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>Lenovo now uses soldered on RAM for thinkpad T series

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>non-replaceable keyboard
>soldered on ram

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Thinkpads are garbage, even the old ones. Get a rockchip SBC

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it's been shit ever since the **30 series, when they introduced the hardware whitelists. Fuck lenovo and fuck these gay machines
t. T440p owner

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Literally: Suck Big Cock

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There ya go. Thinkpad

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What makes the keyboards non-removable?

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Why do Thinkpads never get shat on for the constant shilling? Everything else does.

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because /g/ are just contrarians

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more like TardPad

they do, especially the newer ones and some older consumer ones because of just how "un-thinkpads" they are.
What made thinkpads thinkpads was their innovation, but now it's just taking the lazy way out.
They used to listen to criticism, but they stopped caring

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Ok so if ThinkPads go in le fucking trash now, what are the next most /g/ laptops?

- that Dell range that was similar to ThinkPads?
- Toshibas?
- Fujitsus?

Or does everyone solder everything now for (((planned obsolescence)))?

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look it up yourself

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Older ThinkPad

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literally useless. no battery life, slow as fuck hardware. useless unless all you do is facebook

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really? so there are no new ranges by any manufacturer that are serviceable like (or even somewhat like) classic Thinkpads?

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>Buying a new Chinkpad.

Just go for the ones /tpg/ recommends. They are good enough for most laptop users. And they are even upgradable.

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Old thinkpads you retard

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>What made thinkpads thinkpads was their innovation, but now it's just taking the lazy way out.
No, it was that they were cheap as fuck while being reasonable performers, and us NEETs could actually afford them.

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unless you're playing full hd triple A games the older hardware works fine for anything a laptop does

You can buy new batteries chink

The hardware works just fine on ganoo / linucks

I compile all my c programs on my thinkpad x200 from 11 years ago

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nice strawman, redditspacer

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Just looking at the image. It seems to have no indents indicating that you can remove the keyboard. At best, it might be the type where you have to take apart the entire thing to remove the keyboard.

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If you don't want a cheap and good laptop then just stick with your desktop retard I'll be chilling with my $40 laptop that could probably out preform your garbage

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>hates xx30 and newer
>owns t440p
sur,e I don't see any contradictions here

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using an outdated piece of shit with less computing power than a rotten potato does not make you "cool" you redditautist

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Fuck off, I own Microsoft.

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Toshiba died last year, tard.

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Sorry, Mr. Gates. I didn't realize you posted here. Why aren't you off working to ensure an African population explosion?

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only retards consider buying a non-used dankpad

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> Gates

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only retards who don't do actual work, can get by with a used thinkpad with potato tier computing power.

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Who owns one PC nowadays? Thinkpad are great for business trips.

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Only reason I spaced that post was for bullet points retard if you look they all line up with your retarded "muh too old bad battury" bullshit enjoy paying $2500 for 5 year old hardware I'll enjoy my 10 year old shit for $40

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Nutella is just a placeholder, a man to keep his Indian brothers in line.

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ITT: hipsters without a real job praising old useless junk

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Nobody wants chink batteries when the battery life is shit even with a genuine battery

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>new thinkpads
literally no point in buying anything older than 2014 rn
i5/i7, 8gb ddr3, and a 256 ssd is all you'll ever need from a laptop
fucking fight me

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*younger, not older

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Ist there any company left who doesn't do that Shit?

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i think i need a ssd. windows 7 takes like a minute to boot from hibernation

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why doesnt someone make a chinkshit thinkpad clone?
obviously they wouldn't have the enterprise clout of lenovo, but a small run like the GPD wouldn't be impossible either

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because thinkpads are the bare minimum with high quality, you make a chinkshit version and the inter i4.5 would prob spontaneously self immolate every time you forget a semicolon

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This. And don't forget the sellers could install backdoor on those cheap laptops

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Imagine using a cucked Win 10 installation on your eBay T410. Install Linux and stop being a nigger

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Everything up to the T440 has a socketed CPU you brainlet. Multiple drive bays for SSD(s) and/or HDD(s). Swappable RAM because it's not a fucking Mac. Unless you need a GTX 1070 because "much vidya", you'll be perfectly fine.

Stop using Win 10 with 59 FaceBook tabs norman, and look into *minimalist software*

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Found the Macfag.
Did you type this in Starbucks anon?

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>you're using it wrong!

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>this much damage control for old garbage

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>buying a new thinkpad

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how many cores are on these things? I've heard 9th gen i7 will be 8/8; maybe ulw will go 6/12... maybe?

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All laptops are the same shit.
I can't wait manufacturers to cover internals in compound for "better thermal performance".

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cpus are literally named. learn to google.

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>Finally making non-garbage screens the standard
That's good at least.

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Rip ofc.
Right now It's as same as some Clevo. Maybe Clevo is even better.

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Into the trash it goes.

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its half your hard disk, half windows 7
if you're going to commit to the windows meme upgrade to windows 10, startup and performance has improved a lot in the past couple years, make sure you have 8gb of RAM minimum tho

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lemote yeelong

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>potato tier
bruh an i5, 8gb of ram, and a solid state is everything you'd ever need out of a laptop, even if its 4 generations old
if you think you need anything more you're either wrong or in a field that requires rendering or cad work

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Why the fuck would Lenovo do something like this? don't they know who their customers are?

I guess it's time to check that Dell "developer" laptop

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nah, it's 2019 and they're still shipping HD screens

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>everything you'd ever need
if you're a NEET who does nothing other than shitposting and youtube

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Dell Latitudes are gud

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I have an i5 X220. Put in an SSD, more RAM and removed windows.

Does everything I need and looks cyperpunk AF

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some people are ok with two decade computers, I personaly like some thinkpads A and E series. Just don't buy their obvious expensive jew computers for COMPANIES, not individuals. Most of these laptops are ok if you buy like 50.

t. Jew myself

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confirmed mental midget who doesn't do much, if any, work on his laptop

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Goldenboy ecchi. Protip: you can use the arrow next to the post number to do an instant image source, newfag.

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At my "actual work" I use a T60 and spin up an EC2 instance whenever I need compute power.

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yep, this is why my business said no to them. into the trash lenovo goes.

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xiaomi laptops are based

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>Has a soldered on DIMM plus a slot to upgrade
That's not nearly as bad as "only soldered" like mactoddlers have.
Everyone here got baited by your exaggerated headline.

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Somehow that almost sounds worse, you just end up having mismatched ram because you can't change what's soldered down.

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>It seems that Lenovo prioritized sleeker designs over flexibility with the newest T ThinkPads,
But, but... event the "sleek" X1 has interchangeable RAM.

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I don't know where you got that from but it doesn't and never has.

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Get a latitude then. They always have been better.

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You are allowed to hate your own hardware, anon

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thinkpadds where always crap. Clevo is better than them.

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I found a new p50 in the closet a while ago. I got sick and bought it and forgot it. I no longer am doing the path I was before I got sick.

It's riced out with a 4k screen (terrible waste), 64GB RAM (I was sick), and the Xeon and Quadro.
I browse the internet now. I dunno what to use it for.

But I kinda want to buy an upgrade like whatever is the newest top of the line portable workstation. Lenovo thinkpad or Dell Lattitjusude?

7nm from AMD, 10nm from Intel; I dunno

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You're forgetting that ram dies, and dies often.

>> No.69953940

>Ram dies
That's not how it works.

>> No.69954063

Just bought a new t480 which still has removable ram

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X200 was the last real thinkpad.

>> No.69954402

it is, ram is one of the major points of failure in a computer, soldered ram is planed obsolescence.

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Stop binge buying stuff, won't make you feel better.

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won't this cause them to lose corp contracts since simple fixes can't be done in house anymore?

>> No.69956016

Is it the last one with proper keyboard?

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If they all ship with 16gb ram to begin with, theY might as well solder it, the rest of the laptop will be outdated before the ram.
Taking away the replacement keboards is silly.

>> No.69956098

I don't think the soldered RAM will be an issue here.
RAM hardly ever fails and companies hardly even upgrade RAM anymore (not even on 8 year old desktops)

I think the harder to replace keyboard is a real issue here though, that's something that fails often.

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The worst thing is: cooling will be utter shit now.
Enjoy throttling at 700Mhz

>> No.69956140

The new x series look pretty sweet.

>> No.69956156

Thinkpad screens have been awesome for years:
- higher nits than nearly all competitors.
- very good anti-glare.
- choices include higher resolutions and touch if you need that.

>but...but...the bottom the the range cheapest model is only FHD
Well, don't but that then ;)

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Latitudes are still decently serviceable.

>> No.69956262

The keyboad also poses a problem for European user that want to buy or sell the laptop in another country. When armatures try to replace keycaps, some of them will damage the keyboard.

>> No.69956649

Who cares? There's no proper amd lineup, so they can do with the ram whatever they want.

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Didn't Lenovo come out with the A series Thinkpads a while back?

>> No.69957392

Merged with T series, and also have the 50Wh battery+1 DIMM for the T495 and 57Wh+0 DIMM for T495s

So no more point

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>I think the harder to replace keyboard is a real issue here though, that's something that fails often.
yeah although that repair would probably be shipped off anyway
guess modularity has gone into the trash unless you're buying portable workstation class machines

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yes, the ryzen one looks nice, but there's a lockup bug in bugzilla.kernel that looks nasty, it seems to be that AMD doesn't care because it would need to release 'confidential' data.
Not to mention that bug means it'll freeze when let in idle if using linux, As always, Lenovo BIOS updates are a cluster fuck. You also have to pay extra to get dual channel ram, 1 slot with 8gb will be more expensive than 2 slots with 4 gb. Like, *THAT* it's a jewish trick.

Don't know if I want to pay like 900/1400 bucks for a laptop that doesn't even have a dedicated gpu (like some 600/800$ laptops).

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I meant 8GB (x2 4gb) it's more expensive than 8GB in one slot.

>> No.69957860

Which were terrible and the E585 was even worse.

>> No.69957909

>soldered on RAM
Who cares just download more.

>> No.69958126

Panasonic Toughbook

>> No.69959034

who cares apple did it first

>> No.69960847

>no Ethernet port

>> No.69960897

Why lie on the internet?

t. I code my Java and perl stuff in my I5 x220 with 8gb ram and 250gb ssd using my favorite IDE.

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Fucking retards don't know that applel is doing "thin and non-upgradeable" because they're actively trying to kill laptops, they just copy them because it's "cool"

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>just buy a new laptop when your ram dies lol

>> No.69962910

No, the xx20 series was

>> No.69963240

So did Lenovo you cunt

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Lenovo should realize that people don't mind if they make a corner-cutting pleb model available as an option, people only get mad when the good product line gets replaced with bad products. Just make another line and call those garbage models something else. The old models were already fine, just upgrade the components inside to newer ones. How can they not get this?

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Most of their business is actual businesses who don't care about being able to DIY refurbish/upgrade a shitbox laptop from 10 years ago.

>> No.69963920

The old models don't even need any extra work, the design has already been made. Just use the same chassis and get a newer motherboard in there. Also a newer screen panel but those already exist. Now you haven't ruined anything permanently and are free to make a truckload of horrible products on the side.

>> No.69964011

I got a refurbished Lenovo T530 a few months ago when I started a new job, and it's fine for work use, but God damn, the track pad is the absolute worst track pad I have EVER fucking used on any laptop. Also, the monitor has shitty contrast. Very mediocre machine and I do not get the hype.

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I know

but the shitty display is because your boss or whatever decided to get a deal with HD screens instead of the Full HD, still the Full HD are not special at all, not to mention they charge you extra, most thinkpads will cost at least 40% extra if you want an upgrade from i3 to i5 or i7, hdd/sdd, ram etc. The final price can be hilarious, if we keep present that most laptops from Dell or HP have better things for less money, like a dedicated gpu, which most thinkpads lack, unless you add it for a 'small' price ;)

I will miss the trackpoint, but this time I'm not getting a thinkpad

>> No.69964309

I will say that mine came with an SSD, and boot times are very fast. That said, when I tried to install MPC-HC to watch some anime on vacation one time -- this is my personally-owned computer; my boss did not buy it for me -- I found that there is something fucky with the audio driver or power management. The audio ramps down to "off/silent" when there is just 0.5 seconds of a quiet moment in whatever media you're watching. VLC wasn't susceptible to this problem, but with MPC-HC, it was a very unpleasant experience. Like some fuckhead was cranking an audio knob back and forth as the characters talked.

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How do modern Thinkpads compare to other modern laptops? They're garbage compared to old Thinkpads, but are they the least garbage, if one had to buy a brand-new laptop?

>> No.69965016

the fuck is this shit?

>> No.69965144

dell precision is pretty good yeah

>> No.69965203


Having to use heatgun to remove it.

>> No.69965393

Pretty sure my t61 had a wifi card whitelist I had to firmware flash to get rid of

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> Thinkpad x31 shell
> De-ported SBC
> Rest of chassis just filled with 18650 cells
> 2 weeks of in-use battery life

We can literally already do this. The keyboard / touchpad firmware has been reverse-engineered so we can convert it to USB and wire it to the SBC. The only problem left is the proprietary LCD panel connectors. If we could find a suitably thin and sized 3:4 panel then building modern ARM SBCs into old laptops can be a thing. The pi 4 will be more powerful than XX20 'pads, and the pi 3 is already strong enough to do actual work on. This is saying nothing of more premium SBCs like the offerings from Odroid or LattePanda.

The accessibility offered by PCB fab services and 3d printing services make this an inevitability and I'm excited for it. Gonna make one myself once the pi 4 launches.

Picture a full free-as-in-freedom RISC machine with a 1 week+ battery life and acceptable performance.

>> No.69965451

Is anyone very familiar with Panelook.com or similar sites? I've made embedded stuff before and already have converted a thinkpad keyboard to USB for fun. Making a SBC run off any number of 18650 cells is already trivial. If someone can find a suitable panel for any thinkpad (preferably 4:3 but not necessarily) then this could be an open source DIY project.

Boutique anon-made FOSS laptops would be sick. Guys are already starting to make their own mechanical keyboard companies with custom fab and stuff (shoutouts to gboards.ca). The logical next step is laptops, especially since /g/ knows full well that modern laptops suck dick.

Ideally a panel for this project would support eDP or the Pi's DSI. I've read that DSI is semi-closed and unreliable and I've never worked with eDP. It's high speed right? We'd need input from an anon who has done an embedded project with eDP before.

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not him but mobile cpus have barely improved over the last 7 years or so kek, only difference is power draw

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look into the t62 and x210 theres some chinks who are basically doing that. they make mobos which fit into the old thinkpad cases with modern hardware

>> No.69966396

kek now moving over to apple is a no brainer

>> No.69966439

/g/ might as well switch to the LG Gram series, every Youtuber has one, so why haven't you bought one yet?

>> No.69966718

System76 here I come

>> No.69966821

t470 or x62 anon? Im stumped. battery life on the x62 seems to be 3 hours during mixed use...

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that is literally the laptop in the image
i don't know what patents lenovo has on the design, like the keyboard layout and shit (even if they dont use them)
not that chinks care about intellectual property

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Nobody buys new Thinkpads here. I like my laptops like my women: cheap and 10 years old.

>> No.69967209

You still haven't given me one usecase where thats not enough faggot

>> No.69967473

oh kek

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>not getting a P[atrician]-series


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>and dies often.

>> No.69969575

Mobile CPUS main feature is the power draw. So if it changed it's not a small deal.

>> No.69970182

Yes most new thinkpads and lenovo computers have very weird malfunctions, as if somebody programmed it to fail. Their BIOS are pure cringe.

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File: 174 KB, 1050x1484, 2a36a797ba05f97bf97ef941f52bdd7d135b9c294791bf6fcf6a73a283b6eb89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like your style anon

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Thanks for not shilling or making a 3 word post about SBCs being good. For once, I'm excited about upcoming technology.

One thing I'm not sure of, I anticipate a reliable supply of $50-$200 x86 business laptops for the next 5 years at least. Your SBCtop could be lighter, and maybe faster, but it also wouldn't be x86 and would be jankier.

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>> No.69970986

so basically a macboeik haeh,
i thiuink eeeeeeeeeuits better to buiys an old slaptapb
preferably aaaa tee430 with cypu miod and jaeuyboard moad

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