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How are the pureism laptops i know they are macbook tier expensive but by buying one you are directly supporting free software.

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>intel HD graphics
this is worse than mac, why would you buy this shit

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its worse than I fucking though. 4gb of ram, 120gb 2.5inch ssd. what the actual fuck

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>disabled ME
>hardware killswitches for camera and mic
>matte screen
>comes with freetard distro
all on a laptop from this decade.

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I'd love to buy one, but only if they can make one that has a ~13" screen, a Ryzen 3500U APU, and sell it for ~$1,200.

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Actually, I take back what I said >>69764255
Do all of that for $1,500 or less and I'd still buy it.

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>supporting free software
How is that a good thing? It's all trannies and soi cliques pushing bloat.

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>649.99$ for a 512GB NVME SSD.
There are no fucking words.
Also even worse for a "privacy" focused laptop
>no dedicated killswitch for bluetooth only shared with wireless
>199.99$ for a 2.5" 500GB SSD
>The Desktop Replacement
>i7 7500U
>P R I V A C Y F O C U S E D

So this is the power of ripping of retards that have no idea what the fuck they're doing but are "privacy focused"

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