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>can effortlessly run every game in existence in at least 150 FPS
>can render 10GB videos in less than a second
>never crashes
>never overheats
>doesn't sound like a jet no matter how many programs you're running
>stays fast as fuck even after 5 years of intensive use

Well, /g/?

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>muh gaymes
back to /v/ kid

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Yes it's called a pinebook

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>can render 10GB videos in less than a second
Kek! Forget a laptop, it's called a cluster computer server(aka a super computer) with a full team to maintain it to ensure things like compatibility and replacing dead hardware lol. From there you remote into the system using a custom solution(because teamviewer is shit, and we all know VNC sucks ass) Hope you are a billionaire: https://www.cray.com/products/computing/cs-series/cs-storm

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>perfect laptop
>first criteria is running games

You shouldn't be posting on this Taiwanese hobbyist image board if you are underage.

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linux cope

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Just because some people are hardcore lincucks doesn't mean gamers are underage. This has clearly been disproven numerous times, now fuck off. If you want to roast op, do something like >>69684336 I fucking hate the baseless hate games get from fags on this board. As a student aspiring to be a developer it constantly pisses me off.

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Why are you fags so obsessed about laptops?

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Because we're constantly on the move, DUH. We don't have time to carry around our oversized PCs everywhere.

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My father carries his 23" All-in-One literally everyfuckingwhere. Not an argument.
>meanwhile, I enjoy my smol x200T

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>gamers are not underage
>as a student
Being a manchild is not better than being underage.

You will eventually get to a point in your life where you have to choose between being a good developer or having fun playing games. The sooner you make the hard choice the easier it is to adapt.

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Not everyone on this board is a developer you nerd.

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Right. Because rather than working to support my hobbies, I should let my work consume me? What is the point of living if you can't do the things you enjoy? I already put 60-80 hours a week into classes and my club, and I typically spend 20-30 hours a week playing games. I doubt work will have me working a workload that heavy, and thus I think it is likely perfectly viable to play video games while holding a steady job and performing well. Since I began programming I don't have literally all day to play game, of course not, but they are hardly mutually exclusive.

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Being an accomplished lawyer, surgeon or a professional athlete needs even more dedication and time.

If you are content flipping burgers in day and pwning noobs in Fortnite at night, then by all means, continue to do so.

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Stop replying to the bait. "Games are for kids" posters are basement dwelling NEETs who'd game if they didn't have to reconfigure their arch install every day

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Gaymers rize up

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The latest surface pro has ya covered

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> laptop
Absolutely entirely the wrong tool to approach the rest of that list.

You need a desktop/server sized build.

>can render 10GB videos in less than a second
Can be done given the right circumstances, even easily. That said, I got no clue how 10GB relates to whatever input/output and format.

> stays fast as fuck even after 5 years of intensive use
That's normal for BSD and Linux, yes.

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trading your time for money is a zero sum game
what's the point in working hard and making a ton if you never have the chance to enjoy it

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I know it's bait, but if we never point out how stupid this shit is, people will start to unironically believe it. Remember what happened with bronies? I'm 50-60% sure that started as ironic memeing.

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Games are for children. Grow up, you manchild.

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Imagine being this Autistic

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now this is some truly

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>describes the idea of a perfect device almost solely by performance
Remove yourself from this board.

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are you mad? you sound mad

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back to >>>/b/

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Yes, we should judge devices by their aluminum cases and white fruit logo.

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Prestigio SmartBook 133S

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Fuck, this board is so retarded.

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You don't work to save up money for your hobbies, you get a job that you enjoy doing so you don't need expensive hobbies to cope with being a wagie, and put the money you earn towards supporting your loving wife and offspring.

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It exists, but when I list the laptop you're going to post more conditions, like for example, PRICE. I know how poor you are, /g/.

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