the operating system. I just dont have the time or willpower to fuck around in a command line anymore. I will admit (although its probably a sin on this board) that i really enjoy the simplicity and design of apple products and they have been rather good with updates in the last couple of years as compared to earlier models of iphones, ipads etc. I have a perfectly working iphone SE i use alongside my LG phone as a music player. should i just get an older mac ? im sure ill get hate but honestly i dont really game anymore and have enough work cut out for me at various IT jobs these days anyways. so whats you're opinion /g/ ?

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This post wreaks of reddit and /r/pcmasterrace/
COnsider suicide, op/

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