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>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>How to activate any version of windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSB?

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My Dell Inspirion laptop doesnt seem to want to burn CDs. I've tried using Burrrn, AnyBurn, and the desktop burning gadget but nothing works and I'm running out of blank CDs. I just want to burn some Merzbow albums for flac files and some of my own music in flac or wav. Is there any other software I could try that might work or some way to fix it? I'm dying to have something different to listen to in my car.

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Fuck off back to /lgbt/

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Try Brasero or K3b on Loonix. If you want something for Windows, try InfraRecorder.

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is there any point for an average joe to learn any sort of coding or programming? Like someone who doesn't work with computers/software and probably never will. Is there anything useful or fun you can do with that knowledge?

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Yeah you can certainly have programming as a hobby. Also while it's not really "programming", learning LaTeX will allow you to make really nice looking papers

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>learning LaTeX will allow you to make really nice looking papers
That no one but experimental physicists will look at or even have the file association to open your document.
Latex is the biggest meme

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The fuck is wrong with my printer?

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>or even have the file association to open your document.
>what is pdf

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Printers are bakas. Mine makes lots of faded blue streaks all across the paper if it has more colors than black and white.

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If I have my computer connected up to my tv as a second monitor via hdmi, and that tv also has other inputs via hdmi, is there an easy/simple way to capture images from the tv from other sources, using the connection to my computer?

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im on windows and tried this and if says the format is not supported for the flac files of this Merzbow album I tried to burn

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You can just compile to pdf. Learn from the master.

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>watching 10+ minute videos when you could write down your information and i can read it in less then a minute
Yeah no

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just use pdflatex [filename]. It'll compile your tex document to pdf format.

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Uh, jannies? Care to do something about the homosexual pedophiles breaking containment?

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I bought this second hand SSD in late September. It had maybe 25 GB written on it so those counters works. But the power on hours counter is wrong, I use it every single day for at least 16 hours. Yet it still only shows 5. When I bought it it showed 1. Since then it slowly increased to 5. Apparently it is counting something, but what? Definitely not the power on hours. What could it be? Even the official SanDisk Tool shows 5 hours uptime.

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ive been looking for a secondary desktop to mess with. have been using a 1.6ghz core 2 duo thinkpad x61s as a secondary laptop and its pretty nice. now looking at pic related for a secondary desktop, also core 2 duo but 2.4ghz, any c2d would do but i like the case, its about £50, do i do it/am i a retard?

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I've had the following Bluescreen errors in the last two days
>video tdr failure
>memory management error
>error reference by pointer
>page fault in nonpaged area
I built this computer around one month ago, started having problems just now, the errors popped up while doing not anything in particular, just browsing or playing games. Any help is welcome.

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what's the best folder encryption app on android? I tried EDS lite but the last time i made an encrypted folder it displayed it as having a bunch of junk files and said it was over 5 TB in size

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Cringe and bluepilled

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You probably want to encrypt the whole phone if you can considering all the contact information, location bookmarks, text messages, emails, and other stuff that can be selectively used to paint whatever picture the prosecution wants of you. Or your heinously criminal brother.

I want to stick my TV on a retracting lift behind the credenza so I don't have to look at it while I'm not using it. How much do I have to spend to get something reliable?

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trying to help a senior citizen with his PC
dell optiplex 320 (running win 7 pro, so no OS support or specific drivers from dell website) slow af with 2x 512MB DDR2 sticks. (literally takes 5 minutes to load a webpage in chrome)
updated BIOS to 1.1.12 (from 1.1.5)

bought Crucial 4GB Kit (2 x 2GB) DDR2-667 UDIMM (CT2KIT25664AA667)

for some reason, i can't get BOTH 2GB sticks to work at the same time. best i can get is 2.5GB and it now only takes 15-20 seconds to load the average webpage on chrome.

what am i NOT doing right?
what am i forgetting?
what can i do to fix this problem?

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also tried empty slots

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Trying to get multiprocessing to work using Python, the first process should run all the time while rest of the code gets executed by the second process. It looks like this
def main():
process_one = Process(target=first_function())
process_two = Process(target=second_function())

What happens is that the program goes stays in the loop that's executed with process one instead of continuing to starting the second process. How can I fix this? Please tell in simple terms, I've touched programming for the first time yesterday.

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>win 7
what can i use to tell what program or service is creating files? dealing with a win7 machine that is creating 120mb cab files every 20 mins in the temp folder and all the the things i find online involve restarting a service which doesn't work or scripts to auto clear the folder every now and then, and thats not a solution either.

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I'm a novice at programming. For the past couple of years I've taught myself the basics and made some personal projects using C# pretty much exclusively. I've started to feel pretty comfortable with it but I also feel I've plateaued and my question is what would the logical next step be if I want to learn more advanced stuff and control things on a more intricate level (rather than rely on the language to handle everything for me)? Specifically, I want to design nice looking graphical interfaces/animations and to be able to optimize everything so it runs as efficiently as possible. I have no idea where to go from here though, what should I move onto and how? Is C++ still relevant today?

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Hi this is a really stupid question. If I have a i3blocks script for battery with an interval of 1(meaning it will run every second), will that take some of the computing resources? Will it be enough to slow down my computer a little?

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My new laptop has a Realtek RTL8822BE wireless adapter and my old laptop an Intel 7265 (rev 48) wireless adapter.

Should I consider switching them? Is the old adapter better?

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What is an actual low level language?

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Is there a reason to use gparted over Windows disk management to partition a hard drive for a GNU/Linux install?

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picture in combination w/ this question is cute

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Based MikaYuu poster. Something more エロい like Mika biting Yuu's neck as OP image next time please.

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I found this [pic related] in an old forum.
However, I cannot find another post (especially and official one from DELL) to corroborate it.

I have dealt with things like this in the past. so I thought I could help. Sorry I cannot.

Hopefully, another Anon can help you. I am sure it is very frustrating.

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If I use MSi Afterburner to only change the Temp Limit of my GPU, is that still overclocking? Is there any risk to the GPU by doing this? My case has terrible airflow and the GPU has been running hotter than I like but Ive found using Afterburner and limiting the temp (without changing Power Limit, Core Clock, or Memory Clock settings) cools my GPU right down.

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Are ISP panels really that much better than VA? The wiki recommends ISP but every time I compare them VA monitors look so much better. Is it a thing that only affects the quality/reaction time of fast paced games?

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How do I format code on here?

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>try to purchase webhosting
>enter a bunch of fake info
>try to pay with paypal, but never actually gave paypal info
>few hours later
>pic related
I dont think they bought it
Where can I get cheap webhosting on the down low?

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is 3 hours long enough to bump?
if so; BUMP

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Slamming my noggin against an autodidactical wall.

Theres a program that brings up another prompt within the terminal that I'd like to send the command "home" to every 10 seconds. There's no argument I can pass to the rainbowstream command that does this. I tried some tty tomfoolery but every time I send an "enter" press to the terminal from another console it just puts the cursor on the next line and doesn't send the command. Thoughts?

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shiiiiieeeet that site's still around? i used to experiment making small websites with that when I was in high school learning web design

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Is it possible to make a new drive on my computer?
For example. there's a C:\\ folder.
Can I make a Z:\\ folder ?

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Yes by either adding a new drive or partitioning your current drive

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You can assign a drive letter to a separate partition

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It has to be free space?
I only have like 10GB left, and I was going to move 100GB of stuff to that partition.

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Yes it would have to be unallocated space if a separate partition doesn't already exist

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how do I make dmenu match the height of my i3bar?

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Is there any food people can eat to get calories from that is not derived from another formerly living thing?

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If this doesn't work for whatever reason (usually partition in use, OS partition, whatever) make gparted boot disk and use that.

If gparted boot disk don't work (it didn't for me for some reason) just get ubuntu boot disk, it includes gparted

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what's a /g/ approved extension to translate pages?

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is there any feasible way to install an operating system and set up an ssh server (or other service to use the system) without any sort of video out?

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I have a chinese ereader thing I'm trying to load books on using linux
It mounds like a usb device but I don't have write permissions
I tried
sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sde ~/mount/5
sudo mount -o remount,rw ~/mount/5
but still can't copy books on to it

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plant u fukken hippy

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Install and setup everything on a second computer, and move the drive to your headless one

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is it possible to build a computer inside of a computer?

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>simple answer: YES
elaborate. what do you mean?

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What's some software I could install on a Linux server to get graphs with network/cpu/memory utilization? Preferably accessible through a browser.

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How exactly do I change WMs or DEs? I tried to install xfce and kde on Ubuntu and the result is some kind of Frankenstein os that has bits and pieces of each DE in it. I hate it.

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Internet plan advertises x speed let say 100 Mbs. I don't ever see, I get that because ISPs are greedy jews and the fine text says UP TO 100 Mbs.

My stupid question is, if I downgrade my speed to 50 Mbs, will that lower ALL my speeds to 50% or will will just cap my maximum speed?

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for the browser bit, maybe if you got the smarts you could implement this

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So when installing a game that requires you to disable your antivirus, how do you turn it on again without it removing the "virus"?

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Is 'http://raspbian.raspberrypi.org/raspbian stretch Release' down? Can't apt-get update.

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What's a decent torrent clinet?
Deluge still or is there a better alternative?

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Can I change the function of F1-F12 on Windows 10 so that I can use them to increase/decrease volume or skip to the next track?

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Is there a way to remove datacaps on portable hotspots? Failing that, are they still viable purely for online gaming alone? I don't see how 1-2 GBs are supposed to last anyone a month in this day and age.

I like qbittorent myself

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They are more color accurate but they have lower contrast ratios
also i think that they have less ghosting but it might depend on the monitor

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add the game folder to the exceptions in your antivirus

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what kind of cpu do i need in a laptop
is dual core good enough?

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They actually hacked some database. Absolute madlads. Here's the question. I wonder on which website I had created an account with this password. I stopped using this one many years ago so I don't remember where it could be from.

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I have 16GB ram why is use at 46%?
When I go to performance it say that 7GB is in use?

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I remember making three accounts there because I forgot old passwords, lol.
All of this reminded me I haven't changed my passwords long ago.

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Trying to run Tmux in git bash following this guide: https://blog.pjsen.eu/?p=440

But when i run tmux from the command line i get this output (image) Any ideas what could be happening here? or how to resolve?

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What about the software side? Defragmentation? Ran malware bytes and Adware to get rid of weird extensions and crap from chrome? Ran Ccleaner?

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is it possible to learn Java up until arrays in 8 hours?

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Umatrix isnt blocking websites. it is enabled and the icon is in the bar, but when i go to a website, all of the settings arent turned on or off. i checked "my rules" for a whitelist but i only have
* * * block
* * css allow
* * image allow
* * cookie block
* * script block
* * frame block
* 1st-party * allow
* 1st-party frame allow

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How do I get a "fresh install" of Windows 10 without losing my key?
I got Windows 7 for free from University when it came out, and I've since updated. If I was to reinstall, I can't give the key, and its not displayed anywhere. And of course I don't have a Windows 10 installer, since I got it as an update.

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If a post card shows -12v, +3.3v, +5v but no others (then they turn off, although -12v lingers a bit longer), what does it mean.

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How do I arbitrarily pause a thread in C# without using Suspend, since that is deprecated?
I have a long running task on background thread that I want to stop or resume at will.
Everyone is telling me to use Manual or AutoResetEvent, but this requires the thread to WaitOne(), which defeats the purpose of stopping at "any time".

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You can download a free ISO from the windows website, burn that to a USB and you have an installer.

As for key you can just install without one then run a RemoveWAT Activator which will remove the annoying watermarks and you basically have a licensed copy.

>> No.69672453

What exactly do you mean? Judging by your settings all images and css should be allowed, from both first and third paries. And on the first party site everything should be allowed.
Take a screencap or something.

>> No.69672497

s there an lightweight alternative for task coach?

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There are no green or red solid boxes in the ui
This is how all websites are being displayed in the ui

>> No.69672523

Kek it's literally disabled.
See that asterisk at the top next to the domain name?
Click that one. Then press the "on" button.
Red = off
Blue = on
Remember to save it.

>> No.69672553

How can it be disabled though? Shouldnt it follow the rules list?
Why is it disabled on every domain but there is nothing in the "My rules" section?

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It's at the top of your filter list. The part you cut out of your screenshot.
See that? The second one.
You literally turned it off.
If it was on you probably wouldn't be able to post since referrer spoofing breaks the captcha.

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File: 2.33 MB, 4032x3024, 20190204_190516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought a pre-owned monitor and got this wall mount for free. It has some sort of spacer though that I can't understand which purpose it fills. Is it necessary for curved monitors? The one I bought was a curved uw but I plan on using the wall mount on a different (flat) screen.

It was pre-installed to the base itself by the previous owner but I don't know if that's the default or if he just screwed it on for easier handling. Anyway, what is the purpose for it? Can I just remove it and install my monitor directly to the "backplate" itself? The product images for the wall mount are all displayed without the additional box, spacer or whatever I should call it.

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>Shutdown System<itself>
How the fuck am I supposed to track this down, Windows-fags?

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How do you export passwords in firefox quantum?

>> No.69673213

Can dog hairs cause problems inside a PC case? Such as a short circuit or something similar

>> No.69673261

Not a short, As hair is not conductive, But a lot of it could build up and cause fires if exposed to hot components.

>> No.69673300

So, about DNS alternatives.

Is a meme? I can't exactly tell the difference but I haven't taken notice different times of day and so on to be conclusive about it. I live in northern europe as that probably factors in a lot.

>> No.69673372

I get "Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not execute run action: The system cannot find the file specified." when I try to use Wamp. How can I solve this?

>> No.69673543

How can I access 4chan on Clover but not my desktop? Either the page wont load at all or it gives 403 error.

>> No.69673614

I'm trying to pin down what's wrong with a PC, so it was shutting down randomly, the PSU was quite new, just over 2 months old. Temperatures seemed alright, the CPU cooler is an evo 212 and its fan was quite loud, however Coretemp and HWINFO were saying the CPU was ranging from 41C to 67C at most while under load. The PC wasn't used for weeks, then after changing its thermal paste it started to work fine for a week until today, where another random shutdown happened. Is it likely for the temperature sensors to be wrong, or is the overheating theory busted at this point?

I'm not sure if the paste did anything or not having used the PC for a while was the reason why it was performing alright. The evo 212's cooler is much quieter now at least.

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exFAT or NTFS for a 1TB hard drive?

>> No.69673804

Is there a gui manager for tmux?

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How to position by the computer correctly?

>> No.69673817

Depends on how you're going to use it.
> stationary, Windows
Probably NTFS
> stationary, non-Windows, but has to have write access across all OSes
Probably exFAT
> portable

>> No.69673823 [DELETED] 

But I tell you what, by increasing the limit you're going to fry it more since it increases the max voltage as well.

>> No.69673859

Mostly as a backup for my unorganized hard drive things like games before I realized FAT32 is garbage and can't go past 4GB transfers.
Noted. Thanks anon.

>> No.69673912

Apparently it's amounting plate included with the ultrawide monitor. The question remains though, when and why should you use the mounting plate as opposed to just mounting the monitor directly to the wall mount itself? Is it required on ultrawides due to their curved nature...?


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Does someone know if the B450M Gaming Plus has the same VRM like the B450-A Pro?

I found this link but it doesn't have a entry on the B450M Tab.


>> No.69674033

No, it just uses a higher RPM fan setting which increases noise but at the same time lowers temperatures. It has nothing to do with overclocking.

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Any major incompatibility in emacs if I use evil mode?

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Anyone know a way to specifically export/backup the starred/favourited messages on whatsapp?

I saw one program that can do it, but it costs like 20-30 fucking bucks for some reason.
I'm guessing there has to be a way to do it manually. Backing up the entire message history is easy, but there's like 300k messages in there and I want specifically the starred ones.

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I'm going to scan a document into photoshop, clean up the artifacts and reprint it, but are there any easier ways of doing that?

it must be so easy for the computer to duplicate it into a doc from a clean scan

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Alright, I have RX580 and win 7. i keep getting warning from games about changing color sachems to save on vram. but these games are using 2-4GB of vram max. I had fewer of these pops up when i used to have a 3GBvram card (I was on win8.1 at the time. i'd use it now if AMD still supported it). So, i look into DXdiag and it's coming up 4GB. the AMD driver and GPU-Z still say 8GB.

so my dumb question is; is there a way to maybe edit a registry entry to force the OS to think my GPU has more Vram (real reading of 8gb) then it is currently reading?

>> No.69674727

how do i find a goth girl to fuck

>> No.69674774

I have constant BSOD on my new PC build. Windows runs smoothly in safe mode though, does that mean it's a driver issue?

>> No.69674819

look into RAM, it can also be drivers yeah. but every time i have had this with a new PC it's been RAM.

>> No.69674875

Redpill me on Window 10. I really like the user interface, what's the controversy involving the spyware?

>> No.69674896

What do you mean with RAM? What should I look for?

>> No.69675246

Re-seat the RAM. it takes 2 seconds even if that's not the issue. have you messed with timings at all? I bought some sticks year ago, stuck them in a supported mobo dialed in times and BSOD. turns out the die used for those particular sticks were just shit when comboed with the CPU I had. that said it could just be a driver issue. i'm also a retard so this about as much info as I got.

>> No.69675312

Where can I get cheapest Win 10 key without getting scammed?
Is this legit

>> No.69675387

Why is it that every time I post a question in one of these threads it gets ignored, until I point out it's been ignored in a message such as this one? I tried asking in the last three threads without a message like this but it's been ignored all three times :o(

>> No.69675440

you can buy them cheaper on ebay

>> No.69675504

How close can my monitor (TN panel) be to my GPU? I GPU spits out some mad heat and I don't want this thing damaged.

>> No.69675516

Do you not have a fucking side panel on your case?

>> No.69675612

If you use 'find my iphone'. Will the person having the iphone see a message popping up that I tried to locate it?

>> No.69675618

is it just me or are c++ classes hard?
i don't understand what is meant with constructors or "instantiate an object", could anyone explain them to me like i'm 5

>> No.69675657

Post picture , I want to see this setup

>> No.69675662

Let's say you have a class Child.

Usually when a child is born you define some things like name, nationality etc.

So everytime you create a Child you have to fill out that information at the start.

--> Creating is instanciating. So with every child you have a new instance. When you create the child you use a Constructor which it's basically a function which fills some fields at the moment you create the child.

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>> No.69676200

How do I enable dark theme in Windows File Explorer? I already have dark theme enabled in the settings, but it doesn't change my file explorer.

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Is "front-end" and "back-end" literally code for where web devs like a meaty cock? You know, front-end in their pussies, back-end in their bums

>> No.69676266

Is there a way in Haskell to traverse a list of tuples two at a time?
I have a list [(Integer, Integer)] and want to apply it to a function
f :: (Integer,Integer) -> (Integer, Integer) -> (Integer,Integer)
without inserting one tuple more than once. So the tuple number 1,2,3,4 should go into the function like
first 1,2
then 3,4
I have already made a function that does it recursively, but I want to "compact" it with map/[x| ..] or something similar.

>> No.69676288

Front end (if I understand this right) is user interface, and the coding for all of the user-facing stuff
Back end is the database end. It's all the code for everything happening behind the scenes.
From what I understand, front end developers are more likely to take cock in the ass, but I may be wrong on that.

>> No.69676343
File: 31 KB, 483x461, 1548793319038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do people use text editors like Vim and Emacs when you can just use an IDE?

>> No.69676354

What happens when a PSU is only supplying a small part of its nominal power? I know efficiency is not constant, but aside from that is there any difference?

>> No.69676505

go f l = f <$> get odd l <*> get even l
where get f l = map snd $ filter (f.fst) $ zip [1..] l

couldn't think of something better than going by the indices

>> No.69676595
File: 181 KB, 1069x1052, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are there any good free majongg games for wangblows? I don't want to keep using a VM to play the ubuntu majongg

>> No.69676620

fuck I don't think that's right, just replace the first line by something along the lines of map uncurry f $ zip the evens and the odds
It's been a while

>> No.69676650

Thanks, will check it out. Maybe I just keep it as it is though, that seems pretty complicated and I feel it's quite readable as it is.

>> No.69676706

imo it happens quite often that a straight-forward recursive formulation is more readable than trying to do it some other way

>> No.69676747

Is there a foss TS client for gahnoo+loonix? I use mumble as my go-to communicator, but some people who use TS refuse to join my server and nag me to join theirs instead.

>> No.69676801

Yeah, all those "linked" functions can look pretty complicated, at least since I'm new to Haskell. Recursion feels pretty basic though.

>> No.69676930

using vim and emacs is a way of telling everyone around you you're gay and looking to fuck

its the same as using a mac

>> No.69676955


>> No.69676958

Is there any free programs to merge pdf files?

>> No.69677054

Is it possible to rip dvds or bluerays with ffmpeg?

>> No.69677073
File: 273 KB, 639x459, hm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chromium will indirectly mitigate the functionality of uBlock Origin, soon or later
>but the reception of Mozilla and its recent handling on Firefox has not been accepted well for a long time

So, what now? I'm on Vivaldi. Do you guys think I should switch to another browser, or am I good on where am I now?

>inb4 IceCat
Only available for Linux.

>> No.69677113
File: 99 KB, 592x426, based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unironically Brave

>> No.69677114

What's a good cookie blocker browser extension for Firefox?
The top voted one still puts cookies on my computer but it just deletes them when I close the tab. I'd prefer to block them before even getting to me.

>> No.69677148
File: 11 KB, 181x222, Animated-dancing-red-question-mark-picture-moving.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PS C:\Windows\system32> wsl.exe ubuntu.appx
Windows Subsystem for Linux has no installed distributions.
Distributions can be installed by visiting the Microsoft Store:

how do i use this without having to install windows store on my ltsc?
i downloaded the distro and enabled the wsl manually

>> No.69677155

i have icecat on windows, its from a binary

>> No.69677165

ps i used this


>> No.69677169

you install the windows store

>> No.69677180


there must be an another way, it says so right there

>> No.69677183

wsl is a meme. MSYS2 for most things. Docker for the rest.

>> No.69677202

can i install xorg/x11 stuff on msys2?

what the heck is docker briefly?

>> No.69677223
File: 44 KB, 653x406, Screenshot at 2019-02-05 15-39-40.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69677242
File: 37 KB, 686x576, 1446417298633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can access dou*blechan from my computer but not at all from my phone?

>> No.69677249

>still can't select which javascript shhit runs and doesnt run, it's either everything or nothing

when will they fix this

>> No.69677294

>forked chromium
So a chromium that is several releases behind mainline that has glaringly open security threats as they dont have the staff to patch them natively?
Sounds great

>> No.69677307

PS C:\Windows\system32> wsl.exe --distribution .\Ubuntu.appx
Error: There is no distribution with the supplied name.
PS C:\Windows\system32> wsl.exe --exec .\Ubuntu.appx
Windows Subsystem for Linux has no installed distributions.
Distributions can be installed by visiting the Microsoft Store:


>> No.69677414
File: 689 KB, 680x425, 3c9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Install GNU/Linux for real. Come home white man

>> No.69677441

if you can't answer a specific question but waste my time you should find a knife or something sharp like a piece of broken glass and cut across your face diagonally in front of a mirror

people like you are the reason this board is dying

>> No.69677461

What are you talking about? This board is better than ever!

>> No.69677493


>> No.69677536

I'm pretty sure my CPU fan is squeaking, would a drop of sewing machine oil onto the bearing help?

>> No.69677543

is there a way to stream original files with plex server? it transcodes everything in my library.

>> No.69677609

why don't you use hyper-v? you might as well use cygwin or some other shell emulator if you don't want to virtualize cuz they actually work.

>> No.69677645
File: 30 KB, 1000x1000, tp-link-ethernet-hubs-switches-tl-sg1005d-64_1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have gigabit internet speeds but the modem/router combo my ISP doesn't let me change only has one gigabit port and I need more, is pic related a good solution?

>> No.69677649


>> No.69677797

Why are most OSes implemented in C? Wouldn't they be more secure with a type safe language?

>> No.69677903
File: 31 KB, 350x370, 1214cfb093d71c6785d2907f492c0faaf7686c28628516a04333147b42ad6ddb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Violentmonkey vs Tampermonkey. Which is better? Using FF 64.

>> No.69678010



I found this. Did you download IceCat from this site?

>> No.69678034

If I mostly use my laptop at home and therefore can recharge the (lithium polymer) battery whenever I want, would it be better to always use AC power or to always use the battery without charging or discharging it too much? The opinions I found on the internet are contrasting

>> No.69678052

What the fuck did I do to fuck up my sound?
I accidentally kicked my PC case a few days ago and it froze and crashed. I restarted it and now I can't get any fucking sound through any of my headsets, only through my TV speakers.

>> No.69678117

i want to create a CPU emulator. What's an architecture that's well documented and has compilers/precompiled programs available?

>> No.69678132

Can someone please explain to me why all the builds on https://www.raptorcs.com/ are so fucking expensive? Am I missing something or are they just blatantly overpriced?

>> No.69678133

so 'name' and 'nationality' are like constructors for the child class?

>> No.69678152

What would you do with 10 million dollars?

Perhaps make your own instruction set and make some programs for that in that instruction set.

>> No.69678169

>What would you do with 10 million dollars?
ur mum 10 million times, faggot

>> No.69678180

6502, 68000, ARM2, 8086, MIPS, Z80, ...

>> No.69678186


>> No.69678219

i shouldve added the caveat that it should have a small instruction set (no more than one or two hundred instructions)
are the ones you listed small-ish?

>> No.69678239

How do you accidently kick?

>> No.69678274

anon have u never played vidya?󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡󠛡 󠛡

>> No.69678293

It was an "accident"

>> No.69678343

Yeah, what's that got to do with it?

>> No.69678454

When I installed Linux, I went with lvm and encryption (for ease and not having to type in password for each partition), but for whatever reason it seems Grub is encrypted too, so I have to type in my password twice.

How do I resolve this?

>> No.69678461

Holy shit just help me fix this shit I can't stand having to use speakers

>> No.69678478

maybe just dont encrypt /boot..?

>> No.69678494

Plug in headphones then

>> No.69678512

It's encrypted. I know the password. How do I make it not encrypted anymore?

>> No.69678546

well because on hyper-v it's extremely sluggish and i heard about wsl thinking it actually works, but seems like it's just some store bait rubbish

>> No.69678558

not him - why?

>> No.69678585

I have a hw project where I implement a game called "shift" for my data structures class. Part of the game includes placing 3-5 (inclusive) objects randomly in an 1d array of size 9-15 (inclusive). They also must be no more than 3 spaces apart from another piece. I believe the best way to do this would be to randomly generate boards until one happens to work out, but that doesn't seem right. Is there a clever algorithm for generating random data that also meets a quota, such as no pieces not being more than 3 spaces apart?

>> No.69678586

I literally said that I can not get sound through headphones, I even bought a new pair to test and they don't work.

>> No.69678606

is that icecat using the "quantum" engine so to speak?

>> No.69678642
File: 457 KB, 1278x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a 14inch 1440p display (wqhd thinkpad). Whats my best option for scaling/fractional scaling if I want everything to look nice/crisp but still be readable? Ideally i’d want to use i3 or something similar.

>> No.69678681

It starts up in a matter of milliseconds, and is very universal. Almost any posix system will have some variant of it. Very useful skill to have if you administer systems as well as write code

>> No.69678699
File: 24 KB, 812x173, Screenshot from 2019-02-05 16-42-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this code redundant? I'm using a password to create a base64 string using sha256, and then encrypting data using the base64 string.
Is it dumb to do this "double encryption"? Does it not matter? The base64 string needs to be an exact length, so just converting the password to base64 wont work, i think

>> No.69678708

Probably not. TS is a proprietary program and protocol, so it would likely be quite challenging to make an open client that speaks its language and works properly with it.

>> No.69678728

what will you do when you have to work on a computer with no gui? Call your boss and tell him you cant do it?

>> No.69678738

Thanks anon! All those other settings worried me.

>> No.69678770

fuck scaling, increase font size
the only downside I found so far is that when someone sends you a picture with text you have to zoom it manually

>> No.69678837

Wait just increasing font size will work?

>> No.69678856

any good resources on creating proper DFDs (context, system, process)?

for stupid dummies like me

>> No.69678897
File: 93 KB, 646x447, 1540664816469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Works on KDE at least, no idea about other DEs.
Pic related is font size 16 (default is 11 I think), as a result the text size on 1440p 27" display is about the same as it was on 1080p 24" one.

>> No.69679016

Sounds like you fucked your motherboard's soundcard, you can likely add an extra one if you have a free pci slot, which you should have, they're not that expensive, you can get a pretty decent one for 30 bucks.

>> No.69679156

Yes, The only time you would need to base64 encode a key is if you need to encapsulate it in something like JSON. Remember that encoding!=encrypting. Anyone that is familiar with encoding it will know its base64 just by looking at it and it provides no added security.

>> No.69679192

KDE looks good on my 4k monitor. You'll be fine.

>> No.69679202

oh maybe try speakers?

>> No.69679211

Why the fuck are Vesa mounts so expensive for something so simple? patents?
Its literally a stand for fucking $60.

>> No.69679229

Generate random number for space from left, place object. Generate random number that has a max of 3, place second object. Now keep doing that.

>> No.69679265

Where are you seeing this price?

>> No.69679315

Wallmounts are $10-15.
But a desk stand is $42-80.
The ones you screw into your desk are cheap but i have a metal desk that has no space for one.

>> No.69679322

Is there an android app out there that can display and save articles from wikipedia and other mediawiki based sites?

>> No.69679376


>> No.69679384

I was told I could bypass captcha for free with 4chanX. I added the script to tampermonkey and while it is aesthetically more pleasing I'm still looking at Chinese 7-11. Wat gives?

>> No.69679399

You just make it easier by enabling noscript captcha.

>> No.69679403

Whats the go to censorship resistant file host of 2019?

>> No.69679425

google drive
self host

>> No.69679436

Catbox does take files down if requested.

>> No.69679437

>censorship resistant
>google drive

>> No.69679441

Umm, you might want to check out your site before posting it...
>google drive
not adding my files to the bot net

>> No.69679446

You would be surprised anon.

>> No.69679508

Any decent free bandwidth monitors/limiters for Windows? If not, what are the best paid ones?

>> No.69679597

What do you call the default place a command line always looks for programs to run when you name one, and also what is that place in Windows 10?

>> No.69679602


>> No.69679630

Not sure how bad these artifacts are but doc scanner for android lets you take a picture and then it cleans it up by removing all contrasting elements except black text and white background.

>> No.69679659

If a Iphone have deleted photos locally on the device and they can only be found on icloud, how do I download all of them in one go?

>> No.69679696

OK guys is there a reason my question keeps getting ignored?

>> No.69679711


>> No.69679738

it's not just one place. there is a system environment variable called "PATH" which is a semicolon-separated list of folders.
it will look for executables in each of those folders, starting with the first one listed and moving to the next if it doesn't find it

>> No.69679763

How do I update Debian’s old packages?

>> No.69679820


>> No.69679822

Tampermonkey is not open-source, and it admits to collect anonymous data through Google Analytics.

>> No.69679860

Explain. Right now you’re glowing in the dark

>> No.69679877

Is this where i go to ask about writing a script?

>> No.69679879
File: 214 KB, 920x518, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My main monitor can switch between two different inputs, so I use that feature to play Smash on one screen and keep my side monitor for music in the background. However, after a while, my computer will "refresh" the monitor setup and the main monitor is no longer seen since it's using the console input at the moment, causing my side monitor to show up as my only monitor.
I do not want this to happen. If I want to see the main screen I can just push the button again. This just causes trouble and sometimes I have to unplug and replug the input to get it recognized by Windows again.
Is there a way to make Windows always "see" the main monitor, even if it's running the other input?

>> No.69679880

Is Windows 7 still safe to use? Do they get updates?

>> No.69679887

Most if not all cracked games are hosted in google drive drive because the takedowns are slow as fuck.
All the pirated movies are in google drive too.
Have you seen those online movies pirate sites that are clones of each other that use openload, etc etc? well they automatically upload the movies to those sites from google drive each time one is taken down.

>> No.69679901

Yes, Yes.

>> No.69679912

Is there any difference in the actual RJ45 port itself for cat 6 vs cat 5e? Or is all the difference in the cabling?

>> No.69679916

you can disable that but yes it is on by default

>> No.69679926

the last one i used was called netlimiter, they had a free version but it was a long ass time ago (i used it for years though)

>> No.69680019
File: 3.39 MB, 4160x3120, 0205191225b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there /FINALLY/ any actually good replacement for the old firefox tabgroips? I will never not hate Mozilla for the autistic pure regression making me genuinely hate all browsers and not feel comfy or set anywhere anymore when a couple years back everything about firefox just felt perfect. (Yes, I'm talking about the downgrade to webextensions.)

>> No.69680200
File: 60 KB, 720x720, 37d8flgv2tjy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought an msi gaymen laptop earlier today. Not planning to do much gaming on it other than stuff (Skyrim, TBC WoW, Banished, Prison Architect, etc). It came with Windows 10 Home, which I fucking hate. I'm going to replace it but I'm not sure what to use. It'll be either Win 81. Win 10 LTSB or I have an image for Win 10 LTSC but I haven't tried it and haven't heard anything yet about whether people even like it. I don't expect to play anything that will need DX12 so I'm thinking just use Win 8.1 and forget about it. This will be a farting around and sometimes traveling laptop, not for work and not my main machine.

the stats in case they somehow matter:
MSI GL73 8RC-049CA
i7-8750H (2.2 - 4.1 Ghz w/ Turbo Boost)
GTX1050 2GB

>> No.69680236

I’m sorry but I don’t think you understand what my code is doing

>> No.69680524

>Windows 7
>been playing games with 0 issues
>updated GPU drivers a couple days ago
>been working fine
>suddenly green screen then a total system crash a few minutes ago when I open MSI Afterburner after alt tabbing out of game
>restart PC, suddenly there are strange artifacts on the screen when I move the mouse
>opening anything may cause a green screen
>use DDU and fresh install older drivers
>same shit happens
I'm on Windows 10 right now and so far everything seems stable, even tried running a couple games, so I can rule out the possibility of a dying card right?
Card is an AMD 380X, the drivers I had on W7 when the crashes began were 19.1.1. I rolled back to 18.5.2 and shit was broken too. Where can I get other driver releases?

>> No.69680582

nvm I found where to get old drivers
Here's hoping 18.12.2 will work

>> No.69680589

is csg dead or just sleeping?

>> No.69680631
File: 334 KB, 851x814, huawei-matebook-x-pro-nvidia-geforce-mx-150[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>HUAWEI MateBook X Pro

This fits my bill pretty well, but is the chinkmachine trustworthy?

>> No.69680677

How does something like a Mi Band calculate steps?

>> No.69680695

Just ran DDU again and installed 18.12.2, motherfucker crashed again. What the fuck is going on?

>> No.69680698

Dont expect a browser to have 1000 tabs open, fucking use bookmarks and folders to organize your shit.
>no what do you mean, yes i have 1000 tabs open, what do you mean

>> No.69680704

Acceleration sensors and detection of repeating movement patterns

>> No.69680720

I'm typing on it now. It's fucking incredible. I'd recommend getting the MX150 variant if you can. Even if you want to run games at low settings, 720p, 60fps, intel graphics fucking sucks

I just want to play Civ and Divinity OS2 at solid framerates. I don't know why this is hard to ask.

>> No.69680721

my flac gets corrupted if I trim it with ffmpeg. why?
>ffmpeg -i input.flac -ss 0 -c:a copy -to 4:58 "%TEMP%\trim_input.flac"

>> No.69680731

Well if it crashed on 3 different drivers, your initial analysis that it's a driver issue is incorrect

check to see if your GPU fan profile or system fans stopped working. You will get BSOD or green screen if your card overheats.

>> No.69680737


>> No.69680738

any advice for getting DRM off/converting an m4v file from iTunes?

>> No.69680766

are there any decent pre-built gaymen rigs for around the $500 mark? Quite literally asking for a friend who doesn't wish to build his own

>> No.69680767

pirate a blu ray copy that never had DRM

>> No.69680905

There's no way there will ever be a good webextension replacement for that. Just like there will never be a good webextension replacement for DownThemAll.

"copy" is used for literally copying streams byte for byte. It's not perfect and won't necessarily let you crop every format; for example h264 streams can be cropped but the accuracy is less than a re-encode. If you're using a lossless codec like flac then you should simply transcode losslessly instead.

>> No.69680929

how do I re-encode losslessy?

>> No.69680941

FLAC encoding is inherently lossless. Just use the same command you would use to encode a flac from a wav. As long as the bitdepth and samplerate is the same it's lossless. RTFM

>> No.69680950

isn't omitting bitrate and other paramters going to make ffmpeg use default crappy stuff?

>> No.69680952

I don't know which VPN to buy. Which one do you use?

>> No.69680964

I've spent three threads asking now, twice in this thread alone if you count >>69675387 so if you could tell me why I'd greatly appreciate it

>> No.69680970


>> No.69681002

Much less stupid questions get ignored all the time, yet you don't see people complaining about it.

>> No.69681010

default is perfectly fine. lossless bitrate is always whatever it needs to be.

>> No.69681011

what are the speeds like?

>> No.69681065

Can I post on most imageboards? When using another vpn I got a message about not being able to post as abuse of the certain IP.

>> No.69681222

I got offered to be paid to do someone else's online class but I live halfway across the country. Any general issues or thresholds to consider? I'm already done with my own college work so don't care too much about my side of things.

>> No.69681246

Read my post again and then RTFM. BitDEPTH and sample rate must be set the same, and then it will be lossless.

>> No.69681360

Hey /g/uys, I was wondering how I could make an accurately scaled bar graph, just something with percentages, so that I could group the key subject of the graph with the facts surrounding it, something like those graphs techtubers use when they compare graphics cards at 1080/1440/4k all at once (where say the bars for the 580 or whatever go up for FPS, with a space then the 1060 or whatever) but just for percentages.

>> No.69681362

Hi, just switched to Windows 10 and trying to use Chrome, but when i go to www.google.com or other sites, it just times out. I've noticed that "Service Host: Cryptographic Services" in task manager using like 8 % of the cpu, don't know if it's related.

>> No.69681407

did you try turning it off and turning it back on again?
If his tests use Respondus Lockdown browser or some equivalent, you might run into trouble. Those things require that you show face and ID, and if the people behind respondus/whatever are at all paying attention, they might not accept it.

>> No.69681418

Two issues with that: worst case where I only roll spaces of 3, theres an index out of bounds, then where do i place it? also, is that even random?

>> No.69681455

I need a Text to Speech software that doesn't require an internet connection. What do?

>> No.69681469

I ended the "Service Host: Cryptographic Services" task and Chrome works now. Thanks for the help.

>> No.69681495

No. It would be incredibly difficult to build a decent rig on your own for only $500 and pre-builts are always more expensive.

>> No.69681502

I'll see whats up. If its a standard college online portal or low-end gen ed class site (like the work is done somewhere else), think its less of a big deal? Know its gonna be a CC instead of state or U

>> No.69681539


>> No.69681582
File: 2.43 MB, 982x1000, 4283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello guy, I buy a used PC with this card and I was wondering if this is the port for the front USB 3.0 connectors (The one in the yellow rectangle)

I want to buy a case with front USB 3.0 ports, but i'm not sure if that's the connector.

I can't find info online for this mobo.

>> No.69681707

Are there any options for more natural sounding speech? I've been messing with it for a while, it's hard to get it to pronounce stuff properly. The sound quality is also bad regardless of what setting I use.

I don't mind a more bloated program if it has more voice options and more natural speech.

>> No.69681720

Look on the left side of the picture. Right next to the ports labeled "USB". There's a big long slot. Try shoving it into that.

>> No.69681785

The white one with the little colored squareds?
It appears to be the connefctor for the on/off, reset switch and front leds.

The other white at the left/bottom it's marked as "COM" and I don't know what it is for...

>> No.69681982
File: 4 KB, 358x257, circuit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are the two resistors in series, or parallel? If they're in parallel, when I combine them into one resistor, will it be in series or parallel with the battery?

>> No.69682020

Is minty just cold spicy?

>> No.69682163

How can I get my best friend to forgive me after I forgot to feed his dog for him while he was on vacation for a month and it died?

>> No.69682172


>> No.69682179
File: 568 KB, 1920x1080, 238840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have generic PC controller for playing
>Works perfectly
>Don't use it for a month or so
>Next time I plug it in and try to play everything works perfectly except

The right stick is rotated to the right. When I press "up" it detects "right", when I press "right" it detects "down" and so on. Other than that it works perfectly. I tried recalibrating is through steam and through windows but nothing seems to work, please help, any suggestion as to how to approach this issue is appreciated, and yeah I already reinstalled the drivers.

>> No.69682249

My life is a lie

>> No.69682274

What will keep German roaches out of a laptop?
>inb4 clean up after yourself, they're in the fucking walls and have been since before I moved in.
>also inb4 peppermint oil, I don't have any right now and I just cleaned the thing out again and would like to keep it that way

>> No.69682330
File: 59 KB, 640x640, 50215733_171053857196109_3914107133780557906_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is a good pre-owned/used price for a 1080ti? im thinking like $550 should be a definite buy if possible. currently rocking a 1070, but 1440p 165hz is still kinda hard on it for some shit

>> No.69682343

Could anyone help me figure out what link I need to use in Nori (https://github.com/tjg1/nori) for it to work with unsplash?

>> No.69682359

Not really a "computer" or "electronics" tech question, but its a question nonetheless.

Do those "thermal curtains" work out fine? I just realized the windows in the house don't have a strong curtain that would insulate the house, as such I have to keep the heater on quite a lot to stay ~60 F. Without the heater, the rooms, where the windows(with flimsy curtains) are, get real cold. Any experiences?

>> No.69682367

G-Sync enable it, it should be fine with 1070. Fuck buying 1080ti used for $500. Fuck buying 2080 for $600.

>> No.69682512

already use gsync, doesnt make up for lost frames below 120fps mark when i start to really feel a degradation in performance

>> No.69682586

I'm using rivatuner trying to cap a specific program at 60fps, but my gsync monitor's framerate counter is still showing 165hz. what do?

>> No.69682635

Next thread:

>> No.69682663

Are C and C++ worth learning? Is there anything better than them? I keep hearing people say they're outdated.

>> No.69682717

is the program in fullscreen, if not enable windowed gsync

>> No.69682738

it is in fullscreen, and i also have windowed gsync enabled. it's Dolphin if that helps. i think project 64 has the same problem, it might be an emulator problem in general

>> No.69682763

check "use fullscreen" and "keep window on top"

>> No.69682815

Is there a mic guide? I'm looking at buying a new mic, and am looking for a nice, low to mid grade desktop mic for some hobby recording and potential video making.

>> No.69682908

nice, thanks. i had only googled the general problem rather than specifically for dolphin

>> No.69683059

how do i create a bootable usb for a rootfs.tar file ? I built the image, but all the tutorials im finding online are about .iso 's,

on debian distro, am hoping to boot a beagleboard x15 using the usb

>> No.69683436

I have an Asus prime x470 and was wondering how exactly do the two m.2 slots work.
I have a 500gb ssd in the top slot and wanted to buy a 1tb nmve drive. Does it matter which slot each are in?

>> No.69683755

*Drops you are data*

>> No.69684698

Currently have a GTX 980, would a 1070 be a significant upgrade or should I shell out for 1080/ti ?

Other specs:
>16gb RAM

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