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If Zen 2 doesn't catch up to the 6700K in gaming, AMD can kiss my ass and I'm selling my AM4 motherboard and jumping ship back to Intel and never buying an AMD product again. The 1600 I have overclocked to 4GHz paired with CL14 3200MHz Samsung B-die RAM is bottlenecking the fuck out of my 1080 Ti. It's amazing how poorly Ryzen performs yet all you hear from /g/ is "INTEL BTFO".

Ryzen is not as good as the shills say. Shouldn't have fell for this meme but the AMDrones kept saying Ryzen was competitive. If you're on the fence currently, save yourself the agony and go with the 9700K or 9900K. It will cost a little bit more up front but in the long term, you'll actually save money because you won't have to upgrade and you won't have to spend extra on expensive RAM.

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Catch up to Skylake? Maybe. Zen and Zen+ are on par with first gen Nehalem. AMD would be lucky if Zen 2 performs on par with Skylake. Intel hasn't had much of an improvement since Skylake, so if AMD can catch up to Skylake, that would be good. The success of Zen 2 is all on TSMC's shoulders. 7nm should be the last big jump we see in a while.

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Yes I agree go with the 9900k. I got one and its pretty good
does anybody else smell burning?


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amd is near or on par with haswell clock for clock and that's sans the security patches.
where amd is behind is clock speed, but considering the node they are going to does 5.3~ (fab tests of the node at acceptable levels, so we know its had high potential for getting in or around that range, possibly on boost alone without an oc, with an oc hard to say where the majority will land) there goes intels clock advantage they use to have, with the patches fucking with their overall ipc, there goes the few % faster they may have been, amd posted numbers for their cache speed, and there goes intels advantage there, inside amd's cpu they already process 5 things a clock opposed to intel's 4, so getting everything dragging amd back will only make this far more obvious. amd is putting in full 256bit fpu rather then a split 128bit so there goes more of intels advantage.

there is a rumor with this that the infinity fabric got decoupled from ram, and if that's the case, hello an extra 10-20% increase in speed just from that, considering the benchmarks where you see amd preformaning proportionally better with faster ram due to the faster ram also allowing the cpu to talk to itself faster internally.

more or less what the 3000 is looking to be is what everyone has been saying for quite a while, 14/12nm zen is a preview, 7nm zen is going to be the big show, not only internally, but also processes wise, because 7nm is more or less feature compatible with 14 and what intel's 10nm are, so there is no 'intel moves to new process, gets a boost on that alone' this is pure silicon vs silicon who is better, and intel has lost this battle so many times, by so many people, and they are unable to pull the same bullshit this time around.

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>muh GAEMS

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>muh boring ultra serious life
I can just imagine what you faggots would be like to be around

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bought intel.
got an extra 4fps for an extra $700

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Keep telling yourself that. Cope, AMDrone. The 2600X is on par with the i7-990X.

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How is the 2700x vs 8700k?

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Wait was that image from about a month ago with all of the specs on it fake?

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The 8700K smokes it, even in multithreaded workloads.

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is this a cope thread cause gdc is coming soon?

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AMD will never be able to do 5Ghz

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AMD doesn't even have their own fabs you mega brainlet.

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Why does this debate persist? Are you a faggot who needs a gorillion FPS in gaymes? Go Intel. Are you a faggot who doesn't? Buy AMD then. You can be a faggot in either scenario, it's just a CPU and nobody else gives a shit what you pick.

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When in doubt, go Intel. Intel won't ever let you down. Intel is god tier.

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Except it doesn't. The only thing the 8700K is better at than the 2700X is
>muh games
The 2700X wins everywhere else.

Even there, with memory optimization which Ryzen benefits more from than the Core i7 does, the 8700K wins by a few %.

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Nice retro Win7 build you have there. Period-accurate 2008-2009 hardware to boot!

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Don't spectre and meltdown migrations destroy these cpu tho?

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TFW Windows 7 builds are now considered retro :/
No, Intel is god tier. Intel just works.

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Yes. They destroy the performance of all the processors affected from AMD and Intel. Software mitigations simply don't work and the performance hit isn't worth it.

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>spectre and meltdown migrations.
Fucking hardware vulnerabilities. Coming into my country. Don't even speak the fucking language. Taking all the hard working American vulnerabilities.

We need to build a wall. That'll stop the vulnerabilities migrating.

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Please stop lying for a faceless corporation. The 8700K at 5GHz destroys the 2700X in multithreaded workloads. This is known fact.

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You want me to go search for the link to prove known fact? I don't remember which video it was. Why is it so hard to believe that a 6 core 12 thread 5GHz 8700K can outperform a 8 core 16 thread 4.2GHz 2700X?

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I wonder how cool will be next gen APUs.

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You're the one stating facts. The onus is on you to provide the evidence to backup your statement. That's how it works. Otherwise you're just talking out your ass.

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They both look so unhappy

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You're a retarded AMDrone who is defending the shitty 2700X. The 8700K at 5GHz beats the 2700X at 4.2GHz in cinebench. If you do not accept facts, that's your problem. I forgot which video showed the benchmarks where the 8700K was smoking the 2700X.

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>the only source of joy I can think of is vidya
and you are calling others boring?

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I've no dog in the fight since I'm still on a 4790k. But if you're making claims, onus probandi.

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You keep talking about facts and yet have provided no evidence to back up your alleged facts.

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I'm not going to go digging for video proof of well known facts. Fuck off and cope, AMDrones.

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>well known facts
>still doesn't provide the evidence of the facts

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I play a vidya mabye once a month for a week, i just dont get why its the worlds most shit on hobby

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I can't remember one single benchmark where Intel wins for multithreaded workloads. Please provide facts instead of acting like a preteen shit.

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Intel's hyperthreading is also an inferior solution to that of AMD and IBM, so even without the patches, a single extra Intel thread is less of an uplift than an extra thread from AMD. On top of it, the 2700x has 30% more threads. So it isn't as obvious as you think, friend. You have to source it, appealing to common sense is one of the shittiest and most obvious fallacies. Dont ruin your own credibility, you shouldn't have issues finding the benchmark if you're right

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Intel and AMD both have SMT2. The only difference is Intel calls there's hyper threading and AMD calls there's Turbo. Bulldozer was only a partial implementation of SMT. While Zen is SMT2. Intel has SMT4 on Xeon Phis. But everything else is SMT2.

IBM Power 9 can do SMT2, 4 and 8 on the fly depending on workload.

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I am not your servant you low IQ subhuman. If you're so interested, go look at benchmarks and you'll find it.
The 8700K's clockspeed advantage makes it pull ahead of the 2700X in multithreaded workloads. The extra clockspeed outweighs the two extra cores. The 2700X has no advantage over the 8700K.

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>If you're so interested, go look at benchmarks and you'll find it.
>I have no evidence to back up my claims.

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>I am not your servant you low IQ subhuman. If you're so interested, go look at benchmarks and you'll find it.
Incapable of providing proof for the claims he's making, our protagonist resorts to ad hominems.

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The 2700x is a bottleneck when as you go over RTX 2060 lvls of performance.


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>Zen and Zen+ are on par with first gen Nehalem.
literally wat
Not sure what you're talking about but 2700X wins against a 8700K in multi-threaded loads. Intel has a shit ST to MT ratio, it's not like it's a secret or anything.

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Yeah, I know IBM and a few Xeons had 4 way SMT. Also the first time I heard AMD calling their tech "Turbo." Nevertheless we're not comparing Xeon to Bulldozer, but the 8700k to the 2700x. And you're assuming that because it's based on the same tech, and has the same name, the implementation is exactly the same

>The extra clockspeed outweighs the two extra cores.
You do realized that it's only a random anonymous in a heavily shilled board saying that until you actually post the source people have been asking of you for almost an hour, right? You could have BTFO anyone that said the 2700x is better at 8700k long ago but you're choosing not to

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What Zen 2 needs most is TSX support so you can emulate PS3 games at a playable speed.

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>inb4 and shill on a 2600k and 1070 to


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What resolution?

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I don't remember the video that showed the benchmarks where the 5GHz 8700K was outperforming the 2700X. Not going to go searching for it for a nigger on /g/.
Get cancer you nigger.

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>20% more frequency is better than 33% more threads (not even starting on AMD's slight SMT advantage vs HT) in true multithreaded workloads

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>5GHz 8700K
Might as well burn the house down at that point.

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Zen+ is already on par with Skylake at the same frequency.
And Zen 1 is a good chunk behind Zen+
Zen 2 with an ES 65W part already beat a 9900k in multicore.
It's going to be gud.

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t. Radeon user

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>ironic shilling is still shilling
And no, don't pretend that you were retarded all along.

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How is it bottlenecking? The 1600 was a mid-tier offering from AMD anyway. You have less cache and 2 less cores than the Ryzen 7 line. Overclocking doesn't fix what physically isn't there. You sound like you might be retarded and don't actually understand how computers work.

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>Pairing a budget cpu with a top of the line gpu

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I really hope this is a bunch of trolls and not a cancerous brainlet

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shit b8, amd is already within margin of error of coffee lake and the only parts that can stand against them are 8700k and 9900k, everything else is castrated worthless garbage. Any non-K part has no reason to exist or be bought anymore

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Still harder pranjeesh, your dying company needs your support.

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but somehow amd manages to be btfo'd by a stock 4790k in gaymes.

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And yet Intel is still shit. That 1% must be really worth eating all the shit from a pozzed architecture.

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Given that Intel has superior single threaded performance, in particularly with higher clocks, and the 4790k has a higher turbo (4.4 on at least 2 cores, with 4.3 and 4.2 on the other 2 cores) than the 2700, I don't know why you think that outcome is all that surprising.

I own a 4790k clocked at 4.8GHz across all four cores and it'll smoke most things in single threaded performance and will even keep up with current gen chips with a turbo boost to a similar speed. Where it fails is that it's multithreaded performance is absolutely fucking abysmal.

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Reminder no matter how bad Zen 2 will be it will still outsell Intel.

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ryzen 3 would be perfect if it came with tsx and if amd fixed the 4.2ghz ceiling

>> No.69927761

>amd fixed the node limits
thats not how it works anon, 7nm target frequency is 5GHz though

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>paired 2080ti with 1080p
>all 144+ fps anyway
who cares when its just not realistic anymore

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>amd is the best! they manage to outcompete intel's 4c/8t cpus with 8c/16t !!!!

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Intel doesn't care about desktop CPUs, instead of flooding the market with 9th gen CPUs all they do is release stripped down versions of 9th gen CPUs. The prices for the 9900k and 9700k are still ridiculous and its not going down anytime soon.

AMD has a complete monopoly of the CPU market for 6+ months now and Sunny Cove will be a paper launch for Q4 this year. Yet Intel has posted their highest earnings in the past year and past quarter meaning they can ignore the desktop space for a while.

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hello there fellow gamer i too like to play my games like i run my benchmarks, on a fresh windows install with literally nothing running in the background

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30fps ~33ms frametime
60fps ~16ms
120fps ~8ms
300fps ~3ms
500fps ~2ms
fps is non-linear, misleading and retarded.
keep coping though, shintell
also this, dont forget to block the spectre and meltdown updates!

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ITT anon has no idea what IPC really is, that IPC is not static and how that different architectures require different performance tuning.

Go read Agner Fog's technical documents to educate yourself on the subject matter. https://www.agner.org/optimize/

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Honestly there are a lot of people who do treat their computers like gaming consoles and only run one or two programs at a time. For those people Intel is probably genuinely the better option.

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>biggest markets India and China have Intel at the top of the chart
ok amdrone

>> No.69927960

>fps is non-linear
So fucking what, it still takes 2x computing power to render 2x frames per second, cope harder.

>> No.69927970

>p-please intel overlord give me my 1ms difference for $500

>> No.69927987

>buying Intel
I can't believe how retarded you are.

>> No.69927989

do you not see the problem? Amd's ryzen has better cache latency across the board but still falls short in real world performance. Their chips literally aren't as performant as Intel's

>> No.69927996

It literally doesn't matter. At more demanding applications it will be 30fps vs 15fps, I'm curious how are you going to defend this.

>> No.69928015

"Gamers" getting memed into believing moar cores is the new hot thing for gaming performance is the most hilarious thing to happen in the last few years. How anyone still believes this shit is beyond me.

>> No.69928024

>what is unoptimized game
>what is a gpu bottleneck
Im out of this intel marketing thread though

>> No.69928042

Amazing, you didn't even try defending it.

>> No.69928117

>only run one or two programs at a time
The true intel experience, close everything else just so that your game doesn't stutter because of your 4 pozzed cores.

>> No.69928134

AMD is leading the way and Intel has to follow suit on the moar coars and the MCM """memes""", there's nothing they can do about it except bribes and lies.

>> No.69928230

The anniversary pentium is the only cpu you ever need. Look how well it runs GTA V!

>> No.69928237

AMD has to COPE in order to compete somewhere

In CPUs they use moar corez

In GPUs they are now using VRAM

>> No.69928246

>there's nothing they can do
>6-core Intels designed in 1.5 years destroying 8-core AMDs designed in 10 years

>> No.69928277

Based China the world's largest retail market.

>> No.69928309

Ryzen is literally bulldozer 2.0; server chips that are rebranded as gaming capable

>> No.69928335

And yet nobody buys Intel.

>> No.69928339

>dat one gaem that runs on 2.5 cores and uses AVX

>> No.69928345

Also nonexistent "$250 Pooga 56"

>> No.69928373

>Ryzen can't handle a tiny game

>> No.69928379

Except that EPYC actually found itseay in servers, unlike the Bulldozer based Opterons. By End 2016 AMD had like 0.1% market share in the server segment.

>> No.69928388

>can't handle
>clearly delivers more than enough FPS

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*crashes everything*

>> No.69928402

>and still slower than a 5 year old cpu

>> No.69928405

9900k was a colossal flop

>> No.69928416

Atleast they have vram, nvidias is a joke

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cope harder

>> No.69928453

Keep telling yourself that, goy. As someone who owns both of those CPUs and overclocked the both of them, the Ryzen is clearly faster.

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Gamers themselves are why it's shit on. Fortnite dancing 12 year olds and cheeto encrusted 40 year olds.

>> No.69928478

Q6600 was elder god tier. Literally never obsolete.

>> No.69928511

I have no defense, guess i just have to accept that im lumped in with losers and kids that should be legal to punch in the face

>> No.69928547

I just want a 6 or 8 core APU for a small build to put behind my monitor

>> No.69928556

based on your logic, intel is literally 30% faster when comparing stock 9900k and 2700
9900k - 6.86ms
2700 - 9.84ms
but of course amdrones will forgive amd and spout
>fps is non-linear, misleading and retarded.
>keep coping though, shintell

>> No.69928658

9900k $900 aud
2700 $420 aud
intel BTFO

>> No.69928731

look at the fuckin volts, extremely overvolted fucked board/bios
[email protected] should be 1.3 or lower max

>> No.69929110

Who gives a total fuck? Only esports wunna be streamer faggot zoomers care about fps higher than 240 anyway
Minimum fps is the issue
Besides my 2700x 4ghz is fine if anything my old gtx 1080 bottlenecks it

>> No.69929132

>stress test
>1.3 or lower
Endless crashes

>> No.69929290


>/v/tard who doesn't know shit about CPU performance and is stuck in early 2010s land. Protip: CPU performance in gayming hasn't mattered since Sandy Bridge despite what fanboys will tell you

> trying to b8t /g/ with a shitty post

>> No.69929394


>Implying that anything below 12ms frame time is worth meaningful and totally not a placebo

>implying that consistent performance is completely irrelevant

>> No.69929523

I don't think you understand how both AMD and Intel design their cpus.

>> No.69929540

Look at this Radeon user

>> No.69929552

>in gaming
Neck yourself.

>> No.69929662

>stop playing games reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.69929814

The only game I've seen my 4ghz 2700x struggle in (60-90% usage 70 degree temps) is beamng with 10+ cars loaded up.
Apart from that nothing uses it above 55% including windows and background shit
So all these morons saying DURR Zen is slow are fucking clueless most games barely use 1/2 of your CPU power unless you have a ancient dual/quad core pos from 2017 or before
This I find shitter on both sides stupid

>> No.69929852

It's not that you should stop playing games, it that a 5fps margin on some Ubishit game is not exactly the best benchmark for processor performance.

>> No.69929855

It should catch up to Skylake if what we've heard is true, yes. Ryzen issues with gaming come from a few things, like
>lower IPC
>lower clock
>inter-CCX latency
>memory settings, if they're not good
The first 3 on those list should all be solved by Zen 2, which should have higher IPC, higher clock and 8C per CCX (chiplet) instead of 4C should largely preclude games from needing to communicate cross-CCX since 8C/16T is enough for all games pretty much (assuming you've got a multi-chiplet CPU and the scheduler isn't retarded).

I hope Zen 2 is good since I've got a 4790K that I'm finally looking to replace. If not, I guess I'll have to go with a 9700K/9900K after all.

>> No.69929929

amd's zen ccx's were designed for scalability (dataservers), desktop use was just an afterthought
whereas intel's mainstream chips are actually designed for desktop use (intercore communication is done on a ringbus on lga1151)

>> No.69929935

>pulling stuff out of my ass
no. prime small fft stable

>> No.69929939

Where does amd go after Zen (assuming x86 will still be around)?
It's gonna be around for decades isn't it? Guess their eventually gonna go the nvidia/Intel route and start making fuck huge dies with huge sockets 4thousand+ pins
Tr5+ will be interesting I wonder we will see 64 128 256 cores in 202x
Who gives a fuck.
CPUs should not be designed around games otherwise we'd have 6ghz quad cores
Let game devs finally catch up and multithread their games properly to use 8-16+ threads like they are doing now.
It's basically a requirement for arm mobile games and console games anyway

>> No.69929996

silicon lottery. Mine's only stable at 1.36v+ for small ftt

>> No.69930036

>Let game devs finally catch up and multithread their games properly to use 8-16+ threads like they are doing now.
Easier said than done.

When it does happen, it'll also make many gaming rigs obsolete if games start using that many threads, far cry 5 already make 6c/6t and 4c/8t processors struggle. Frametimes are pretty abysmal if you dont have at least 8c/8t or 6c/12t on that game.

>> No.69930049

gaymes are unoptimized for higher latency interconnects like IF

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File: 283 KB, 1080x1397, justwaitfornavi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 800 KB, 1306x839, launchingatces2019.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Soon. Just wait.

>> No.69930101

It's not nvidia that will kill amd. It's ayymd fanboys who overhype things and cause massive disappointment when products launch.

>> No.69930106

no, trolling /g/ is all I can do

>> No.69930127

Siege and beamng fag here those games absolutely love beefy CPUs especially with all the gpu bottlenecking post process effects turned off at 2k+ with high fps
Most games use up to 8 cores 16 threads just fine as I've said ive seen bng and some others like siege push my CPU.
I don't think it will last as long as my others did and I came from a 1600x which struggled on the same games.
202x will require 16c 32t+ CPUs in mid-high end rigs when pushing 4k 60hz+ and 2k 240hz

>> No.69930133

gaymes are for children
>>>/v/ is that way

>> No.69930135

>Let game devs finally catch up and multithread their games properly
games are shit for multithreading, it's not a case of game devs being behind the times

>> No.69930145

It's literally the only thing home consumers need a powerful PC for

>> No.69930156

Reminder that Tim was right.

>> No.69930178

I went from a 1600x to a 2700x because the zen1 was garbage
And 390x to Vega 56 then back to gtx 1080
Vega frame times was nice but it was just too slow on avg
Uhuh I've seen games heavily multithread since 2007 dirt 1 and crysis being some of the first they absolutely obliterated quad core 8 thread i7s back in the day.
Even consoles bad then had 6-8 threads it's nothing new.
Now new consoles will have 16+ threads they have no choice but to optimise.
We've seen devs fail at this time and time again and release shit like pubg and just cause 3/4

>> No.69930182

Does /g actually only bait and shitpost? Honestly 99% of this board should be killed in the most horrible way known to mankind.

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>Just wait.

>> No.69930210

>it's AMD's fault nobody optimizes for their CPUs
This is how retarded gaymerfags sound. Ryzen's been around for two years, marketshare steadily increasing, yet only two or three games were actually optimized for it

>> No.69930215

like, half of these don't even exist. what was this guy thinking?

>> No.69930226

>Uhuh I've seen games heavily multithread since 2007 dirt 1 and crysis being some of the first they absolutely obliterated quad core 8 thread i7s back in the day.
And I've programmed games for 25 years, multithreading in video games is largely a meme and just because youre "obliterating your cores" doesn't mean they're doing anything efficient or useful with them

>> No.69930240

Zen 1 was rushed garbage. Amd engineers had to settle for poor L2 cache latency because they did not have enough time.

>> No.69930247

And I've been larping on /g/ for 25 years.

>> No.69930261

Grow up. AMD is perfect for productivity.

>> No.69930266

*L3. And it was a lapse, not lack of time (Epyc and TR launched in the same year already had the lower latency L3)

>> No.69930269

>Who gives a fuck.
Me and my money, as well as a very large number of other people and their money
>Let game devs finally catch up and multithread their games properly to use 8-16+ threads like they are doing now.
Not every program is embarrassingly parallel, nor can every algorithm be rewritten into an embarrassingly parallel version, nor does every problem you may need to compute have an embarrassingly parallel solution. This is just reality and everyone who isn't a biased fanboy wants to buy products which perform as well as possible in all scenarios rather than coming up with excuses as to how it's OK to be sub-par when running program A because you're a bit better when running program B.

Thankfully, the people designing CPUs over at AMD aren't retarded and it would seem they're doing exactly what they should be, which is improving on their product's weaker points while still capitalizing on their advantages.

>> No.69930275

Video games are capped by GPUs
Nothing else
What are you going to use multiple cores for? They can help you load data in faster but that's it. Physics might be the most demanding thing you'll do on a CPU but that doesn't multithread well because the worst case time is still the same as single thread. Ironically most video games these days spend most of their CPU time running extremely bloated GUI frameworks which run on web tech

>> No.69930304

intoddlers can't grow up, cpus were made for gaymen, push for 6ghz 1770W just to get 5 more fps

>> No.69930324

Also the Vega was a fucking space heater and loud as fuck
Used 50 watt's more than my 1080 and ran twice as hot despite being 30% slower in games I actually played unlike the benches /g/ shills here Vega is fucking slow in every other game.
Even ones that use rpm async and compute heavy shaders run better on turing.
I'm sick of amd gpu shills they honestly haven't put out anything good since the 7970 and 290
Polaris was a overhyped power hungry bottlenecked mess fury was Vega beta test
Until amd throws rtg under the bus and mumma su guts them & rebuilds or sells them off we won't see a decent gpu put of them.
I have no hope for navi even at midrange if it's on gcn and Arcturus is ages away
1700 didn't seem to bad and hits 4ghz but yeah it really felt like a beta test.
Shame I'm stuck with x470 but at least I haven't had any problems on it.
3200 ram on both set-ups solved any latency problems the rest got patched and now Zen 2 fixed it in hardware
Go play beam ng with 5-15 cars and tell me that.
Most games where cucked by shit dual and quad core Intel CPUs for 15+ years what do you expect?
I only ever ran productivity benchmarks since my internet is too shit to upload anything big nor do I like actually doing work with pcs
Just purely a leasure hobby 4me
Zen 3 and 4 are going to be very interesting maybe 5 and 3nm?
Zen 2 will be the mainstream CPU for choice this decade consoles wil ldrag it's life out for 5-10 years easy
Sure try run a CPU intensive game at 100fps+ minimum 0.1% low fps on some shit incel quadcorelet 4ghz rubbish and get back to me.
Most frame times are abysmal with CPU bottlenecked games regardless of gpu even at higher resolutions
And that 5% slowly dissppears as the factory oc chips degrade and need more voltage to run less clockspeed + vulnerability patches

>> No.69930359

AMDoredTV is basically an """external""" marketing arm from AMD.

>> No.69930362

>CPU intensive game
yeah, and what's a CPU intensive game? Dwarf Fortress, Factorio, maybe some old strategy games with uncapped unit limits. "Real" games don't push CPU limits at all.
Just took a look at that BeamNG game, that's an example of what I meant when I was talking about physics, physics usually need to be resolved in serial and the worst case scenario it'll still be just as slow as a single thread

>> No.69930383

That's because game developers know that core counts are a meme.

>> No.69930392

You forgot AAA games like bfv, AC odyssey, far cry 5 and GTA 5

>> No.69930408

They don't push CPU limits, they can't even have more than a dozen actors on screen most of the time

>> No.69930419

L2 saw the biggest uplift.
It was improved from 17 cycles in zen 1 to 11 cycles in zen+

>> No.69930427

Your talking out of your fucking ass if you think real time soft body 3000hz+ physics will run well on a single core.
Holy fuck this board is retarded
As soon as you load up 5+ cars the game dies
Or siege or doom or crysis 1 3
Jesus fucking christ your dumb too.
Go back to your 6ghz single core and tell me how well games run?

>> No.69930435

The problem isn't core counts, it's IF's higher latency and Windows juggling threads around like the shitstain pajeetware it is

>> No.69930449

But they do. You'll experience stutters in these games without a modern mid/top range CPU.

>> No.69930469

>Your talking out of your fucking ass if you think real time soft body 3000hz+ physics will run well on a single core.
Did I say it would run well? I said it would be just as slow. Multithreading can help you if you have 2 cases of 2 cars each colliding, but if you have 4 cars in the same collision then it will have to be run on one thread because it needs to be resolved in serial. It's not more cores = faster computer, it's only faster in specific circumstances which games don't usually hit

>> No.69930472

Because every moron has some ancient shitty fucking quad core that could barely do 30fps minimum if they upped CPU requirements.
It's why (open world) games still look so fucking empty no npcs peds or cars in cities still.
Go spawn a realistic amount of cars peds or whatever in games and watch your shit CPU die.
It's why most games are CPU lite.
Hopefully gen 9+ and streaming will stop low tier hardware fuck heads from ruining games

>> No.69930478

So I guess my browser is pushing my CPU limits every time it takes 20 seconds to load a page full of bloated Javascript?

>> No.69930491

Most games are developed console-first. It's basically a guarantee that quad cores are dead if gen9 ships with 8c/16t zen2 parts.

>> No.69930498

No shit would you rather the game uses gpu physics or what? I don't get your reasoning here the game is CPU heavy end of story and no it's not on one thread it's on ALL THREADS
>DURR muh Windows scheduler load balancing
Working as it should.
Besides Intel's hyper threading is so shit they basically disabled it in enterprise and 9000 series consumer chips until they fix it so games especially are going to be optimised for Zen 2+ smt going forward especially with the new xbox and Ps5 using amd apus

>> No.69930503

see this post >>69930469 as to why multiple cores wont necessarily help you have more people on screen

>> No.69930511

>brainlet thinks that game developers care about maxing out console specs

>> No.69930520

Read what you wrote again. High frame rate gaming is a pretty intensive task and requires modern multicores to deliver.

>> No.69930525

zen 2 will be good for about half a year/8 months. in q1 2020 intel rolls out their 10nm cpu and shits all over amd. it will be conroe all over again

>> No.69930536

>"Real" games don't push CPU limits at all.
Just look at Total War, that shit drops to <30FPS when you get to 5000+ unit battles no matter what CPU you have. Hell, look at Vermintide in huge hordes as well. There are other games which are CPU-heavy too, like BF V or that new AC game, whatever it was called.

>> No.69930537

You think I'm proposing a solution? I'm telling you what computers are capable of, there is no 'solution' short of inventing faster computers.
>I don't get your reasoning here the game is CPU heavy end of story
If the basics of parallel computing are too hard for you to understand let me just tell you that more cores won't make your games run faster

>> No.69930540
File: 7 KB, 250x249, f60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the moment to buy is never just RIGHT
>I have to keep waiting forever

>> No.69930545
File: 59 KB, 733x822, moar cores.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope harder

>> No.69930546
File: 258 KB, 600x550, 1327110969096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all the bitching about who has the +1 flop over the other
>99% SoC's still don't have unlocked bootloaders and free drivers
I just want something comparable to a 1.5-2GHz modern dual-core. I'm tired of SoCs having 8+ cores and still having to do hardware video decoding, or locked bootloaders, or you can do 1080p but you don't get a SATA port or it takes 80% cpu or has 1GB ram

They can make an 8-core for $150, but can't make a dual-core SoC with decent support for under $50? It's embarassing. I'll end up having to buy some $150 quad-core 4GB x64 monstrosity if I want something small and less power consuming, and hope there's good USB 3.1 GPIO devices

>> No.69930547

The first games won't but later games will push the console to its limits. It'll just take a few years to get there.

>> No.69930555

>High frame rate gaming is a pretty intensive task and requires modern multicores to deliver.
nope, requires a good GPU

yeah I was talking about AAA titles, strategy games are considered to have low production value yet they're the only games that really push the CPU because they have lots of shit going on

>> No.69930561

>do benchmarks on a game where the goal of the game is to build thousands of units for no reason
>not having autism
Pick 1

>> No.69930586

But gen 8 is 8c/8t and heavily multithreaded and yes it's basically confirmed it's not like they are going to go back to arm/ppc/nvidia/Intel junk after 6 years of record sales with bulldozer junk
Again it utilizes all threads not just one.
The only thing u got right was how bad webkit ui lags especially in modded beamng
This gen console was so shit they had to relaunch them
I've never seen it before they didn't even last 3 years because gcn and bulldozer was so weak
At 3x the price 2x the power and no stock because of yield issues and then they will only paper launch it while they wait for 7nm
So if more cores ain't the answer we've reached the limits of x86 then
No way silicone advancements can go on forever 3nm is basically the soft cap and as we've seen from incel you can only stretch a CPU arch so long before it absolutely implodes even with rediculous thermal power and design requirements not to mention $$$$

>> No.69930588

Damn, you sure got me! Let me recover in my cope cave for a little bit.
Try that on a rusty old 2600k and report back.

>> No.69930595

Sunny Cove will be a paper launch just like Coffee Lake-R. They'll rush out a 10nm halo product that people cannot buy until 2020.

>> No.69930613

Just gotta find the 2500k equivalent in this gen and stick with it for 10 years.

>> No.69930615

Gen8 runs on jaguar cores which are pretty 'meh'
Sandy bridge outperforms those with 4 cores.

>> No.69930620

Honestly one of the only things that keeps me remotely sane at this point, the relaxing distraction.

>> No.69930640

>console peasants are literally stuck on garbage AMD hardware all because Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are too cheap to buy Intel and Nvidia

>> No.69930643
File: 184 KB, 960x960, 1382310500595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>three years later get architecture tweaks and 20-25% more performance min for no change in cost
>meanwhile, you'll lease a new phone every year because MORE CORES MORE RAM MORE PPI HURDURRRRRRRRRR

>> No.69930646

>Try that on a rusty old 2600k and report back.
All the CPU does is send rendering instructions to the GPU
You have no idea what you're talking about

>> No.69930653

>So if more cores ain't the answer we've reached the limits of x86 then
We reached the limits like 10 years ago when processor speed stopped increasing

>> No.69930671

>AMD 8 cores
So this is the reason behind those [email protected] "cinematic" game. The CPU is just too weak.

>> No.69930673
File: 387 KB, 680x708, a09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the 2500k equivalent in this gen
If it's not zen2 ryzen then incel is the only option


>> No.69930705

Brand loyalty is stupid. Just get what's the best period.

>> No.69930742

yup. A Jaguar core, based on bulldozer. PS5/Xbox Scarlet run Zen 2's

>> No.69930763

Arnt they basically hybrid 2x quad cores that share a fpu and some cache or some shit? I skipped that gen on amd CPUs except for a6
All I know about it is they are getting sued for marketing them as oct/quad cores when they are slower than Intel CPUs with half the core count
Cheapness is only part of the problem.
Nintendo uses nvidia tegra for the switch because of power constraints and packaging.
At the time Intel and nvidia had ( and still have) very power hungry mobile CPUs and gpus that don't play well with the soc/apu form factor of consoles so power requirements aside keeping a nvidia/Intel console cool ( and get decent performance out of it) would be a fucking nightmare.
Nobody wants another 599usd broken rushed ps3 with a shit nvidia cut down 7800gtx gpu
Nah I use my phones for years oldest one I have still works as a MP3 player and it's over a decade old.
Newest daily driver is 2 years old and only a 5" 1080p screen
Even with extreme oc to 6-8ghz on ln2 it seems x86 arch and instruction sets as well as programs themselves seemed to be the biggest bottleneck.
As well as memory speed latency cache ssd speed windows itself pcie bus ect
It all trickles down until we have fiber optic based sub zero cooled quantumn computing as STD we've basically hit a wall.
Gpu tech is the most stagnated one of all though
>no mcm
>fuck huge die size even with 7nm and hbm
>middling performance on 12nm and 7nm
Thank fuck nvidia took the first step and flopped with rtx now we can finally get some decent gtx cards with arch Improvements while amd wollows in graphics cuck next for another decade

>> No.69930764

>MUH Fortnite
epic NPC right here.

>> No.69930795

>8 Core Microsoft Custom CPU.
>It's a fucking AMD Jaguar codenamed Durango.

>> No.69930800

It's a 7 year old design
The gpu is the same age and both where 2 years out of date low end shit when they launched.
The CPU is literally from tablets modded for console use and gpu is a 7770 or there abouts

>> No.69930804

GPU tech is the only thing that's been improving, making games look slightly better and enabling people to do shit with machine learning. Memory speed is also an issue

>> No.69930809

>newest phone is two years old
So you admit that you buy a new phone every few years for architecture/software improvements, but find it strange for a console?

>> No.69930842

Even 1gbit/s 16gb hbm2 does fuck all it seems.
No wonder nvidia stuck with 8gb and 11gb gddr6 and just let their memory compression tech do all of the work.
It's gonna age horrible though 3.5gb 970 3gb 1060 all over again
I don't buy consoles anymore can't stand walled garden.
And no I only buy new shit when my old shit breaks

>> No.69930884

This, but you can't optimize for it if you're using all the cores. The issue is due to issuing drawcalls being slower due to inter CCX latency. But for most games you can probably try to profile and use only one CCX

>> No.69930915

>I don't buy consoles anymore can't stand walled garden.
>keep begging for exclusives.
>keep making excuses eg. "eww 'cinematic' games durrr"

>> No.69930928

PC Gaming cucks, everyone!

>> No.69930968

Thats all leaks are really.

>> No.69931015

>in gaming
Your CPU mostly doesn't matter in gaming.
You just need a good GPU and much RAM!

If you care about money, wait for 2020 and get an AMD GPU, otherwise buy a Nvidia card.

>> No.69931034

To be honest its impressive the performance they get out of it

>> No.69931040

>*DS is the only portable worth a damn
>doesn't even have 640x480
>PS2 used *15* watts
>thinking performance means anything over quality

>> No.69931068

>muh gaming

Mega cringe

>> No.69931072

Cat cores aren't BD you stupid fuck.

>> No.69931098
File: 143 KB, 894x736, Captre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1600x at 4GHz is bottlenecking a 1080ti
quit your bullshit, unless you're at 1080p.

>> No.69931115
File: 44 KB, 500x810, performance-per-watt_2560-1440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>keeping a nvidia/Intel console cool ( and get decent performance out of it) would be a fucking nightmare.
NVIDIA is currently making the most efficient PC GPUs in terms of perf/watt. What are you even talking about?

>> No.69931123
File: 213 KB, 1200x1058, 1376597211265-amd-jaguar-architecture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jaguar core
>based on Bulldozer
Back to /v/, little kid

>> No.69931362
File: 3.86 MB, 3755x5760, 1519407861447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

speculation thread my ass. literally shill world war 3 in here

>> No.69931370
File: 1.07 MB, 1920x1080, 1546455780128.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69931394

It will perform at least as good as current parts, so I'm curious about its pricing.

>> No.69931442

>AMD and Intel
Sure for Spectre. Meltdown is Intel only senpai

>> No.69931457

>at least as good as current parts
then it will be DOA if its zen1 with more cores (That most people dont need) yeah hope not

>> No.69931513

I'm hoping for an 8 core 65w cpu for around $200. That would make a killer chip imo.

>> No.69931529
File: 813 KB, 1522x869, 1f1aad2d3c3b2sd4a7d2bdbmkd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69931549

They cost the same. Dollar per dollar is what you should be comparing.

Also Ryzen has ECC support at all levels.

>> No.69931588

>The same core chips will be just as large as the previous process ones
Grow a third neuron already

>> No.69931606

Ryzen is actually better for gaming if you are emulating plus you can have chrome discord music and movies playing with no studder because all the cores does the 9700,Keven have multithreading?

>> No.69931612

Almost as if die sizes for the same core count tend to get smaller with each shrink.
What gives?

>> No.69931618

That graph is kinda misleading. Of course when you're on the "inexhausted" side of a resource/production method you'll have a cheap yield, but as you require more intellectual facility for producing better things, cost goes up. We're literally at like, the quantum limit of chips, so the next generation or two of processor will be literally the last until we manage a photonic solution, but the costs for advancement will be astronomical. A shop-vac is one of the most efficient costs per horsepower, but you don't see people driving around in it. Same goes for nuclear power plants (but it's mostly bureaucracy and corruption for those costs).

It was speculated phone costs would be more than 50% intellectual property versus actual cost of technology by now wasn't it? I wonder if it's true.

>> No.69931620

>1700 equivalent for $200
Its definitely a possibility now considering 8 core parts aren't the high end.

>> No.69931657

Why everyone ignores the 100$ coolers you gotta buy with Intel?

>> No.69931677

Jokes on you, they're putting decacores in phones. Nobody will make "useful not horribly expensive parts" except the bottom of the barrel like Via. Enjoy your locked bootloaders and unupgradeable unsupported hardware because they have to keep the cash flowing somehow, other than the obvious MAKE SOMETHING GOOD AND DON'T FUCK IT UP.

>> No.69931694

It would be neat. And if not, I'm sure the current 2000 series will drop in price. It wouldn't surprise me seeing the 2700 going for less than $200

>> No.69931704

8 cores will be 4+4, two dies that couldn't make it as 8 cores

>> No.69931723

>doesn't know that the chiplets are 8-core.
KEK inturd.

>> No.69931725

No, that would be one single 8c chiplet.

>> No.69931743

Why ask now? It's not like anyone here can answer that for a few months. Sounds like a product of shilling to me.

>> No.69931773

well its compatible with am4 boards anyway so go out and buy 2700x today!

>> No.69931778

What I'm trying to say is that Ryzen 3 will always be two dies+I/O die, therefore 8 core models will be two 8c dies with 4 cores disabled

>> No.69931791

*8c dies, each with 4 cores disabled

>> No.69931797

It won't be that, it's a wastage of silicon.
The only place where you'll actually see 4c binned chiplets will be crazy expensive Rome SKUs.

>> No.69931811

>well known yet requires digging

>> No.69931812

But they need a pipe cleaner for 7nm, just like Polaris was for 14nm. Makes perfect sense economically

>> No.69931837

>But they need a pipe cleaner for 7nm
They don't, between the phone vendors and Vega20, pipecleaning is over.
>Makes perfect sense economically
It doesn't, it's a <80mm^2 die that's mostly SRAM.
The only place you'll see 4c binned chiplets are crazy expensive Rome SKUs.

>> No.69931841

prices are like $100 off. whose delusional enough to believe this?

>> No.69931885

>hurr too good to be true
Why don't you pay $1000 on a new 6900K?

>> No.69931905

It's like December'16 again.

>> No.69931916

back to r/amd you fucking pajeets

>> No.69931919

if you're talking about ryzen 3000 (zen 2), you're retarded and wrong. If you're talking about zen 3 (ryzen 4000), nobody knows what they're doing at the lower end of the product stack yet and there's no point guessing. We don't even know the minimum core counts on ryzen 3000 and that releases in the next 3-4 months

>> No.69931934
File: 247 KB, 1085x758, 6900kelvin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit it's real. Inturds are exactly like Applefags

>> No.69931965

>#1 Core 2 Duo
fuck, is it really that bad there?

>> No.69931992

India is AMD's biggest market.

>> No.69932001

Why are you gaming at 1080p with a 1080 Ti?

>> No.69932011

its enough for anything less than 4k 60fps video

>> No.69932015
File: 400 KB, 800x450, ryzen_vs_coffee_lake_chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>amd is on par with haswell
Zen+ has 3% higher IPC than Zen. AMD is about 3% behind Intel in IPC! WIth games, even further due to higher latency

>> No.69932019

The Zen+ platform already has equal or higher IPC to Skylake, you mouth breathing window licker. Stop confusing IPC and clock speed.

>> No.69932023

Honestly i feel sorry for them sometimes, not sorry enough to let a bajillion of them into my country, but i recognize how shit they have it over there

>> No.69932054

>i recognize how shit they have it over there
Maybe if they didn't shit on the streets they wouldn't be drowning in it

>> No.69932103

What's up with the amd subreddit? It's nothing but battlestation pics lmao.

>> No.69932121

Filler for when there's no news. The mods themselves admitted it

>> No.69932125

Haha yeah, but thats a problem caused by higher ups not giving a fuck about poor people, i think its like 60% or something homes dont have indoor plumbing and no public toilets, think americas government is corrupt they look like fucking saints next to indias

>> No.69932135

Intel or AMD, idgaf about brand, when am I going to see something worth upgrading from my 6700k for gaymen?

>> No.69932156

That doesn't make any sense. AMD confirmed we're not getting 7nm APUs until next generation. Why would they give their own marketing arm bad information and cause him to lose credibility with anyone who's not a brainwashed fanboy or a shill

>> No.69932157

they have to post something in between all the waiting they do

>> No.69932160

Anon.. I'm sorry but 10nm isn't coming out for desktops. Icelake is mobile/laptop only.

>> No.69932200

>10nm isn't coming out for desktops

>> No.69932260


>> No.69932698
File: 842 KB, 1531x902, jim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.69932764

What did he do to you to require this amount of anger

>> No.69933165

I'm guessing anon is a broadwell owner.

>> No.69933294

He's just making some guesses as he goes along. As for the anger, I guess people are jealous they're not making bank off Patreon by making videos containing nothing but speculation. As an AMDfag I don't really understand why people still listen to that guy at all, but hey it's their money.

>> No.69933309

Upgrade from 1080p, poorfag

>> No.69933371

>close everything else just so that your game doesn't stutter
Huh, made me think. Did anyone actually tested different CPUs to see how much shit in background like browsers, media players etc affect your performance.

>> No.69933518

AMD can do better than TSX but I'd like hardware supported transactional memory for sure. Zen4?

>> No.69933590

TSX is so niche it won't ever be supported by AMD.
Hopefully it's new better extensions because TSX is meh.

>> No.69933613

At least recently most of what he's said was true.
I don't give anything but views to youtubers.

>> No.69933637

That's understandable, falling for shitwell would make me mad as well.

>> No.69933642

IPC is going to be interesting with zen2, with zen1 IPC keeps increasing with ram speed. While supposedly Zen2's IF is decoupled from ram speed. I honestly have no idea what that will even look like.

>> No.69933660

That would be anti-semitic.

>> No.69933701

So we should search Arabic reviewers?

>> No.69933723

>Ryzen 1600 = 150$
>B350 Motherboard = 75$
Total = 225$

>9900K = 530$
>Z390 Motherboard = 200$
>Cooler = 100$
Total: 830$

b-but Intel is better guys.

>> No.69933736

even a 50 bucks i3 can btfo that poozen 1600 rofl

>> No.69933770

>While supposedly Zen2's IF is decoupled from ram speed
It's not.
Why insert more clock domains?

>> No.69933799

Because it's a yuuuge bottleneck for latency sensitive tasks, not just gaymen

>> No.69933810
File: 71 KB, 297x462, ooga booga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fat dumb niggers detected.

>> No.69933830

>$50 i3

>> No.69933841
File: 253 KB, 1000x1000, 1503848584264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

buy intel

>> No.69933847

Nigga inserting more clock domains means MORE latency, not less.

>> No.69933859


This is a cpu thread fellas

>> No.69933871

cope amdjeet

>> No.69933883

wait for Sunny COPE

>> No.69933890

The only thing that makes me feel worried is the latency increase due to the IO Die.

>> No.69933915

Can you reply with a actual argument and not shitposting

>> No.69933917


>wait is a TM of AMD!!!

>> No.69933944

can you, rajeesh?

>> No.69933957

>1.5 volts
>here's your review bro

>> No.69933966

Are you 12?

>> No.69933969

JIDF in full force now

>> No.69934004

Holy fucking shit.....1.5v?

Well that chart goes directly in the trashcan

>> No.69934015
File: 22 KB, 284x391, lil'uns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This must be a buyers remorse thread.

>> No.69934042

It became one since you arrived, Incel shill

>> No.69934071

>i love crashes

>> No.69934110

You buy inferior hardware and come into a thread trying to justify that ryzen is superior, It's like you're trying to justify being poor. You might as well try justifying smoking crack.

>> No.69934135


>> No.69934140
File: 273 KB, 1434x576, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Rock solid in aida and prime at 1.31v. If only you imbeciles knew the basic fundamentals of overclocking.

>> No.69934146

>You might as well try justifying smoking crack.
It could be worse. I could be justifying buying Intel in 2019

>> No.69934151

[higher is better]

>> No.69934170
File: 864 KB, 1424x1144, DyaIVz0WsAAMHs4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>was hoping that 12c24t was going to be a thing on AM4
>Come to find out that encoding programs can only utilize up to 16 threads

Fuck. Guess I'll be getting whatever 8c16 variant can clock the highest then.

>> No.69934176


>> No.69934180

Jokes on you, i bought my 9900k in December. But you'll have to wait till July to maybe get equal performance.

>> No.69934210

Nice blog, faggot. Why don't you engage in gay sex and leave actual discussion for us adults?

>> No.69934222

I'm getting a 2080 Ti soon, I'm seriously troubled by picking the right CPU, seems only the 9900K can keep up with it.
I'll be using 1440p 144hz

>> No.69934229
File: 67 KB, 674x674, gustav.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69934242

"Gamers" these days stream their fucking stupid plays or are recording it so they fucking need those cores
I'm just stating a fact not saying that's good or bad,

>> No.69934254

Whatcha doing with it?

>> No.69934272

>i bought my 9900k in December. But you'll have to wait till July to maybe get equal performance.
Is that waiting for july thing a poke at 9900k getting thermal throttled when the weather gets hot?

>> No.69934278
File: 1.07 MB, 1200x798, 1548207027586.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whatever, subhuman

>> No.69934293

Light streaming, I got it so i wouldn't have to upgrade every year and hopefully keep it for the next 5-7.

>> No.69934324

Highest temp i got from aida at 4.95ghz 1.3v was 77c. Since you don't have one or knew that stock voltage is retarded, you wouldn't have known that.

>> No.69934416

Don't listen to the Ryzen fanatics, 2080ti would be able to stretch it's legs with 9700k or even an 8700k. 20% to 40% more framerate.

>> No.69934487

8700K or 9700K would also be fine.

>> No.69934708

>10 years
Maybe you're just too young, or too stupid
I have a 7 years old 3570k at 4.2 and it fucking DRAGS in modern (past 2/3 years) games, 10 years a CPU for something other than browsing the web and playing indies for it's last 4 years? No way.

>> No.69934762

Wouldn't it be better in that case to use 16c with SMT off?

>> No.69934775
File: 324 KB, 414x459, 1b2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back to V

>> No.69934802

Possibly, I've wondered the same thing myself. I've toggled HT on and off on my 9900k and did get better performance with some applications.

>> No.69934819

having extra power over might make pc usuable whilst encoding shit too you know

>> No.69934824

Yeah I was considering that. Get me a 3950X or whatever 16c TR comes out. We'll see.

>> No.69935041

what cooler?

>> No.69935107

NH-D15. I refuse to have water in my computer.

>> No.69935443

>one core
Intards are braindead.

>> No.69935694

You're totally delusional if you honestly believe that.
t. Gulftown Xeon

>> No.69935947

>16 threads
And that's still more threads than the number of cores available. I don't see a problem.

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