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Jamal stole my phone today

How do I exact revenge?

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even if you're a retard and have the most expensive iphone around, $1500 isn't worth revenge.

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Was it an iPhone or an ordinary smartphone?

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don't listen to this cuck

the only thing to do is attack him. anything less and you are a cuck

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if you have installed some kind of mail on it check if you had any new messages on your inbox showing his ip if yes post it here.

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Kill the first black bastard you see

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Give it back, Tyrone.

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If i found him again sure

it was a Pixel XL

Don't think he would be adding it to any wireless network anytime soon and the service on it was already deactivated

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>Buy property in his area
>open organic markets
>raise the price of living
>force him out of his home to a higher level ghetto
>shot by another nig or arrested
>his baby mamma is selling pussy and neglecting her kids
You win anon

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It's 2019AD, can't you just hack and explode the device like how the 1980s said ?

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he did you a favor

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Its the Very SIlver model, which makes it look a lot like an iPhone when its in a case. Which is probably what Jamal thought before he snatched it up.

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Give me $1500 then, cuck.

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Take it back, Jeremey.

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>dis faget

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>Very SIlver model
>look it up
>it's really named like that
is google all bugmen? you're also one for even remember that gay ass name.

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Enjoy getting shot.

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>have CP on your phone
>make police search Jamal (it's easy)
>gets into prison for possessing CP
>anal rape and being the prison bitch guarantee

there you go

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Create a virus with crispr/cas-9 to genocide his iphone stealing race

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the thief did not work for that bike so he doesnt put as much value in it as somebody who did, so the happiness levels does down actually

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honestly this isnt such a bad idea even if Jamal says NO MAN I SWEAR I ONLY STOLE THAT PHONE, IT AINT MINE

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He didn't steal your phone.
It was reparations.

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The guy stealing the bike will lead a shitty life of crime and your inaction has encouraged him to further his pathetic life of vice. Thus you are a cause for suffering and the world would be better without you.

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Is there a way to blow up a phone by sw?
I mean, an app that when I send a message with some text and a pwd to my phone makes the cpu&gpu go to 100% until phone ventually melts or explode? Should be fine
Also >>69804862 you can track your phone by google if you really want to have your revenge but you are an obese neckbeard so you won't

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suck his dick to completion, then put the semen in a donorbox and save it, then find some random white girl, drug her and inseminate her with Jamal's cum. go to police and frame Jamal for a raping her. profit.

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Steal his Jordans at gunpoint. It's like taking their soul.

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