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Best purchase I ever made. Now I just need to get some sheets.

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learn to rotate your pictures retard

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Im confused with these things. Are they burners or does everyone on g use them just cause

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this place literally put the idea in my head to buy a thinkpad and a panasonic toughbook, fucking hate you people.

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What kind of pad is that? Also what is a sheet

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Its just perfect

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Toughbooks are not good. I mean, they can utilize coreboot, but they are over priced and I heard a lot of people say they have a lot of hardware backdoors and I believe them. Coreboot is a must.
T61, the extra space on the left is space for wifi antenna I believe, like a T60 revision 1.
A sheet is something that makes it so you cant stain your mattress so you can sale it when youre done.

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they're dirt cheap and cool looking

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Ohhh. The bed. Right. Just couldn't contain yourself when you busted out the new ThinkPad.

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The cumstains were too obvious. Had to bleach

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>nice design
>no automatic secure boot bullshit that prevents you from installing another OS hassle-free
>very high quality but also very cheap
>easy to upgrade and repair
>will keep working even if they've been through a house fire.

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Why can't brainlet grasp these points?

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>Best purchase I ever made. Now I just need to get some sheets.

I have a T61 gathering dust somewhere. I have 4 Thinkpads. Love them.

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they're purty good. I prefer newer XPSs to newer thinkpads, but if you need something cheap and equally amazing, they're solid

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>not T60

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