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ITT: Buyer's remorse.

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Who the fuck buys chink condoms??

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dunno, I'm thinking of getting an abortion

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It's too tight

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impressive that the dragon dildos aren't even the worst part of that picture

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How are these compared to Japan's onaholes?

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Haven't tried the onaholes so can't tell you, check out >>>/trash/ftg they can probably be more helpful

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Congrats on being a parent

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what's the syringe for

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>battery dies
Heh, nothing personnel kid

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>crashes all the relevant software and games
Nothing personnel, poorfag.

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Buying a 5200 rpm hdd.

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See the tube next to the syringe? That goes up into one of the dildos and you can use it to shoot the "cumlube" into you

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Buying a 5200 rpm hdd. Even for archiving it sucks.

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>buyer's remorse
>no actual image of product

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What? Why? Was thinking of buying an XA1 Ultra but sprung for an XZ Premium instead and it's GOAT

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These probably somehow INCREASE chance of pregnancy over nutting inside her.

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It's even worse than it looks.

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what are you talking about?
it looks awesome

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Should have checked ftg on trash first.

Bd silicone is very firm compared to the firmest jp onas. This isn't necessarily bad, and works well on the leilani and janine. Onaholes are better bang/buck though, and won't tale two months to ship. If you're just dead set on a dragon/horse pussy then check out Dirty Internet Toys on Etsy.

What's wrong with this? You had to know you were getting an underpowered arm machine, right? It's nice for the expected use case, and it's cheap.

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Imagine an underpowered phone running android 5.0 with a shoddily implemented UI that barely even supports the key inputs and crashes in 90% of apps. Oh and the battery is like, nothing, and the screen literally isn't visible when you're outdoors.

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Are you just pretending to be retarded?

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It's too thick and heavy.

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ThinkPads X230 and W520. Just these models suck dick. X60, T60, X200, T420 have all been great to me.

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>not looking up dimensions and weight before buying
Do you people just buy phones randomly?

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I use an x230t, 8g ram, i7, matte display ,works great.

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I bought a raspberry pi 3 b+ on a whim
I hope I didn't fall for a meme

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What on earth possessed you to give a fat cuckold felon money?

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148 gang gang

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Guess I'm glad I dodged that. Would be nice to have a android flip phone, but it was never meant to be.

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I haven't got any problems so far. It's one of the best middle price phones imo.

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Kiss it

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This orifice looks more alien than human

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So why do people buy cheap Chinese shit and then are surprised when it's shit?

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>imagine being a paypig for a cucked gunt
yeah you win the thread.

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the gunt consumes all

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It's a bunny asshole apparently

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It's a deer

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Useless zoomer, Xperia is based. Should have got the XZ1.

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this unironically

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Where the FUCK did you find an XZ Premium without getting jewed? I want it so bad.

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Do people still use flip phone?

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Is this Esoteric Guntism?

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what does that mean? Please explain.

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Then why not fuck the real thing like all farmers do

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Nice filename lol

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Only legitimate boomers do. There really aren't any good ones. I'd love a big screened flip phone with a real keyboard, even if the device was a bit thick.

The people who buy these are city cucks who don't have it so easy. Give them a break.

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The screen of this thing makes wanna kill myself every time I look at it.

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You only have yourself to blame, every tech review outlet and their dog shits on Sonys' budget and midrange offerings (justifiably so)

Also, while we're on topic: I present to you AMD Radeon RX 460

>Pros: Freesync!
>75W TDP, no need for a connector
>Kicks ass in DX12/Vulkan
>Cons: sucks shit in DX11 and below, especially if you use FX or below as a CPU
>OpenGL performance is a joke
>Relive is inferior to Shadowplay

Then again, I only have myself to blame for not doing my research...

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy local ones? The shipping costs look insane.

>DAT wide variety of dildos
/pol is always right - Exhibit A

Funnily enough, my experience was the other way around. Games and software ran just fine, browsing and downloads (or sometimes even just keeping it idle) would cause BSODs. I tested everything (except the mobo) and the test results were just fine. In the end, I returned the mobo and am waiting to see if I get a
replacement/my $$$ back.

Don't you mean 5400/5900? And what OS are you running? My laptop has a slow-ass 5900RPM HDD and Win7, but it runs just fine (Tho to be fair I don't stress it much)

It's too late for that M8. Unlike previous generations, more recent Sony phones seem to be limited runs. Case in point: I wanted a XZ1 Compact as soon as I heard of it. I was like, eh, it'll be half price within a year...that didn't happen (at least in my country). Instead it was sold out, at least when browsing reputable retailers. I was lucky my brother lives in Denmark, so I looked it up there and lo and behold it was in stock AND at a decent price. I got it around December, received it in February, and now I'm waiting for the case and cover to arrive. In the meanwhile it's essentially sold out everywhere. The Premium was probably another limited run.

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>Relive is inferior to Shadowplay

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In terms of performance, they're comparable (and both can cause stutters in some games). In terms of features it's also just fine. BUT there are games it won't record (OpenGL and Simcity 3000 & 4 for example) and if you record different games, Shadowplay AUTOMATICALLY creates separate folders for every game. A neat touch AMD STILL has yet to implement.
Also, Nvidia beat it 3 WHOLE YEARS to market...so, yeah, a few years ago it won by default.

T. Owned a GTX 660 before switching to AMD for Freesync

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Guess I'm FUCKED
I'm gonna settle for a Oneplus 7T in October and rice it with Xperia UI. I miss the Sony phones

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Then upgrade it?

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Iloverachelle2's shit snickers. I still feel dirty for buying them.

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>Didn't buy one with IPS monitor

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>QC is so bad and it's a mightmare to fix

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I bought the Amazon Fire phone
It was only £100 but still

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Thinkpad is fucking shill shit nigger like half of /g/. Unironically buy a macbook. Always do the opposite of what /g/ says.

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>Oh god I hope that's not a literal name
>One DDG later
>It's a literal name
d-did you eat them?

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Yeah, thank god that thing didn't cost me much.

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Mine is fucking up too, I keep getting random keypresses registering when I'm not even touching the keyboard. I ended up having to switch back to using some $10 Logitech keyboard that I had sitting in my closet. Maybe some day I'll take it apart and try to figure out what's wrong...

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i'm curious, how do these both compare to Windows 10 game bar

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>Where the FUCK did you find an XZ Premium without getting jewed
I got one included on my plan, except the plan was so cheap the phone was basically free.

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Last year i got a Huawei Honor 6X because it had 3340 mAh battery. I thought it had normal Android but instead it has some Chinese "EMUI" OS that doesn't allow you to remove their apps.

I got it for $200+tax at BestBuy, then later realized it was on amazon for $180+free shipping.

The battery is nice, but i do regret not getting a Samsung or Sony because of these possible spyware apps.


We all make stupid choices, hopefully we don't make them twice.

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I repeat myself, but I hardly stuttered.

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Oh anon, that's what I did with mine. you'll have to buy a special socket to open it as the holes on the bottom for the screws are really narrow. And when you're inside, the control board is held in against the contacts from the membrane by pressure alone. I actually have a similar problem to you, not sure how I can fix it though.

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whats wrong with the rubber

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That's a confusing currency. Converted it to USD only to find out it's only like 10 bucks. I thought it was 40 bucks at first.

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>Sony phones
They should just hang out with Ericsson again...

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Anyone got thoughts on the XA2? Should I get one for $200?

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Into you...? Hmm

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in my case the camera did something weird and whenever I opened the app, there would be a purple haze everywhere
used it for a pretty cool student film though

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Why would you use either when OBS exists?

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get the xz premium, retard

>> No.70034330

aside from buttons still not working anywhere, and the lack of a headphone jack (and _no adapter_), the galaxy folder 2 is great

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condoms are so cheap, I don't know why anyone would import foreign ones

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>i got a Huawei Honor 6X because it had mediocre battery

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I took it apart once already, I've got several electronics tool / screwdriver kits so I was able to get it open without any problems. I found a loose piece of solder inside the ribbon cable socket that I thought was causing it to short across some of the contacts in there and figured that was the issue. I put it all back together and the keyboard seemed to be working but then the phantom keypresses came back the next day when I was working on my resume and job applications and made me so mad that I almost broke the piece of shit across my knee.

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Same here. Ended up giving it to my dad. Buggy as fuck, pen disconnects for no reason, keyboard randomly fails to connect etc etc...

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The Fitbit surge. My Dad had a different Fitbit as well but the both of them ended up falling apart so easily.

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