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Soon, we will look at everything as either pre, or post Jeff Bezos dick pics.

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>rent free

Dont care.

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Don't care about Jeff Bezos's penis unless its cute and petite

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This. Second for feminine penis.

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(((Ami))) (((David)))

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>Titan CEOs make boatloads of money off of intimate data on their customer base
>Get their dick pics leaked
Turnabout is fair play. We need to get embarrassing dick and tit pics for every sociopath in tech.

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Did Amazon ever blackmail someone using the data they collect?

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A sociopath wouldn't care and unfortunately, neither would most customers. Society has fallen too far. Majority of people find "sending nudes" to be morally acceptable. I lose all respect for people who even so much as tolerate it.

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>Not linking the pictures
Why even bother making a thread?

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what the fuck is wrong with his eyes

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This but unironically. A man like Jeff would be laughing his alpha male ass off if a paper published censored pictures of his dick.

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he's got the jew

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Jeffs got detectives and body-doubles on the case

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Probably contact lens

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>being prudish about naked bodies
You're born naked and screaming into this world, go be ashamed of your fugly microdick somewhere else.

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Nothing to fear, nothing to hide. Am I right, Jeff? :))))))))))))))

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wait, one is bigger than the other

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Amblyopia (or lazy eye)

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That doesn't explain why one is higher than the other.

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pics or gtfo

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>Employees at National Enquirer has seen Jeff Bezos' penis

Such gay faggots everywhere

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Found the homo

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There's photos of penises every day on /b/, you don't see anyone making a fuss about it

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But Prime promised 2 day

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he's got a crooked face usually formed by a misshapen vagina or when they squish the head back together

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>a crooked face usually formed by a misshapen vagina
the stuff you learn on 'ere

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>tfw your mom was a roastie and now your face is misshapen for life

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I'm born naked, not sexually aroused. There is a difference.
>go be ashamed of your fugly microdick somewhere else.
This is not an attitude of shame nor do I have a microdick. It is an attitude of disgust directed at people surrendering their reason to gratify their base passions, made all the worse because its separated from any physical union and is nothing more than a frivolous distraction. What are you going to do it? Masturbate? Even if you just look at it, it causes arouses which causes distractability and is going to spur the production of cowper's fluid. It's a maladaptive behavior and expectation rooted in hedonism.

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Where's the sex tape though? Dick pic was so last decade.

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>you can only touch your penis the way i think you should touch it

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There's a qualitative distinction between nudity and sexual excitation, brainlet.

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>are you trying to tell me I should poop in a way other than anyway I want
gross dude

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>pre or post
what does that mean

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Unironically higher quality than anything else on /g/ atm

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It is ptosis you inbred retards.

I have it too.

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And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out,
and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for
thee that one of thy members should perish, and
not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

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before or after

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While I personally think it's an absurdly scummy and incredibly Jewish thing to threaten someone with their dick pics (that Jeff Bezos of all people should have known better than to take) if it was going to happen to someone I'm glad it happened to the man trying to build the world's foremost private surveillance apparatus with the intent to sell to any despot, or corrupt bureaucracy masquerading as a democratic government. I'd like to think that maybe having his twitch prime plastered on the opening spread of the Enquirer would make him think twice about invading people's privacy under the flimsy pretense he told them he was going to watch them shower in the fine print of their smart refrigerator, but being the vindictive sociopath that he is I expect this will only cause him to redouble his efforts to document and classify the exact dimensions of everyone's assholes via the Amazon Bidget in a supervilianesque attempt to take revenge upon the world that wronged him.

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I guess jeff can't deliver the package

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Implying he's a tranny?

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lmao if he's hung as fuck /g/ will be eternally btfo

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>as fuck

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>jeff bezos has big penis
>doesn't let you suck it because it turns out you said rude things
>you go home sad as fuck because jeff bezos big penis is not yours to suck.
I'll pity you when it is our day to be judged by him.

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>and everyone staring at you knows..

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expecting a half-spherical dick

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it is small like linux desktop userbase

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>implying 2019 wont be The Year Of Jeffs Nob on Your Desktop

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>sending nudes is morally wrong
sounds like someone's mad they'll never get nudes from anyone

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There's going to be some weird mushroom looking action going on, calling it now.

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Maybe we'll start the year count over. Year 0 soon

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Yes of course. Happens all the time.
No, I don't have any sources

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I've broken a relationship before because of receiving nudes. That's like someone sending you pornography, it works nothing good. It shows she views herself as a whore, and views you as a fleshbag.

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