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When will USB type c meme will end? i want to bring back the micro usb comfiness

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what in the fuck?

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Micro USB is literal garbage that dies after 200 uses. USB C is at least a tiny bit more durable.

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USB C is the superior port. Can't wait for it to take over all our lives.

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USB-C charges shit faster than micro USB and transfers data faster than SATA.

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>when will the vastly superior USB connector type go away
Never you Philistine. The day all major devices AND desktops/laptops use USB C and only USB C will be a good day indeed. USB C
>Reversible, no hunting to find which way to plug it in
>USB C can handle much higher charging, to the point where some laptops have started using it as a dedicated charging port
>USB C can carry internet
>USB C can carry video
>USB C can carry audio
The future is now old man.

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I dont get why it seems to cool want inferior technology. You see this bullshit with "give a CRT any day" crowd.
People that advocate for using inferior tech never used to it a great degree.
There is a reason that connectors get replaced, because better designs come along

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>micro usb comfiness
micro usb comfiness
>micro usb comfiness
Hell has a special corner for you, with an infinite pile of cheap android tablets that 'charge if you wiggle the cable a bit, but..'. And a cheap soldering iron. And an extremely demanding repairs Supervisor. 'comfy', my fucking hole

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Both USB-C ports on my ThinkPad are loose now, and lose connection if the cable is moved
Although MicroUSB is rated to 500 insertions, they've lasted me a hell of a lot more than that

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This. Mechanical keyboards and tube monitors are the fedora of the computer world.

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what kind of shit tier USB C ports do you have on your thinkpad? If USB C ports were that shitty, phones would have wide spread broken charging ports within 2 months. Maybe you should be less of a barbarian unplugging shit.

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In my case, both USB-C and Micro USB ports are durable, but Micro USB cords die very quickly.

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>Reversible, no hunting to find which way to plug it in
>muh superposition!!!!
The side with holes goes up. If both sides have holes, the deeper holes

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>tfw never upgraded from micro usb because no new phone was worth upgrading to

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>tube monitors
>Mechanical keyboard
Is there a better alternative I'm unaware of that isn't rubberdome? I got sick of getting a new keyboard once every 2 months because of key ghosting. I've had my same ten keyless mech board for 5+ years now.

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usb-c is the tranny connector. who the fuck decided it would be a good idea to put a dick in the female connector?

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Noisy keyboards go into the garbage with the other irrelevant technology, grandpa.

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Or, hold up, here's a thought. OR I can use far superior USB C!

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I have no idea what you are on about.

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I will admit that I use a mechanical keyboard(DasKeyboard). But not really because its "better". I actually learned to touch type properly in school. Combine that with playing the piano professionally...I tend to type quite a bit of downward pressure. The longer key travel and overall sturdiness of a mechanical keyboard feels better to me. I used membrane keyboards for years with no issue.

But I dont miss tube monitors at all.

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I'm still waiting for a worthy alternative. I'm open to try new things. If I could get a rubber dome feel with actual longevity, I'd buy it no problem.

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"Alternative" wrongly implies that mechanical keyboards are still viable.

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Take your meds or go to a comedy class.

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>Micro USB cords
theres tons of crap out there, all those AMZN chinkshit 3 x LookItsBraidedTopKwality crap, near all of which is utter trash. Theres no rhyme or reason to it either, 3-30 (careful) uses = ded. I suspect, they all made in the same factory, some Chink Troll with a warped sense of humor

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except they are. Again, name a single alternative that can replace a mechanical keyboard.

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>MicroUSB is rated to 500 insertions
So android phones by design will shit themselves after 2years of use? If even that long?

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Why are you so upset? I think it's because you know your desk jewelry is nothing more than a fedora. Give it up, gramps. That shit is old and busted.

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ok. Now I know I'm being taken for a ride. Good talk.

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Keep riding that mechanical dildo, Sheldon.

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It's likely that USB-C will become the dominant (if not the only) port on most devices. It's all-around a better connector than Micro, especially for devices that need to be hotswapped. Micro's design is harder to plug in and isn't nearly as durable.

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would you rather prefer this?

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>>He can't find the USC-C clitoris

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id rather youd rather not fucking remind me

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I'm glad this monstrosity seems to have died.

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No they won't. How are you even concluding this? It's just a random post on 4chan with no sources or confirmation.

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Probably just a worn out cable

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Fuck that.
The female connectors of those broke just by looking at them.

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Micro USB is trash they literally fall apart I've probably broken at least 50 of them over the years. I've never broken a USB c cable

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I agree that usb-c is better but thats no excuse to meme irresponsibly

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You're an autistic fuck who is abusive with his usb ports and wonder why they dont work anymore.

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>these features are optional on a "universal standard"

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OP is a retard, USB-C is rated for more uses AND moves the onus of wear onto the cables rather than the plugs, that was a big part of the redesign

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>crt monitors
actually have some advantages if you bothered to look it up
>mechanical keyboards
literally a matter of taste+

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I don't really care how many uses they are rated for.
The problem is my phones are outliving the charging ports.
Micro usb also had issues, but the lock mechanism failed on the cable, not the port (at least in my experience).
Usb C fails on the port.
At this point, I would rather have a VGA style screw it down system than this current bullshit, it is so frustrating to use.
I have to charge my phone several times a day because it never works.

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>Universal Serial Bus
>Neither universal, serial, nor bus.

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I really wish this is what USB could have become. You literally can't fuck this up when trying to connect. And it has a comfy 'snap' that holds it into place.

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yeah, and the cord lasts a whole 7 seconds before tearing if you don't breath on it!

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The cord sucks because Apple put aesthetics over durability. The connector is indeed superior.

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>implying all USB-C connectors are thunderbolt ports or 3.1 Gen 2 ports

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I just bought 4 lightning cables made with nylon and after 1.5years they are still perfect functioning.

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who cares about cable durability? female connector is more important, its the one you cant replace

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No shit. That's because it is Universal.

I have seen so many of these broken.

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>The cord sucks because Apple loves planned obsolence.


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cord breaks before female end, female end before male end. And the female end is in the device.

The cord and male end should fail before the device, every time. Bad connector.

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>micro usb
you belong on a cross

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but it's fucking not is the point

I'm surprised more people haven't burnt down their fucking houses by plugging in some shitty chink c cable into a usb-pd device and it frying up because it can't handle the load

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i refuse to get a new phone until this no-bezel meme (and all the design horrors it has spawned) is dead

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>its the one you cant replace
implying every piece of hardware is unrepairable ishit

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usb type c is shit and is a failure.

so when is USB gen 3.3 5x5 super hyper HD remix type D-EX ultra .420 xXx coming out?

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good luck repairing connector on android phone, or your laptop

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as If it's not possible

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I never said anything about the cords. Everyone knows their cord quality is terrible. The point is the connection method. I've never seen the actual connector break or cease to function.

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>>USB C can carry audio
This is the weird part. Digital audio is kinda stupid (duplicating DACs), analog audio is weird in a bus. I wish they didn't try to force this stupid shit and simply kept the audio jack.

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This is why I charge wirelessly

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>tfw my D3400 uses Micro USB-B and I've had to replace the cable 2 times already in a year

SATA cables are even worse. They actually degrade in about 5-10 uses.

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MicroUSB also has a dick in the female connector, anon.

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>actually, 8 different connectors with even more designations

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>>USB C can carry audio
Analog audio isn't a part of the USB-C standard. Anything that carries analog audio over USB-C is deviating from the standard and cannot be guaranteed to be compatible with any other devices.

I hope you don't lose your fucking USB-C to 3.5mm jack dongle, because chances are you won't find another one that works with your phone.

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usb 2 and 3 type A are the same shit. you wouldnt know which is which if not the color. type B is the same story

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What will USB 4.0 be like?

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It will be universal.

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The exact opposite is the case. USB-C connectors wear more quickly. LTT tested this on external SSD enclosures.

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Why not put two electrical contacts on the back of the phone and then place the phone on a dock that touches the contacts. It’ll never wear out like a connector would.

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>universal "serial" bus
>its actually parallel

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Fuck WD for putting Micro USB on their portable hard drives, and integrating the socket into the hard drive. Mini USB on older units much more rugged, and detachable from the HDD.

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Chargers would have to be made specific for each model phone. Instead of including a cheap wire with new phones now they have to provide you with expensive charger. Not to mention two contacts is not enough for data transfer

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WD is literally the Intel/Apple of hard drives, but you didn't listen.

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No it isn't.

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yes it is, it uses multiple channels to transfer data aka parallel

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mini usb don't have 3.0

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It's not that good. It's extremely vulnerable to corrosion, especially the pins/contacts.

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USB A only uses one differential pair for serial communication. Later USB versions have more than one diffirential pair for which they can use for multiple serial communications. The serial part is about the way they communicate over the wire

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off yourself

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USB-C is just the interface not the speed. A lot of implementations are still USB2

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You can just buy a 3rd party cable. I bought braided cables 3 years ago and have never once thought about replacing them

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in fairness some cables aren't designed for many mating cycles, a lot of board to board connectors are barely rated for 50 cycles. SATA is intended to be plug in once and that's that, if your drive is hot swapping it's probably got a different mount in the first place.

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They already announced USB 3.2 Gen 2×2

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You know you can replace the ports on most phones.

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How does a USB C to hdmi converter works against a native hdmi port?

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my phone has this, i have no problems at all. also my external hdd.

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I assume you mean Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI?
That one is a native digital graphics port (in addition to USB) so no issue you just lose the USB part.

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My previous phone had it as well.
I actually preferred it over micro-B 2.0 because being asymmetrical it's easier to orientate right side up.

USB-C is even better though.

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I'm in that camp at the moment but I think I'm going to inadvertently fall for the type-C meme now.

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Why female ports breaks so easy?

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Man, I'd want to try that thing out in person before I bought it. The keyboard looks like it could be pretty awful.

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hmm just like their human counterparts

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mechanical keyboards are extremely mainstream bro. every zoomer who deems himself a "pcmr gamer" has a mech, probably razer or corsair.

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