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Come home, white man.
>Like DWM but without the suckless faggotry and more customisable.
>Xmonad-contrib >>>>>>> DWM patches

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that is definitely not what a white man would use.

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Shitland is DOA buddy and sway(i3) is numale Reddit tier garbage

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post your config

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I don't particularly care for i3, but it's miles better than using an alternative Xorg WM.

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stumpwm > xmonad.
Fewer bugs. No space explosion issues.

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> shitland
Mein sides. Kek.

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Wewlad is such a fucking blunder. And X is such dogshit allthewhile. Is there no escape from this hell?

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there's nothing wrong with Wayland. You have no idea what you're talking about.

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I, too, enjoy hourly full system freezes with no switchable tty's.

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I would never use i3, Xmonad, awesome, openbox etc etc.

They all have something in common....its bloat!

Dwm is so minimal yet it has a bar built in.

I don't give a shit about customization or ricing.

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Imagine shilling Wayland for free .just imagine

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OP is larping, he aint got no configs

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>sway(i3) is numale Reddit tier garbage
Your picture is literally saying the opposite because config file configuration is apparently too complicated for reddit.

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Nigger XMonad is 1000 sloc while DWM is 2000 sloc. Bars are bloat , but if you want want you can get xmobar (official XMonad bar) , which is still more minimal than bloated DWM.

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>barssssss are bloat!!!!!!!!
>*gets a bar*

You can never ever fool me dumb nigger. I can never be fooled by anyone, keep shilling your crippled wm, dumb fucking inbred faggot. Holy fuck, you think you can fool me into using some shit crippled wm?????


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Xmonad is based.
It's always hilarious to see Suckless fags complain about it being "too minimalist".

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"Fewer bugs" is a pointless statement, considering xmonad's algorithms are formally proven correct.

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nah awesome is better

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