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>MacRumors reader Alvin Shen alerted us to multiple users on the Adobe support forums who report that Premiere Pro suddenly caused loud, distorted audio to play through their MacBook Pro speakers, resulting in permanent damage. In many cases, the issue arose when users were editing the audio settings of video clips.

>Our tipster Shen took his MacBook Pro to the Genius Bar at an Apple Store in Canada and was provided with an over $600 repair quote for his 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro. The price is so high because Apple replaces the entire top case assembly containing the speakers, keyboard, trackpad, and battery.

Imagine making hardware so shit it can be randomly damaged by unexpected software inputs.

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based and cute

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I wnt to nakadashi satania

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its speakers, ffs, MAC speakers.
you didn't srs expect them to be capable of playing AUDIO without a $600 repair, did'ya?
>pays $600
>gets Mac back from 'Genuises'
>mistakenly click on .prproj file
>snap crackle and POP

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Apparently rme, motu and other audio interfaces don’t work with t2 chip models.
On the plus side, Mojave with clover runs more stable than windows 10 on my desktop.

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Mojave is piece of shit, less stable than KDE.

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>speaker broke
>replaces the entire top case assembly containing the speakers, keyboard, trackpad, and battery.

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Even worse than High Sierra on launch

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No, KDE was still better.
Last stable OS X is 10.9 Newer versions are complete junk.

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>You can avoid the $600 bill altogether by using AppleCare. Speaker damaged and still in warranty under AppleCare? No charge.

Applecare is something like $300-$400, on top of the fortune you paid for your crappy laptop.

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Sweatshirt, nigga

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Nothing was worse than High Sierra on launch. Fucking TempleOS was more stable.

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based and solderpilled

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>$600 to replace 20 cent speakers
Appletoddlers everyone.

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post this on r/technology and see how those faggots cope.
Matter of fact we should invade reddit and gas the kikes in minecraft

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ow the edge

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fuckken lol.
Tim you've killed the fucking company.

My 2008 macbook still just werks.
New machines don't even werk out the box.

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>Apple replaces the entire top case assembly containing the speakers, keyboard, trackpad, and

what the actual fuck. You can replace the speakers independently for like $25?

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>Premiere Pro suddenly caused loud, distorted audio to play through their MacBook Pro

Apple a shit but lets not exclude Adobe from blame for making software as shit as Apple hardware

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Explain why people fork out so much $ for these crappy machines.

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>Lets blame software for a hardware issue!
Lets not.
If you can't turn the speakers up to 100% playing japanoise without blowing them out, the hardware design is bad.

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Riding on previous reputation.

A shitty Acer notebook from 2008 likely doesn't work anymore.
A shitty consumer HP notebook from 2008 probably stopped working in mid 2010
A macbook from 2008, still just werks.

Some people don't yet realise just how bad the hardware has become.

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Back to 9gag you go

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Social Conformism.

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Apple shat the bed when they allowed Jobs to force out Woz.

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No they didn't, Woz wasn't shit but a small-time engineer.
>nonono he's the most important guy
Then why didn't he start his own company and beat Apple at their own game?

Steve did after pepsiman demoted him to a back office.

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I was hoping to find this here and there it was. Good job

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Dumb ass. The Apple ][ was the best selling computer that Apple made. Jobs kicked it to the curb, effectively kicking Woz out of Apple.
I've seen some stupid people, and you are right there with them.

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Apple is getting a ton of backlash these days over the cost of repairs, QC, etc. I really wonder if they'll ever address this with a hardware refresh.

Though i doubt we'll go back to the pre-retina design where you can easily replace the drives, RAM and batteries. Then again, laptops now are so much more portable.

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they don't give a fuck.
the customers don't care. they want the shiny apple logo.

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>MacBook Pro has beautifully balanced, high‑fidelity sound that takes listening to new levels with wide dynamic range and more bass for maximum boom. And the speakers are connected directly to system power, enabling greater peak amplification.

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why do mactoddlers defend this?

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>$600 repair quote
>for $2 chink speakers

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why would you want to pay for & deal with some college dropout "genius" at a mall with a bunch of teenagers running around to "fix" your computer?

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>Imagine attempting to do serious work on a laptop
>Imagine being dumb enough to attempt serious work on a laptop and expecting results

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>do stupid shit that breaks your computer
>somehow apples fault

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My 2007 HP dv6000 still works fine, never cleaned it until yesterday when I upgraded the CPU, it has been on 24/7 BOINC and seedbox duty for the last two years
The battery did got wrecked pretty fast, iirc it couldn't hold a charge around 2011
My 2010 Acer and Samsung Atom netbooks still work fine, just like my 2006 HP consumer desktop

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Always the first thing that goes through my mind when reading shit like this.

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what's your point?

Electronics can last, or they can fail at which point you repair them.

What people complain about most is that you can't repair Apple shit because you can't get the parts and everything is soldered to the board.

If a part fails, you should be able to replace the part and not replace the whole computer

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>what's your point?
Even consumer shut tier hardware has better quality than Apple shit, Apple as always has problems since the Apple III
Nine of their products have ever been reliable

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It's kind of funny how I heard some stories about really shady garages taking in a car for repair & saying they needed to replace all kinds of things afterwards growing up as horror-stories on bad business practices.

Rossman's had customers on camera with Apple quotes when the wifi cable inside the machine has come lose. This is really a manufacturing problem Apple should own up to. Rossman opened the machine, attached the cable and volla, done. Apples quotes included all kinds of things like keyboard, touchpad, screen replacement for this simple 2 second repair. It's crazy. They are a thin hair from saying that you need to buy a new computer if it's got a small scratch on the casing. It really is quite insane.

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>have shit hardware that breaks itself
>somehow adobes fault

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>raise volume to full on normal laptop
>play music or other audio
>system survives
>play audio on computer
>computer breaks
of course that's Apple's fault. It's like selling a car which falls apart when you start the engine.

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We had several 2011 iMacs at work that didn't work anymore, and a couple of HPs that did, but I'm assuming this is one of those "my anedoctal evidence trumps yours".

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You can but this kind of work doesn't even pays a decent wage, much less makes a profit for a large company. Plus they can just get away with charging $600 for this.

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>buy new car
>rev it to the max for 10 minutes
>engine fails

Wow, sure is Renault's fault

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>buy new car
>press roll down window when window is already down
>engine fails

Wow, sure isn't apple's fault

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>make everyone get crapplecare when only a handful of users will actual make use of it

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It's fucking ridiculous, they say you'll need 1.2k worth of repairs when the problem can be fixed by bending a pin or if they want to play safe (which is what they'd want to do), replacing the cable.

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thanks doc

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$ 1

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mactoddlers will defend this

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>drive home in new apple car
>park in driveway and lock apple car
>forgot if i locked it
>go out and press lock button on remote
>apple car alarm goes off
>can't turn it off
>neighbors start coming out and staring
>spaghetti spilling out from my turtleneck
>try to get inside apple car
>unlock button no longer recognized
>try to open door
>door wont open and there's no handle
>absolute panic mode now
>consider for a split second to smash open the windows
>realize apple car has no windows
>spaghetti flows forth from me like a cascading waterfall
>kick apple car in absolute desperation with tears flowing down my face
>door finally opens
>enter apple car
>error detected: alarm system malfunction
>try to start apple car
>nothing happens
>unauthorized key token, please enter apple car password manually
>apple butterfly keyboard pops out of steering wheel
>enter in password
>incorrect password please try again
>realize butterfly keyboard is double inputting certain keystrokes
>incorrect password please try again
>looks even closer
>butterfly keyboard is ignoring certain key presses
>S key won't input S no matter how much i press it
>incorrect password please try again
>in absolute tears at this point
smash keyboard with head over and over again
>incorrect password please try again
finally just type root and press enter twice
>password accepted
>engine starts
>tears of agony turn to tears of joy
>start backing out of driveway
>radio playing some really annoying emo band
>turn it off
>have OCD and press off button again
>radio lets out massive screeching blast
>screech apple car to a halt
>try to turn on radio
>it's dead
>system error: radio malfunction please visit nearest authorized national apple lube
>drive 70 miles to nearest ANAL
>year looks like your radio is busted
>you probably drove it wrong
>we're gonna have to replace your radio, tires, transmission, and engine
>that'll be $20,000

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how will itoddlers EVER recover?

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Co-worker of mine LOVES apple. In his eyes they can do no wrong. Even though he's been through 3 laptops since 2016 because his $4,000 macbook Pros keep detonating and he never has money for "Apple care". This guy drives a beat to shit Camry with 2 spare donut tires on it but has spent $12,000+ on fucking macbook Pros in 3 years.

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2008 macbooks have gpus that fail eventually because the chips S U C K

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templeOS is the most stable operating system known to man, how dare you

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based and redpilled

based and kekpilled

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imagine being an itoddler

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>itoddlers just keep defending this

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>caring enough to make this shitpost

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>the speakers actually can be independently replaced, but the fuck that quoted $600 was either too stupid to know that or intentionally quoted to replace the whole assembly
>same as above but apple only provides a replacement module for the whole assembly
>the speakers are physically unable to be replaced separately without damaging something else
I would really like to know which of those is the case... im betting on the last one, especially considering that bullshit with the display cables

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>>seething enough to make this shitpost

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imagine someone besides apple made halfway decent products. You can spend roughly the same amount on Dell XPS laptops and end up with worse quality that Apple for the same price.
Im not defending Apple's bullshit, just point out that the grass isnt necessarily any greener on the other side.

For example, I have an iPhone XS and the reception is absolute dogshit on it, VoLTE is simply unusable. I could get better reception with a GS9 or upcoming GS10...but then I have put up with Samsung's bullshit. So for now, I just switch off VoLTE and go on about my life.

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>imagine someone besides apple made halfway decent products.
I don't have to. Everyone else seems to be able to make products that don't explode, bend, crash daily, and slow down after a single year. And they don't even charge half the price. Apple customers are the most brain dead gullible retards on this planet. It's the reason why I own Apple stock, who doesn't love getting free money from morons buying the same defective trash every single year?

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>dont explode

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>ipajeet banned AGAIN

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That's exclusive to the 2011 and 2012 unibody 15" machines. One has a shit GPU, the other has a power IC with shit solder joints.

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>$30 parts
>$570 labor

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They are held in with two screws each, and a strip of tessa tape. Can pop up pretty easy. Heat/alcohol help.

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>comparing playing audio on a computer with revving an engine
Is this bait or are you demonstrating how stupid an apple faggot can be?

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As much as I think my rMBP2015 is by far the best laptop I've ever owned - it's absolute dogshit for servicing and maintenance. Half the goddamn thing is hotglued together under the hood. These machines are designed for efficient construction, but they're not meant to be serviced. Which is shit.

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The fucking glue. So much fucking glue.

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red and basepilled

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How long before apple no longer sells their iProducts™ but leases them instead and you're not allowed to open any of the devices?

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delid dis

Sent from my 2018 Macbook Pro @ Mojave

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apex kek

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>type root and press enter twice

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That'll be the next announcement. It will be called Apple Freedom and it will the most restrictive thing in the world.

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Dazed and Confused.

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I can clearly see a penis

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>no charge
>pays for applecare

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