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50 years after its creation, what is the operating system that most closely resembles UNIX? What would an OS that followed UNIX philosophy to the letter look like?

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wut? Linux ofc
>absolute reet

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>What would an OS that followed UNIX philosophy to the letter look like?

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Fuck jpg and fuck png, use xwd.

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friendly reminder

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can we refer to unix like oses with Unix or is that a trademark? i think it's not, only the all capital one is

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linux is a kernel not an OS.

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Please, not this shit again

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Shit? This is not shit. This is of utmost importance.
If people use the wrong terminology we will lose our ability to communicate effectively.

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an OS that followed UNIX philosophy to the letter would be not UNIX. The philosophy behind this legendary OS is amazing, but the way in which it was implemented has a major fault.
The most common and relevant interpretation of the UNIX philosophy today is the saying, "Do one thing and do it well." Every program should follow this philosophy as close as reasonably possible, and these smaller programs should all come together to make up something bigger.

Therefore, it is baffling that with such a focus on minimalism, having little programs that work with each other, and being efficient, the kernel in most implementations of UNIX is a giant unauditable several-million line monolith binary. The heart of the system is the opposite of modular, the opposite of small, and the opposite of UNIX.
A microkernel architecture makes much more sense in the traditional philosophy. The kernel would be tiny, only doing the bare minimum of what it needs to do, and containing no drivers or direct functionality. That would all be handled by userland components that all interoperate with that kernel to make a functioning system. This way would also do wonders for security, as a crash or compromise in one area does not fuck over the entire system.

It is my hope that the new major microkernel operating systems achieve great things and succeed. seL4+Genode looks promising, and the developers have stated that they aim to make it a more practical system in 2019. Fuchsia, for better or for worse, is being made by Google. Bad, because Google is botnet, but good because this system will have the financial backing to make it somewhere. Lastly, Redox seems like an interesting effort, using a new language and reinventing the ideals of UNIX in other ways.

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Plan 9

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It kind of read like a simple, concise statement of fact from my perspective.

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We'll need to continue this debate at another time, I need to get in my engine and drive to the mall.

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Fuck off cunt. This is of utmost importance in order to differentiate the GNU operating system with the Linux kernel from the kernel itself. Also you can run Linux without the GNU operating system as well as you can run the GNU operating system and tools without Linux.

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Reminder that UNIX is proprietary malware cancer and DEPRECATED.

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>50 years after its creation, what is the operating system that most closely resembles UNIX?
Hmm...idk. Probably a early version of UNIX.
>What would an OS that followed UNIX philosophy to the letter look like?

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>What would an OS that followed UNIX philosophy to the letter look like?

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The modern free software replacements act roughly identically to them though.

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Ironically it's macOS

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UNIX was shit and I wish boomers would stop sucking its segfaulting cock.

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This and Solaris.
Both of which are still in large use in internal facing business.

Most BSD* kernels have spit away far enough to be considered more or less their own thing.

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Linux and Windows killed Unix. It couldn't keep up.

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Linux is an OS not kernel!

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>frankenstein abortion of a kernel
>proprietary closed source everywhere
>every part of the system sloppily integrated into other parts of the system because "MUH ECOSYSTEM"
>every 1 bug fixed breaks 20 other things

>unix philosophy

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BSD literally is Unix. OSX is a BSD fork. Linux is a fork of a fork of a Unix fork.

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OpenBSD or NetBSD.

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