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Six months to this day.

How you holding up?

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Fine, knowing that he faked his death to hide from the glow in the darks.

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its been hard

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Fine he's not dead

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>6 monhts
time really flies
i cant imagine the pain he must have been in though constantly thinking people are out to get you and living on the streets before getting decimated by a trian
i just hope heaven is real becuase he is the only one who truly deserves it

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shit it's been 6 months?
you people need to stop posting this shit. you're just going to tip off the bioluminescent nig nogs

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>no Social Security Death Index
>no Death Certificate on file
Reminder I will be going through The Dalles in a few months and I am going to stop at the county courthouse to see if I can get a copy of his death certificate. If the newspaper story was accurate, the Sheriff's Office registered his death. It's been long enough that his death should be reflected in various vital records but it's not.

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>believing he is really dead

you glow nigga

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Strugglin'. At least I have my drum set to cheer me up.

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I really do miss him. There was no one else like him. I am sad a lot.

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Do it anon.
I really hope he's alive.

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In the wake of Terry A. Davis' passing his family has requested supporters of his donate to "organizations working to ease the pain and suffering caused by mental illness" such as The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation and National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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In the wake of Terry's faked death his "family" of glowniggers requests you donate to the Clinton Foundation.

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He inspired me to go my way and fuck the world.

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>6 months
time really does fly man...

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Terry's death shocked me quite hard, and having spent a lot of time deep diving into the surreal landscape of his mind I miss seeing new content from him, which I always found fascinating. What's really significant to me is that this time last year anything was possible for him - he might have gotten off the streets, or regained more of his sanity at least. And then overnight it's over, and the opportunity to do anything to help the guy is utterly destroyed. He was clearly a smart guy and the work he did is something most of us aren't capable of doing. And his only fame came out of a meme, for succumbing to a brain disease that is probably particularly likely to express itself in the minds of intelligent guys who shut themselves up in isolation to solve logic puzzles all day ( precedents include, for example, Georg Cantor and Bobby Fischer ). It could easily happen to any of us. It makes me wonder about the casual, apathetic harshness people in this board and elsewhere treat each other with. If we aren't attacking each other directly, we're ignoring each other on a personal level because we have become too estranged from each other by this format of communication which is hostile to the development of personal relationships. I believe Terry was in the final years trying to get some respect and recognition from some abstract "community" that doesn't really exist except as a bunch of isolated people who's mode of interaction with him was purely consumptive.

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I hate racist
An actual retard thinks he's better than me

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Cool nigger butthurt.

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whats templeos

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The white man's OS

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Modern Commodore 64 / the third temple of G-d.

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Enjoy being a Virgin while I spread my seed in your women

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Nothing you can say can hurt me, because you are a nigger and I am not.

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Feels good you're in a delusion
Beat off on your shit website while I cum in your waifu

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>six months
Tfw time flies and you're still wasting your life

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> You're in a delusion
Better than being a nigger ;)

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>hurr durr he didn't really die
You're all fucking retard sheep for believing he was even real. You're being conned

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Hey fuck you

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Based sweeden

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Have I said something to upset you?

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why did he go astray?

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Not you, the guy who wrote that post

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Think of it like this.
Tomorrow when we all wake up we will think of terry but tomorrow when you wake up, you will just remember that you are a nigger, like some horrible dream you cant wake up from

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Did he? Or was he on the path the whole time?

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I'm him.

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Critical strike

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>caring this much after /g/ killed him

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I downloaded templeos and made it into a guest OS on virtualbox but I cant get it to install properly it doesnt seem to be copying across to the virtual hard drive
It will only start from the live install iso - how do i make it install to the virtual hdd

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could it be that the body was taken into another jurisdiction? Another thought occurs; what if there has to be an inquiry over the death because they arent sure it wasnt suicide etc?

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Something is wrong with you. Next time, use the word nigger to sound more agressive

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He didn’t pass, he’s just offline attending group and slowly regaining a sobriety (with meds of course) he had before he was harassed online.

I’m not going to say anything else xc pt to say that he’s doing well (to those of you who care).

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You are taking this too far nigger. I know how smug you are typing this post out

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there is no evidence he is dead

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And you happen to know this and be a /g/ poster. Wow.

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>it's already been 6 months

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there is no evidence that you are a nice person.

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Why didn't a hackerman leak the train footage yet? Still waiting

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It might take a fredoom of information act to get it released. Of course, I'm sure by now, they'll say it somehow accidentally got deleted/destroyed.

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there is no train footage because there is no evidence he died other than a newspaper article published at the behest of the same guy who took over terry's web site

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There is no evidence you actually like terry and would suck his cock given the chance.

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There is evidence suggesting that I am a faggot

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>There is evidence suggesting that I am a faggot

Yes there is, kys faggot.

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no u

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did he comment on why he did this / what he thought of this?

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Those are plain old tobacco cigarettes. Terry couldn't afford to buy cigarettes in a carton anymore, so he had to roll his own. That's how Terry made his cigarettes.

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I still miss him but I've gotten past his death. I still take his wisdom to heart.
Bless him, I hope he's in heaven.

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So vague.
What wisdom you dumb nigger?

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Who is this homeless man?

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He faked it

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not from the words he spoke on the surface, but how he lived his life:
> you are in control of your own destiny, even if you aren't in control of your circumstances
> live for today, because tommorrow may not come
> its better to be free to make mistakes, than to live in a deterministic "perfection"
> fuck you, i make my own choices
i'm sure there's more but this is what i got off the top of my head. To a egree terry's life led me down a path of cynic stoicism. Bless his heart.

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oh, i didnt know he smoked, i thought he went mad and then did weed

555, i hope

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You inspired him to jump out in front of a train.

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>What wisdom you dumb nigger?
There's lots of Terry wisdom out there.

"You can't love birth without loving death. You must embrace both equally."

"A simple life is not a poor life."

"One's self opinion is probably higher than the significance."

"You haven't lived until you shit outside, like, you've just, like, get a garbage bag and shit, like, Oh my god, this is such a big deal."

"Stay in one position and scream like a motherfucker. And when that doesn't work, try something else."

"Nothing like the joy of new socks."

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Is that a girl? If it's a transgender he is beautiful.

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do we have a list of terry quotes anywhere?

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I just kept a list of the one's that struck at the time. Some are funny, some are surreal, some are wise.

"If you tell the truth about others, you have to tell the truth about yourself. If you don't hid warts about others, you shouldn't hide thew arts about yourself. Be honest. If you are totally honest about yourself, then you can be totally honest about others. God is perfectly just. It is fine."

"I started out making a single column. Then I got clever. Now I can't find anything." (complexity does not always lead to something better.)

"If you're on Facebook, you don't have any glory."

"If you don't stop, you never get anything done." (I found this to be profound)

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my nigger

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You guys really think he's dead?
Open your eyes. He is obviously a CIA-nigger now

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Terry's not dead, my mum looks after him. I'll try get a photo.

Terry's brother got him committed because Terry said going to start killing people as soon God gave him the command. After that they drugged him up and got him to remove everything from the internet.

Not sure if the fake screenshots were done by family or just some anon. Like >>69765002 says above it should be obvious he's not dead since there's no public records of his death.

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>I'll try get a photo.
You better take that photo in the next 5 mins you fucking lowlife bored larper

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Can all the cia nigger larping that /g/ killed Terry, some discord faggot and some /pol/tards did influence him

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6 months? I remember thinking that if I ever saw him walking the streets I'd help him out, come to find about a week later, he dies. My fedora's off to you Terry. May you rest in peace.

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I started making a crowd funding page for him, but then I found out that just a few days before I started someone else had created one. So I abandoned the one I made. I live in Europe so I would never have met him in my lifetime but I recognised just how much of a genius Terry was. His operating system has features that are truly innovative, others that are so unintuitive the brain melts trying to figure out what he meant in the help files, but when you learn it then you see just how creative he was

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get a load of this dumb fuck hahahahahahaha
NO SERIOUSLY this guy is so fucking idiotic he cant even google
If someone took out the jar of shit he calls a brain and replaced it with a sack of rocks nobody would notice a difference

He thinks Terry's death was faked and it was
a Jewish conspiracy hahahahahaha
He isnt even quick witted enough to know just how fucking hilarious his shit is, given CIA niggers glow in the dark

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>How you holding up?
I'm not

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I started working on my own OS after Terry died. His attitude really spoke to me, and I want to achieve the true freedom of only running my own code.

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Racism makes you go to hell

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I would blame his family. It's clear they wanted him out, abandoned him and shed crocodile tears at the wake of his death, maybe crying over the spilled milk.

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lol enjoy having no drivers or application support

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That's okay, I'll make my own drivers and applications, fuck you. :)

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You'd better give up than code anything, unless you have some aim that obsesses you. By programming an OS, you will set a framework within which you can command the machine. But this won't set you free. You will always be limited by what the machine is capable of. And PCs are shit at that.

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But I love my PC anon. I just want it to feel magical again like it did when I was a kid.

All the major operating systems have become infected by various types of faggotry and are no longer fun to use.

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imagine being so autistic you think using a computer is 'fun'

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Such a pity this man didn't live in Canada or Europe where he could have received proper publicly funded mental health care for his schizo. What a waste. Could have worked in academia. Could have worked in the industry. He lost life's lotto being born in a third world shithole

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He is free now

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you cant cure schizophrenia

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But remember x86_64 is niggerlicious, you must do it in a non-compromised processor.

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You can manage it.

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you "manage" it by doping yourself into a zombie-like state
which is why people, Terry included, choose not to medicate

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Do you think he died a virgin?
Do you think he had a sex with a woman when he was saner?
>ignore the dick sucking incident

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Oversimplification and generalisation at best, talking out of your ass at worst.

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>Oversimplification and generalisation at best
it really isn't
if you had any experience with it you'd agree

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>Do you think he died a virgin?
I asked him this on stream, he said he had been given a handjob but other than that he was a virgin. Sad.

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Nah you're full of shit. You're no expert at anything psychiatry related. My ex was a psychiatrist and said be weary of anyone making general statements about people to with mental illness and their treatment, as it is always bespoke and YMMV always applies. Anyone who says otherwise is practicing psuedoscience or quackery.

It doesn't change the fact a first world country wouldn't have had him out on the street, wouldn't turn him away, would have had psychiatrists and specialist treatment on hand. Uncle Sam has no such mercy.

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Terry had meds, he chose not to take them for the reasons I pointed out
They come at a huge cost, don't say retarded shit like "oh he could have been in academia if only he took his pills". That's not how they work, any more than morphine isn't a painkiller
Drugs are not a permanent solution to schizophrenia, even if a patient chooses to use them they way they still come at a cost, that doesn't change
Schizophrenia isn't fucking depression, I don't care what your ex girlfriend says

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You've already said all that and I dispute its factual accuracy.

>> No.69771605

Depression is fake, just stop being sad
Schizophrenia is a bitch, it's game over

>> No.69771612

And you have no idea what you're talking about and think you do because you're taking something somebody else told you out of context
If you were talking about depression or bipolar disorder or an 'normal' mental illness then that would be true, schizophrenia is much more serious than that

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If you think you can make clinical judgements based off observations derived from watching the person on YouTube videos and listening to the patients delusions, you're retarded.

The difference between you and me is you say treatment was futile, I say we can't tell for sure.

It's obviously difficult to say for sure if he would have developed such serious schizophrenia were he treated earlier or in another country. Inherently asking counterfactuals like that is difficult. But it certainly doesn't help when a schizophrenic is subject to insane healthcare and pharmaceutical costs and is thrown out on the street. That was my point.

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>It's obviously difficult to say for sure if he would have developed such serious schizophrenia were he treated earlier
that's not how schizophrenia works dumbass its not "catch it early so we can prevent it progressing"
you either take antipsychotics to surpress the symptoms or you do nothing, that isn't treatment

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"When you're following a trail, you're not a trailblazer"

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You seem knowledgeable
Is schizophrenia a genetic defect or something that can happen to you?
And what causes it? A virus or a big hit on the head?
Can you became a schizophrenic after severe delusions you force your self to believe after chronic social isolation and being a 40 year old virgin?
I'm asking for a friend

>> No.69771773

Don't act like I'm being a smartass for having basic knowledge of a subject
And no, Terry wasn't schizo because he was a 40 year old friendless virgin, he was a 40 year old friendless virgin because he was a schizo, he had been that way for decades

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No, I really was asking you because I don't know anyone who knows about this stuff and I don't trust wikipedia

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So Terry was born a schizophrenic or he became a schizophrenic?
If he became what can cause it?

>> No.69771802

People are predisposed towards schizophrenia
I don't know any more than that, maybe people have found a gene for it

>> No.69771824

IANAD but if your symptoms didn't come out by 40 then they probably aren't there to begin with

>> No.69771829

People are born predisposed to schizophrenia but it usually appears later in life around your 20s
so it isn't really caused but things can wake it up, like drug use

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>Racism makes you go to hell
wanna back that up with Scripture?

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I see you glowing

>> No.69772382

being racist to deliberatedly cause harm is bad
being racist to protect you and your values but accepting those who accept you and your values is good

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being racist isn't a sin
lying is
and Terry was just honest about genetic racial differences
on top of being the most devout among us, he's definitely in heaven ^.^

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Respect brother.

>> No.69773181

Where were you during the Margie saga? He lost his virginity in the van to an old bald goblin-woman the cops set him up with.

>> No.69773205

I keep an eye out for glow-in-the-darks

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Entertain god and your ass will follow.
God is perfectly just.
Fuck it.
CIA niggers said Dianna was gonna move in and then she didn't.
Fuck. Man.
Chemical castrations. Have you ever seen the Truman Show?
The CIA and Angels go together or some shit.
They fuck with you, big time! They want you to suck nigger cock or some shit!

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Terry was a modern prophet, just like Philip K Dick.
Although what he says is a jumbled mess, most of it is all truth. Schizo's are tuned in.

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The CIA turned USA into a niggercattle feed lot.

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