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>tfw anons will never achieve peak aesthetics and always get jealous whenever i post my perfect desktop
>inb4 animefag complains about it being "pointy"

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There is nothing on your screen, no shit you can make it 'aesthetic'

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That is one beautiful desktop.

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Your desktop is beautiful, fuck these animeniggers.

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>tfw animefag and already achieving peak aesthetic better than you with half as many packages

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well /g/... anyone think this animefag has me beat in aesthetics?

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I don't care. NOBODY CARES. that's your fucking desktop so it obviously works for you. making a thread about a couple of faggots bullying your "perfect desktop" is pathetic

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Your desktop is "perfect" like a blank canvas is perfect.

Isn't my minimal desktop cool, reddit? It looks exactly like all the other ones

I watched a Joe Rogan podcast where he talked about living minimally. Check out my ultra-futuristic minimal looking work environment next to my wall of 700 Funkopops

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I'm honestly interested into your desktop. Please take a screenshot of your terminal while you use nano or vim

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