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And most funniest thing about this - FINEWINE™ hasn't even been poured in yet.

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Based and redpilled.

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We already knew that some instances the vii is superior than 2080

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And for the price of it, you could probably rally for realsies.

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Finewine only happened once because AMD had 30% CPU overhead in their DX11 driver. Not surprising brand loyalists ran with it, envisioning some mythical dedicated room of pajeets who spend months coming up with technological breakthroughs because they just love their customers so much.

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The crowd system is fucked if you turn crowds off u get 100% more performance.

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Oh cool its the biggest outlier for amd and you cherry picked it and made a thread

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Say that to my RX580's face

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It's the #RedTeam way. Bottleneck another component, take the best margin of error sample and declare a win!

Dude, my Ford Pinto does 30 in residentials just like your overpriced Ferrari! Why is Ford so fucking based bros?

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I have a 2700x and gtx 1080 you moron amd gpus are fucking dogshit. Even on 7nm and 400watt oc the v2 struggles to reach a 2080 and 1080 Ti in every other game

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holy cope

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Checks out.

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It kinda was but in a quite /g/ way.
You can get much more performance from the AMD cards by moving to linux and using the open source drivers.

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why are you quoting yourself

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>open source drivers

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Cry summoar, noVideot.

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That's cheating. The game doesn't use GameWorks. It also doesn't run on nVidia developed engines like Unreal Engine. Or run nVidia middleware like PhysX.

Its not fair.

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Still worse performance than the 1080ti, though

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There is something much worse, called official drivers.

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That was epic, epic for the win! XD

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What you're calling PhysX is actually PhysX+x86 or, as I've recently taken to calling it, PhysX86

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>nVidia developed engines like Unreal Engine
Lay off the crack.

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Unity/Unreal Engine = nVidia baked goods

Its an open relationship they've fostered for decade or so.

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UE is free for non-game dev corps, you dumb fucks. Anyone can download it and try. nVidia only uses free one.

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You seem confused. This isn't about the cost of Unreal Engine.

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NVIDIA has money to spread around, devrel is basically a quid pro quo lever for them. You play ball and you get free developers, that's worth a couple 100K$ a piece. For a game developer living milestone to milestone that's a nice chunk of change.

Epic making billions now will probably get a little more independent, just like Valve.

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Am I missing something here? RVII is a tad more expensive than 2080 and seemingly offers a tad better performance. Am I supposed to be impressed?

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>Dirty Rally

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If their partnership is of any indication, it will likely be used to catapult nVidia technologies/features on nVidia graphics cards.

AMD needs a counter to Unreal Engine if they want to win this GPU war. Obviously they have the hardware and the feature sets, but if no software developer uses those, it might as well be useless.

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Ultimately, two competing game engines for two different game cards will fracture the gaming community and create a pseudo-console wars on PC. The logical extension to this is AMD cards will run only efficient on AMD sponsored game engines and Nvidia cards will run on nVidia sponsored game engines. If you criss/cross, then your experience will be trash (like it already is with playing any UE4 games on AMD cards). Its a lose/lose scenario for gamers.

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>RVII is a tad more expensive than 2080
It's roughly 100$ cheaper on overall across the globe than ReTurdX, you dumb fuck.

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no, not really
on the contrary in fact, it is more expensive

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Why are you seething, noVideot? Truth hurts, huh?

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2080 is 800, Vega II is ~700

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I don't think that is true at all anon
2080 is 730 and r7 is unavailable

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I'm not seeing a listing on Newegg for the Radeon VII. What's up with that?

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so the chart is telling me to buy a 2080? ok

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I knew it. You're on of them "YOU-ASS-EYE = entire world" imbeciles.
Go back and re-read >>70023545 until you understand, autist.

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Pretty sure it was just 2k of their most binned vegas wirh 16gb of ram used as a pr stunt

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ah, so you're a third worlder as I figured, they have a soft spot for AMD
so where do I buy a r7 for 700?

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In my shitty European country the RTX2080 is $880 and the Radeon VII is very unlikely to be available at all. The cheapest Vega56 is $430.

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GLORIOUS Mother Russia, you swines.

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>mfw underage b& makes threads

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Like they give a shit about gamers.
Since when have 2014+ game devs ever cared about us? All we are is just a number to them, nothing more.
I say bring a war, it will only make devs stop defaulting on that shitty free engine which is called UE4. Even on nvidia i have problems with that engine, it just isn't good. But as someone who uses an RX480, i don't have a problem in games like fortnite. It's up to the dev to code in the AMD features since it already has Nvidia PhysX built in. Most devs don't care because in gaming amd is like what 20% of the gpu market (?).
The only logical thing to do is boost something hard to run that looks aesthetic, for me Crytek and Frostbite were the best engines for AMD, and they looked the best.
If there is another GPU war like back in the Radeon HD and pre HD days, the consumers will benefit. It will force game devs to pick and choose instead of defaulting to Nvidia.
And since freemium is the way now, i'm sure AMD has the capital to support it.

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Why the fuck does Dirt Rally 2.0 run so much worse than the last game?

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Who is "they" and why should they care? Many devs just want to make a quality game. It's their art. Gamer entitlement is the worst.

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Oh so now we are being "entitled" about wanting our games optimized for our gpu's.
No wonder every game in 2018 had shit sales.
I'll vote with my wallet nigger.
That's not enitlement, that's fix your fucking pile of steaming shit.

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You post all this but don't realize that you should have just bought Nvidia instead.

Real idiots on this subreddit.

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>Bought a VII for less than a FE 2080 upon release

Feels good. Then I went and spent 50% more on a 120hz 4k freesync screen that will last me forever.

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>ford pinto

Fake and gay

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Its because the Vega architecture has FP16 capability and Pascal does not. Not to mention memory bandwidth.

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If Radeon VII is going to match 2080ti in less than a year I'm gonna die from laughter

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Hope springs eternal, I guess.

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Holy fuck. It's not even hope. I'm betting VII will destroy 2080ti in benches by the end of the year.
At this point the only game the 20xx series will perform better in is fucking space invaders.

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look at this cringeworthy fetal alcohol syndrome ridden loony trying to peedle AMDshit

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Dirt Rally is AMD game. Come back when VII beats 2070 in Final Fantasy then.

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formerly cope

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>this level of fanboy
Why can’t people objectively state intel currently has the best CPU although they’re expensive and AMD has the best budget hardware? All this shitflinging about “what’s coming soon” is sheer fanboyism until it becomes empirical reality.

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Doesn't count eh?

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>That Fatboy 590 checking the 1660ti

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Because you're deluding yourself, Zen dominates most best CPU categories.

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Oh I agree, I love seeing these companies actually compete, fanboyism is bad and allows companies to do shit unchecked. AMD fanboys instead of demanding better products choose to defend actually inferior products instead of wanting AMD to improve.

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>most best CPU categories
Gamers are the most oppressed race

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And yet nobody buys Intel. Why is that?

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Uhhh. Guys?

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Except everyone that isnt in your amdrone echochamber still buys intel because most users dont trust amd because their terrible history

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I mean even if AMD sales doubled they would still only be 40% of the market

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>kicks the shit out of everything that isn't 2080 Ti or Titan RTX
>just over half the price
I wouldn't call this bad exactly.

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Radeon 7 trades blows with 400$ 1080ti, costs 700$ maybe a win if you were gonna buy a 2080 like a dumbass

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Too bad reality contradicts you. Things have changed drastically since 2017.

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[Citation Needed]

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1080ti is old tho

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New doesn't equal good

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>oh look my shitty card can play games at high framerates when all the features that aren't supported by it are disabled
>man fuck realtime raytracing, quick gpgpu accelerated particle physics, optimized voxel cone tracing, voxel based particle systems, real-world wave deformation, fast calculated infinite dmm, superior tessellation handling, superior forms of antialiasing, per game forcible compatibility with multi-gpu setups, and dynamic tessellation based grass systems that deform to character interaction on the fly, those features totally suuuck bro FRAMERATES is where it's at man.

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But old does equal bad.

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Only a true nvidiot would memorize so many buzzwords

>> No.70028812

But no

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Buzzwords aside, the technology coming from AMD is just plainly inferior. Most of those "buzzwords" are an actual name of a technology that has become widely adopted through the Unreal engine, as well as many other popular engines used by industry professionals moving into the future. There is no future for AMD in graphics, they can bruteforce higher and higher framerates, but the technology just isn't there, and once the silicon barrier hits, they will be left with nothing, and Nvidia will continue to lead the industry as it has these past 9 years.

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the fact that ayymd can bruteforce their way to the top shows how worthless all these """"technologies"""" are. you sound like a rube who just discovered the internet and thinks he has all figured out. if amd puts just a little effort they will be able buttfuck nvidia again, navi should be the 1st step, with arcturus following in 2020

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Navi will not achieve half the framerate of the Radeon VII

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you fucktard, UNREAL engine uses nvidia tech like physx. all games on UE4 run like shit on AMD

>> No.70029557

AMD still has HORRIBLE hardware encoders lmfao. Meanwhile I can use my turing card for streaming since their newest encoders are slightly better than x264 fast. Enjoy having to rape your CPU cycles for decent quality. Even QuickSync is better than AMD's shitty encoder lmfao.

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UE4 is the best option for entry level game development these days, Unity is hot garbage, and Cry has all the same problems as unreal as far as performance, but with less flexibility. UE4 can be put into vulkan mode, and if you are a skilled enough programmer, can run very well on AMD hardware if need be, but seeing as how AMD holds a smaller foothold in the GPU marketshare most devs just default to Nvidia tech for it, because of its wide availability and the fact that Nvidia does a lot of work with Unreal.

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When the VII is 10% behind a 2080 its "AMD BTFO forever, what a massacre". When the 1660ti is 10% behind a V56 its "too close to call, just wait for drivers. 10% is nothing".

Funny that.

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That hasn't been the case since v3, anything compiled for x87 is legacy junk left over by devs who chose to use deprecated DLLs

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Yea because the 1660TI is normally $70-100 cheaper than the Vega 56 and AMD shills keep trying ti push it as an alternative to the 1660TI instead of a 1060 competitor.

>> No.70031625

2060 competitor, fucking nvidia playing mind games with numbers

>> No.70031635

Funny thing really is the choice of game/software.
Throw in something like waifu2x, and then you realize that it's shit again.

>> No.70031836

I'm seeing the 1660ti priced very close to most V56 models which dramatically dampens its value given the V56 is noticeably faster.

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Nice try, Lakshmana.

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1080 and 1080 Ti were phased out and they don't produce new ones anymore, you dumb fuck. Once the leftovers from warehouses deplete, it's all ogre for noVideots. And it's not long now before that happens, because buttcoin mining retards were buying 1xxx in dozens of batches like utter morons.

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>compares OC nvidia with STOCK amd

why do review fags do this all the time?

>> No.70032759

>Never heard of CL, Ebay, gumtree.
RX 580s go for like 100$ used and they are the used budget GPU king Rn
1070s go for about 200$
>used GPUs may have been mined on
Maybe but probably not avoid buying from people who have like more than 1 card on the listing you should probably avoid them unless they got good ratings (stay away form sellers with less than 150 score on ebay)
Used hardware is the real price to performance king but of course it has a risk but I've owned like 50 gpus in my life I'd say only like 5 were new and they've all been fine

>> No.70032766

because that's just the name the brands give it, you dipshit

>> No.70032773

subtle shill

>> No.70032870

open source drivers are official drivers for AMD

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Will I ever be able to buy a 2080 for the price of a 1080 when it launched?

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>the absolute state of amdrone /v/ermin

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Reminder techpowerup review is paid to disable DX12 on Cilization VI

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What did he mean by this?

>> No.70033421

When do you guys think nvidia will release a graphics card superior to the 2080ti and titan, 2020?

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File: 1.55 MB, 736x736, GIMPWORSE VS FINEWINE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slit your wrists:

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fixed image

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>OC noVideo VS stock Radeon
So...by your logic Vega II is even BETTER than what the test shows? For 100$ less, even. What a perfect product.

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>unironically and sincerely paying more than 50$ for a used/touched/miner-defiled GPU

>> No.70034014

Based China the largest retail market

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590 is better than 1070, dingus.

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/g/ is AMD territory

>> No.70034082

>unironically buys his PC parts new

I have never bought a single GPU or CPU new since Athlon 64 X2 and HD 3870. Zero issues.
I thought AMDrones didn't like wasting money?

>> No.70034095

It actually is.

>> No.70034104

>novideot poorfag only buys used goods

>> No.70034124

>paying considerably less for the same perormance is bad, you need to buy new, goyim!
Have you considered switching to Apple?

>> No.70034132

I bet you also date w*men that have dated hundreds of guys before too.

>> No.70034150

Learn reading comprehension, noVideot.

>> No.70034179

>RPing about buying used last gen GPU for surreal prices to make a point online

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Google up "Avito.ru", noVideot. In my GLORIOUS country (unlike in your cuntry) used/secondhand GPUs in very good state can be bought very cheap, if you have brains and bargaining skill.

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>> No.70034239

I'm sorry for what I said before. It's so heartwarming that people from developing countries have access to computers, too. It's a testament of the hard will of your people that you managed to save up $50 for a GPU when that money could have gone towards staving off hunger or buying warm clothing.

>> No.70034240

You lie.

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>Dirty Rally

>> No.70034442

>3840sp is faster than 2944sp
No shit sherlock.
This just proves how terrible AMD's drivers still are, that nVidia is competitive with only 3/4 the shaders at similar clockspeeds.
>bbbut you can't compare them they're different or some other nonsense
They both get .002GFLOPs fp32 per core, per mhz - do the math yourself. This hasn't changed since GCN on AMDs side and Kepler for nVidia. So yes, you can compare them directly since the graphics are generated by compute and compute is equal per core per mhz. The design wins now are who can put the most cores with the most mhz and who's got the best drivers.

>> No.70034456

Why do AMD fans only play Dirt?

>> No.70034459

Great, I'll bear that in mind when I plan on purchasing a GPU that I will use to play Dirt Rally, AotS and Ni no Kuni II for all of eternity.

>> No.70034462

You can't compare cores of the different architectures, brainlet.

>> No.70034471

Except you can and just explained why.

>> No.70034760

My monthly wage is 500$ (if converting from) and I work three days a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) from 10AM to 8PM as a mere street sweeper, you dumb 'murilard fuckshit. It's you who's living in the third world shithole.

>> No.70035052

The fact that you're saying this as if it were something to brag about would be absolutely hilarious if it weren't so profoundly sad.

>> No.70035067

Nobody buys AMD GPUs anymore anon. They could make a gpu 20% faster than Titan RTX while being 20% cheaper - 90% of normies wouldn't ever hear of it. Literally 4 years too late.

>> No.70035077

sorry I dont speak Taiwanese

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>> No.70035198

>game excels in shader-heavy game that AMD cards are known to have higher performance in when compared to their nvidia counterparts
I own a vega 64, but come on

>> No.70035337


>> No.70035782


>> No.70035873

It IS absolutely to brag about because prices on things/services are waaay lower in my GLORIOUS country, than in your SHITHOLE of a cuntry. 500$ is a fuckton of money here because prices on rent/food/gasoline/electricity and other shit are DIRT-cheap in here. You'd spend 500$ in a week in YOU-ASS-EYE, but here I can live for two whole months on it while NOT restraining myself in ANY way. You're a third-world shit tier in comparison to me.

>> No.70037331

wasn't that a bit on the low side for the radeon vii?

>> No.70037468

Epic Games worked with nVidia to create UE4 when the marketshare was more balanced. UE4 was not made because nVidia was dominant, but rather UE4 was made so nVidia could be dominant.

You have it backwards.

>> No.70037503

Turing has high FP16.

>> No.70037582


The nvidia cuck cries out in pain as he strikes you.

>> No.70037608

Navi is mid-end. High-end is Arcturus. R7 is a stopgap

>> No.70037655

>High-end is Arcturus.
Stop repeating this lie that was debunct the day it started. Arcturus is an internal code name, afaik for an internal future driver branch.
It's an attempt to try and separate internal names for marketing names. Like how Radeon VII is basically Vega 1.5, but it's not marketed as Vega.

>> No.70038195

Depends on the silicon - when the Tjunction hits 110c it starts throttling and how fast it hits said temp (using stock settings) depends on the stock voltage. Some people get stock voltage over 1100mv. My own VII runs at 1068mv stock which keeps it from really hitting 1800mhz when pushed.

Manual undervolting and a more aghgressive fan curve (stock curve is meant to be silent until its suddenly massive fan ramp to cool the chip) I can run at 970mv and Tjunction sits at around 93c under high load - this in turn allows the chip to generally run at 1770mhz for longer periods increasing performance. I can't get my card to overclock for shit though but I plan to do soem testing with fans at 100% to see if it is worth watercooling as i've always wanted a watercooled card and this is an ideal subject for it, if the silicon can clock.

>> No.70038413

From what I've been hearing, most don't OC well.
Though everyone seems to get at least so-so undervolting resutls.

Nvidia pretty much writes a blank check to Epic games in order for them to hold back proper DX12 and Vulkan.
Epic has even admited this, that they won't push an update that gives AMD 25% increased performance when it doesn't increase Nvidia performance. There is no drawbacks since it's a graphics option, except that Nvidia will stop dumping so much money onto them to do this.

It's rather ripe for a lawsuit.

>> No.70038440

>i9 9990 = R5 3600G
Fixed your mistake.

>> No.70038485

source: my ass

>> No.70038619


>From what I've been hearing, most don't OC well.
I get the imoression that VII - even compared to older vega chips - has to be kept really cool (as in, watercooled) to really redline all the time at its boost clocks. It is staggering how fast VII clocks up and down - so fast most software can't actually update fast enough to properly show it. I suspect a good watercooeld VII is a bit of a beast if only because it will sustain its clocks for looooong periods.

In the here and now though my VII undervolted by that much really sips power for this performance class AND gives me more performance than stock. Hardocp's recent testing of uindervolting against stock (and radeon chill) is quite an interesting piece.

>> No.70039123

VII has a different boost algo than the previous gen, but I don't know how "different" it is. But Vega is bad enough with needing to be kept cool to keep boosting. I have Vega 56 myself and it really needs to be kept cool to stick at max boost.

>> No.70039276

Project Arcturus is scorpios plan of destroying East cost North America

>> No.70039885

My gut says it has more Pstates which allows for even more dynamic clocking - a bitch if you want to run it flatout but fantastic for power saving and overall health of the silicon. I'm not sure about 14nm vega but the VII has a core idle of a mere 25mhz.

>> No.70040395

Na. Just look at wattman Pstates for it.
I first guessed it'd be like Pascal, where overclocking is locked down. But it's not.
It probably just changes how it tweens between Pstates based on voltage.

>> No.70040410

er how it tweens between Pstates based on temps.

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File: 672 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2019-03-05-12-11-07-82.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your the cuck buying 2 year old Vega that gets rekt by Volta and 3 year old pascal.
Vega 2 7nm default fan curve and overvolting is so bad it LITERALLY WHIRRRRR that you need to put it under water just to get stable clocks and temps
Even oc it can't match the 1080 Ti or 2080 https://youtu.be/-8e5MRFDNOg
And that's with a custom loop with Junction temps still high asf.
If it shipped with a decent cooler out of the box and hit 2ghz core it would be okay but it's just not a good card and still has the same front end bottleneck of 4 triangles per clock as all other gcn garbage

>> No.70042571

The 1660 will probably top this chart, being a $270 card with 1070 performance.

>> No.70042627
File: 185 KB, 1309x1190, firefox_2019-03-04_20-34-03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Convenient leaving out how it BTFOs at 1080p and runs fine in 1440p.

Playing a competitive shooter at 4K is mind numbingly retarded. Good job outing yourself as a complete brainlet.

>> No.70042702

You're delusional if you think that. 570 is absurd value. And the $280 1660Ti models are mostly single fan and/or gigabyte garbard.

>> No.70042961
File: 262 KB, 1985x1165, ps4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any real evidence UE4 favors nvidia?

Most people playing UE4 games are doing so on AMD products. At that point it's not even up to nVidia or Epic.

>> No.70043385

I pay siege at 3k 100fps+ on high settings it's not stupid at all not my fault your 16gb of hbmeme2 gets btfo even at 4k

>> No.70043404

Amd fag here it's proposterous
I have amd and nvidia cards run like arse on all ue4 games except for first party epic games titles like fortnite

>> No.70045110

>often sub 30fps
>"yeah, runs just fine"

>> No.70045703

>i9 9990 = R5 3600G
Fixed your mistake.

>> No.70047453

what the fuck is 3k? stop making shit up, retard


It's just more that UE4 is clearly held back on AMD by lack of DX12 and Vulkan.
9 months ago they showed a 30% performance increase on AMD cards with Vulkan in UE4, yet it's still not actually available in games afaik.

>> No.70047460


>> No.70047480

The only way to compare graphics card is via fps per €.
Anything other is hollering in echo chamber.

>> No.70047588

Tell that to my GTX 970

>> No.70047591
File: 152 KB, 728x962, Bez názvu 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You gotta hand it to AMD, it's been a while since they made something that could rival Nvidia's high end in pure shekel-grabbing kikery.

>> No.70047880

fps per $ leaves out how poorly cards like the 1060 3Gb and 970 3.5Gb does in many games where they're stutterfests.
1060 3Gb can't even play Titanfall 2 smoothly.

The problem with averages is that they average out the awful edge cases.
Consistency of performance matters.

>> No.70048205

3380x1440 downsampled u moron

>> No.70048669

My brother is using my old 970 and an 8100 i3 and he is so happy to be able to play everything on high/ultra at 60fps at 1080p

>> No.70049429
File: 91 KB, 960x960, 1538713604940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70049692

Same msrp but its lower proce here. I still wouldn't buy any RTX card or the Radeon 7. Gtx 2680ti when

>> No.70049714

AMD already runs better on lots of In-House engines that most companies are using these days, see ubishit, codemasters shit, idtech, lithtech, etc... I wouldn't worry about unreal, I think performance will be much better once PS5 and Xbox Scarlett come out and they're running Navi just like my PC will be

>> No.70049963

You doubt the incompetence of modern devs they repeatedly shi games cross gen/platform with performance issues and bugs that never get fixed

>> No.70049981

No idea.
Rtx was such a flo they rush 1160ti out the door barely 6 months after
Hopefully soon I want a straight upgrade from my 1080

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