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>hanging out with my friend
>ask him to install this app so we can play a game together
>"oh, sorry anon. it's not available on the apple store"
>ask him to just manually install the .apk or whatever from the internet
>"sorry anon, you can only download stuff from the apple store"

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Check em

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Based and debirupilled.

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>own iphone
>cant send files to my laptop with bluetooth
>cant transfer files via usb
>battery literally dies after 5h listening to music

i hope this thing breaks finally, so i cant get a good phone

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Holy shit

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Based, demonpilled and blessed by the Dark Lord himself.

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>you can only download stuff from the apple store
fucking faggots AHAHAHA

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>need to download itunes before you can move music over to your iphone
>meanwhile on android it's as simple as moving it into the music folder once its connected via usb

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checked and based

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Never forget the XR.
>720p LCD (It's liquid retina HD, goy!)
>Notch AND bezels
>No optical zoom
>No headphone jack
All of this is fine, however, until you realize
Just fucking imagine being an iToddler.

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>can't transfer files
This, what the fuck, when I found out that my sister, who owns iphone x has to upload files and then download them
Why the fuck you even need Bluetooth then
>2019, can't do USB file transfer
How anyone can defend iPhones for being innovative when it lacks basic functionality is beyond me

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>gf owns a ipajeetphone 5s
>slow as molasses, only 16gb so can't take any more pictures or install apps
>battery is crapping out, won't hold a charge anymore
>why can't she just get a phone from the past 5 years
>decide to lend a throaway chinkphone I use as mp3 player
>install a bunch of spyware beforehand to read her messages and track her location
>nothing of interest found, she's not cheating on me or talking shit behind my back
>mfw I secretly have a cuck fetish

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>gayms on phone
sucktania btfo himself

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Am I still an iToddler if all I had was a jailbroken iPod Touch?

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kys cuck wojakposter

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Getting music on and off an iPhone is truly painful

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>be itoddler
>be with your lover
>phone calls, reject call
>go home
>tell boyfriend you were at the gym
>"nice try, I called you with facetime and used it's flaw to watch you be unfaithful"

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You're a WOKE iToddler.

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>these digits


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based Sataniaposter

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holy shit no way

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>iPhone can't transfer files
This is just a joke right? It can't be real.

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iPhones don't support drag and drop? It's this real? Holy shit

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It's real. You need to use iTunes/iCloud for that.

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>Co worker do a movie on phone
>Asked how to get it on PC
>He says USB is slow and buggy
>Tell him to use SD card
>He says iPhones never had sd card support

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t. pajeet

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fake and gay (

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>The Apple logo is a satanic reference to the tree of knowledge
>Satania laughs at iToddlers

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>buttmad itoddler using ad homs to defend apple's retardation

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>The Apple logo is a satanic reference to the tree of knowledge
>iToddlers are dumb as rocks

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What's a file?

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>ipajeetphone 5s
Well it's fucking ancient, of course it's slow. Android devices from that time with 1GB or lower RAM capacity have slowed down too. Because apps hog more resources with every update.

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>Not being a fan of the Thot-B-Gone 9000

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>720p LCD
>no headphone jack
These alone make the XR not worth buying.

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my favourite passtime is watching itoddlers defend shit like this. the ammount of mental gymnastics required rivals olympic athletes

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>be poor
>have overdrawn bank account
>look at middle-class people's status symbols such as nice houses, cars and boats
>be jelly
>buy iPhone on credit to have something resembling a status symbol
>>eat garbage out of garbage-cans for months because you can't afford food
itoddlers actually do this

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literal fucking trashcan. apple is conducting an experiment to see how much retarded shit itoddlers will put up with before they've finally had enough

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>forget your password
>no problem, just enter root and blank password
it just werks

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stop. I can't breathe.

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>has to resync when connected.

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bumping a legendary satanic thread

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Want to hear a joke?

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Once, just this once, a Satania poster was based and redpilled.

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Cheque these numbers at the very right end of this unique post number

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File: 598 KB, 1080x606, Kevin Backhouse - Video of my PoC for CVE-2018-4407. It crashes any macOS High Sierra or iOS 11 device that is on the same WiFi network. No user interaction required.-1057352656560287746.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be happy Apple user
>invite Thinkpad neck-beard over for Netflix and chill
>neck-beard turns it on
>all your itoys crashes
never invite neck-beards

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It was already old when she got it, my gf wants to be an apple fag without being able to afford it

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You don't become apple fag in the first place if you can afford it

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>look guys i can crash a system i have complete control over herp derp
npc.jpg desu

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Desu is a raging faggot.

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>Am I still an iToddler
>owns iToy

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It'd crash any device on the same network as in any random apple thing in a house or office or cafe or whatever.

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I googled how to add pictures to an iPhone. Apparently, you have to use iTunes and you can only select a folder and not individual files to add. What the hell?

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It's good for you. It's right for you. Apple knows best.
The filesystem is scary and dangerous.

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Ok then, post the script

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not op but https://github.com/Semmle/SecurityExploits/tree/master/apple/darwin-xnu/icmp_error_CVE-2018-4407

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Proven ITT that Apple is God's chosen

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>my sister bought the iPhone 8 Plus
>she wanted an iPhone for years
>tries to download music from the internet but the music doesn't show in her players
>she gives me the iPhone and asks me to put some music in it
>iPhone not recognized by the PC
>tries to update the drivers
>still nothing
>turns out you have to download 3rd party programs to transfer stuff to your iPhone
>download program
>it asks me to pay money for the pro version otherwise i'll be able to transfer only 5 files at time
>crack said program
>i can't select each file manually, have to select 1 folder at time
>transfering stuff takes ages
>her earpods broke
>she asks me for mines
>she realizes there is no headphone jack
>can't download movies from internet etc. directly on her phone, i have to download them on my PC first and then transfer them
>mfw /g/ pilled douchebag

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My brother has to charge it to 100% every time he wants to watch a movie, otherwise the battery runs out before it finishes

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>the Dark Lord himself laughs at iToddlers

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You don't have to be satanic to laugh at how stupid Apple is, anon.

God's chosen is TempleOS.

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>be iPhone user
>be iPhone user

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absolutely demonic

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based. keep ritualposting against iProduct users

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I just finished watching this anime today, now I'm sad.

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Funniest part is Satania herself would be the perfect target for Apple's marketing: a dumbass who buys products based on nothing but marketing hype.

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Thank you based Satania.

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t. has never used cydia impactor

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>Mock apple for their horrendous hardware
>Turns out their software makes their hardware look good

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is it time yet?

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So close

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>tfw fucked by duplicate image filter

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how will they ever recover?

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>play minecraft with my friend on the daily
>have crappy packard hell pre-build for 600 eurobux.
>rebranded gt9500 or some shit, Q8200, 250w fsp group psu, wd green pos drive,4gb kingston innit.
>friend whomstve just bought a fairly new 1600 euro iMac (it was on sale w0w).
iMac shits the bed when either multitasking or playing mc when its raining in-game.
Meanwhile I could maintain 120 fps easily even with rain in mc+multitasking.
Also his wireless mouse died when I visited most of time even though he kept boasting about its "futuristic" design even though it felt like picking up a credit card with oven mitts on.

>> No.69667341

I remember someone unironically defending that by saying "it charges to fast so you dont need to keep it on the charger for long"
like fucker if i have to stop using my mouse because of a shit charge port location then its a shit mouse

>> No.69667354

Except what she buys actually works as intended. She would probably hate applefags because of how weak minded and gullible they are to buy the same product but with a different name over and over again.

>> No.69667371

It doesnt help that HFS+ corrups harddrive data that goes past the 2TB limit because they couldnt bother to rewrite the system to handle little endieness

>> No.69667449

exactly. then itoddlers say shit like: "hurr durr if they put it at the front of the mouse people would just keep it plugged in and that would defeat the purpose of the mouse being wireless." isn't that still better than the mouse being useless if it runs out of batteries because it needs to be charged from the bottom?

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took the words right out of my mouth

>> No.69667592

>"sorry anon, you can only download stuff from the apple store"
What really? You're making shit up there is no way they're that cucked.

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File: 65 KB, 577x537, if you only knew how bad things really are.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 43 KB, 960x711, faggot bat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>Why the fuck you even need Bluetooth then
To connect your queer pods wirelessly

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No get
Nice shibe Sif tho

>> No.69667698

>posting threads about people every day but they never think about you
Rent free

>> No.69667716

This is fake right?

>> No.69667828

you fucking moron
thats like asking how many sand grains there are in the Sahara.

>> No.69667850

Wait fucking what?

>> No.69667860

>no root password
As it should be /s

>> No.69667900

NextStep Died for shit like this
fucking hell Apple

>> No.69668005

HFS+ uses big endian format, but every x86 CPU (and I'm guessing arm) uses a little endian format. They could have just re-written, but they didn't, so EVERY SINGLE syscall has to byteswap the addresses. It's a joke.

>> No.69668074

I wonder byteswaping the addresses of every syscall fucks with the machine''s performance.

Also iirc didnt Itunes (when it came to windows) ship with a bunch of Mac OSX code just to run it in windows because they couldn't be bothered to rewrite it's code to remove it's mac os dependency

>> No.69668090

You can only officially download stuff from the apple store, but you can sideload apps for a week at a time with a free account, all you need to do is just plug your phone in once a week to install the ipa.
And of course if you jailbreak, there are anti revoke methods that let you do it forever.

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>roommate has iphone
>riding in car with him
>dongle with audio cable and charger
>dongle so heavy it falls out when we hit a bump
>phone drops 10% battery in the 30 seconds it's unplugged

>> No.69668115

did he have to buy a new dongle after it fell out?

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>I wonder byteswaping the addresses of every syscall fucks with the machine''s performance.

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Holy fuck
Those bastards love to fuck everything up
Excuse me while I die of laughter

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this is really annoying, but i use plex so it stopped being annoying :^)

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Debiru and satanic trips. She is here

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i want to feed satania

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Why is she so cute bros?

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Definitely real but it was patched already

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>make encrypted partition on macbook
>dont use it for a while
>forgot password
>all my most important documents stored in there
>press hint button
>just gives me the encrypted partition's password
wtf i love apel now!

>> No.69669057

I own an iPhone and thought this mouse was retarded before they put the charging port on the bottom. That's just the retarded icing on the retarded cake.

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Stop complaining and buy our adapters goy!
We KNOW what's BEST for you!

>> No.69669122

do you think you'll ever get laid? serious question.

>> No.69669146

That shit's hilarious!

>> No.69669191

fuck that would be have been so good

>> No.69669233

posting in epic debiru thread

>> No.69669469

>Moderately priced and attractive mp3 player with a decent DAC, great screen and physical controls
>Rockbox lets you play everything from FLAC files to Doom
>lmao fuck you consumers enjoy your giant touchscreens faggot

Years later and I'm still fucking salty.

>> No.69669782

>presentation for class
>group brings macbook to project keynote
>oh noes, we have forgotten adapter #5144416 to output via VGA

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>but they never think about you
LMAO sure is that why half of /g/ catalog are apple bait threads? are all of them android users being epic troles?

>> No.69670002

>at work
>colleague near answers his phone
>Hi Sarah how are you
>his iphone replies in a loud robotic voice I am fine thanks for asking
>this happens two more times

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>> No.69670276

will thinking that satania-sama isn't cute help to get me laid?


>> No.69670351

this thread is so autistic it's actually unbelievable

>> No.69670364

They need Bluetooth as a discovery method for their proprietary Wi-Fi Direct based transfer method. It's faster but not compatible with non-Apple devices, making it useless.

>> No.69670430

Real talk, what tabletti should I buy to replace my 9 year old iPad. Main use being reading manga and Exhentai.

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HP Elite x2.

>> No.69670674


>1600€ pad for shitpost g and porn reading


>> No.69670753

>he's never heard of weeb chicks before
I almost feel bad for you

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File: 258 KB, 1280x720, kek satania blurred.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my fucking sides

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>> No.69670866

Any chinkblet will do.

>> No.69670873

I am an itoddler and cannot defend this.

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>if you don't know every /g/ meme you're a newfag

>> No.69670975

Unis fault for not using a modern projector.
Stop being broke.

>> No.69671007

go and stay go reddit scum

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File: 58 KB, 577x435, wherever I am, I must also check 'em.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and satanpilled

>> No.69671055

>need to download itunes
Nope. Works with Rhythmbox. iTunes isn't even available outside of macOS.

>> No.69671065

Absolutely true.
Had to use an iPad for work, had to transfer a couple of screenshots to a Windows computer.
It was a fucking pain in the ass, I think it took me almost an hour and I had to go spelunking into apps system folders to find the files.
What I realized is that iDevices are not file-centric as all other informatics systems but are app-centrics

You don't have to think "what do I use for this file" but instead just use the app and let it handle the files as it wishes

It's an abysmal inversion of logic that makes no sense if not to let idiots be able to use a computer even if their brains are actually too underdeveloped to do it.

>> No.69671206

Raid on Mac forums when?

No. iToddler trash are those that spend top dollar everytime a new ishit product drops, or idiots that purchase overpriced and underperforming macbooks. They're the people that get butthurt and go on dmg control when you call Apple out for being a shit company.

>> No.69671223

based and Sataniapilled

>> No.69671246

as soon as we do it.

>> No.69671270


I would have just emailed it to myself before telling the IT admin to buy some useful fucking hardware next time

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how will ipajeets ever recover?

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>> No.69671428

>iTunes isn't even available outside of macOS.

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I'm doing ok.

>> No.69671444

You know you can re-read posts, right?

>> No.69671451

The point he was making was that iTunes is available for Windows.

>> No.69671456

I meant real operating systems. Unix and Unix-like.

>> No.69671500

Adapters are one of the best scams there is. What I love the most is that there are people who defend that. Rationalization of a purchase a its finest. Loving that.

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>tells anime posters to go to /a/
>calls other people redditors

>> No.69671589

bumping a based thread

>> No.69671785

How will iToddlers ever recover?

>> No.69671831

You realize negative publicity is still publicity right.
Half of you anti-apple faggots are apple shills in disguise, practicing reverse-psychology.

You can't fool me faggots.

>> No.69672179

not really. after seeing anons expose shit like this
my opinion of applel became even worse

>> No.69672279

Where do you think you are iToddler?

>> No.69672392

Maybe, but when there's enough negative shit about your products flying around then it will start eating into your sales, especially since this is an industry with no shortage of competing products. This is especially true when their entire image is built on their products being of higher quality and "just werking".

>> No.69672410


>> No.69672450
File: 2.08 MB, 1291x925, apple-soyboy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69672474


>> No.69672493
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>> No.69672727
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>> No.69673054


>> No.69673150


>> No.69673179

Give me her number. I'll get her to fuck me behind your back and I'll tell about how much of a fucking pussy you are until she joins in, my bro. I'd do that for you.

>> No.69673180
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>Satan trips

>> No.69673337


>> No.69673370

>it would defeat the purpose of it being a wireless mouse
I think there's just one retard spouting that in any thread where the defense position mouse gets posted. The sentence doesn't even mean anything, it's just something he reads off a script.
His second best line was that, since putting the port at the front would allow for the mouse to be wired and wireless, too much choice can be harmful for the use. This is all quotes.

>> No.69673388

>apple shills post 20 threads a day about "Damnnnnnn unix looks like thaaaaaaaat?"
>they totally don't care bro

>> No.69673443

me on the right

>> No.69673489

ITT: butthurt applel users who think they can use Alinsky-esque ridicule with any credible effect.

>> No.69673600

I think it was some Undertale shit.

>> No.69673624

satania is so cute, I downloaded this series just because of her

>> No.69673685
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>> No.69673838


AirDrop or iCloud Drive.
Or iTunes has file transfer on a per-app basis.

This "iPhone can't transfer files" meme is just coming from idiots who don't know how anything works.

>> No.69674236


>> No.69674452


>> No.69674507

>watching movies on phone

>> No.69674544

The best part of your post is that iToddlers can't see it.

>> No.69674623

iToddlers can't see wembs? you're shitting me. no way can applel be this cucked.

>> No.69674679

Neither iOS nor macOS support webm by default. You have to use extra programs to watch them.

>> No.69674698

Safari doesn't support WebMs by default (Apple is basically boycotting Google's answers to MPEG codecs). I believe you can install codec packs to add support though.

>> No.69674737
File: 121 KB, 478x318, NPC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"sorry anon, you can only download stuff from the apple store"
Great, it means that iphones are secure and dont get viruses.

>> No.69674769
File: 663 KB, 1280x720, kek satania red blurred.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just when I thought applel couldn't get any more cucked. being an iToddler is a diagnosable mental illness at this point.

>> No.69674782
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>> No.69674799

they also lack basic functionalities

>> No.69674816
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>> No.69674820
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iOS is a virus.

>> No.69674828

Such as? What can't I do with an iPhone that I can do with my Android phone?

Anything meaningful? or just busywork like managing all your own applications out of store and installing replacement application launchers. It is a phone. No point in wasting any time fucking around with it.

>> No.69674843

you can't even download stuff from anywhere other than the app store

>> No.69674868
File: 45 KB, 599x655, reddit sign fatso.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sees someone making fun of literal retards because it's funny

>> No.69674884

Can you download files and share them through Bluetooth?

>> No.69674935

I always liked the early macOS and those laptops Apple made in 2000s. Those were good and intuitive unix machines. I don't understand their recent market strategies at all, as well as that sudden quality dump. And I never understood the appeal of iPhones and iPods.

>> No.69674944


>> No.69674967
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While it's laughable that Apple devices can't show any webm it's worth noting that 4chan still can't do VP9. It also looks like Microsoft products have this problem.

>> No.69674972


>> No.69675020
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>> No.69675033

Iphones had this since like ios 3.1.2. It was called bump, I don't think it exists anymore. Probably there is some other app now that does the same thing.

>> No.69675038

Shh, ignore my tripcode, I'm just using it to find my posts later. I don't even use a name as you can see. You're free to filter it. Oh, you probably don't know how

>> No.69675050

Fuck off dumb fuck

>> No.69675052

how do you not remember what you posted?

>> No.69675054

That doesn't sound like a feature to me. Hunting down updates for every single manually installed APK is not fun. There is F-Droid, but that application is a bit fiddly to use too. Installing with F-Droid is fine, but I don't think it handles updates that well.

Don't know. Haven't used bluetooth since I got rid of my Symbian S60 phone and got one with Android. Is that even a relevant feature anymore? Back then I used bluetooth only to sync my contacts with my laptop. These days I just use carddav (I still don't get why I need a third party utility to configure and add carddav accounts to an android phone).

Helped lots of customers pair their phones with their bluetooth devices tho. The features they needed worked just fine regardless of phone.

>> No.69675063

Actually there is airdrop which is built in.

>> No.69675080

do you recall all 5000+ shitposts you make a day?

>> No.69675139

why do you need to recall so many?

>> No.69675147

my Rabbi will get angry if i dont meet my quota.

>> No.69675272
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>> No.69675323

Microsoft has always been really bad when it comes to native codec support.

>> No.69675369
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>> No.69675479
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>> No.69675574
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so if you use one of those apps you can move files to and from an iphone?
know what app i have to use for my S9? a USB cable

>> No.69675609
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Based apple not charging to fix a hardware defect.

>> No.69675645
File: 8 KB, 210x240, 0135794038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what features does an android phone have over an iphone?
>this feature
>that doesn't sound like a feature
itoddlers in denial

>> No.69675720


>> No.69676180



>> No.69676366

More waste of time sure must be a great feature when you're unemployed. I just want to make my damn calls, then put my phone away. It is not my PC. Never cared that I could install my own APK files on my phone.

>> No.69676409

So this is what indian anime looks like

>> No.69676420

a feature that you don't use is still a feature retard

>> No.69676677

That still doesn't make it useful

>> No.69676852

>i don't use something so it's useless
ok genius have fun with your flip phone while the rest of the world leaves you behind

>> No.69676909

Having to do dishes isn't a feature.

>> No.69676942
File: 1.48 MB, 640x360, Satania doorbell.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69676975

If you bully the debiru, do you go to heaven or hell?

>> No.69676999
File: 168 KB, 671x603, 1531019975471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Based Satania
>Post webm where Satania gets BTFO

>> No.69677000

who the fuck said you had to use every single feature on a modern phone? you don't gotta do shit if you don't wanna

>> No.69677087
File: 202 KB, 1434x1183, 1534811349900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want to bully satania's cunny

>> No.69677105
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>> No.69677196

Upsidedown Satan, you always want to bully Satania.

>> No.69677210

kill yourself

>> No.69677217

People seem to bring out that one "non-feature" as if it is a great victory for Android and makes iPhones absolutely useless. The majority of people out there will never load their own APKs. I wonder how many people actually do load their own APKs, instead of using the Play store.

There are much more important features to focus on, and I think either platform will have you covered on the more important ones.

>> No.69677218
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N-Not true!

>> No.69677232

>hey friends let's play a game on our phone ^_^
this is the demographics of /g/

>> No.69677243

whatever helps you sleep at night in your itoddler crib

>> No.69677311

Wtf is dis real?

>> No.69677321
File: 592 KB, 814x1210, 1530642500279.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Satania was made for bullying, so it's ok.

>> No.69677338

t. Gabu

>> No.69677351

I'm definitely not thinking about my phone when I sleep.

Tbh. been thinking about switching to iPhone for a while, but having to use iTunes bothers me. That is the one thing that properly kills the iPhone for me.

>> No.69677404
File: 630 KB, 1568x1858, 1520676271757.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did you know?

>> No.69677420

based and devilpilled

>> No.69677423


>> No.69677453
File: 81 KB, 750x750, 1533035185527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because you always bully me

>> No.69677565
File: 111 KB, 1280x720, 1522312959990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend super proud of his new AirPods®
>go to a party
>he lost one of them
>he foes to an apple store
>had to buy a new pair instead of only replacing one
>later found out that he could have bought just one but now it's too late to return his new pair

>> No.69677646
File: 21 KB, 774x144, TwoiPhonesMR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.69677699
File: 1.78 MB, 2047x1447, 1524868427410.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And you love it!

>> No.69677762
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>> No.69677772

Iv been trying every day anon

>> No.69677800


>> No.69677906 [DELETED] 
File: 59 KB, 644x364, Winning as usual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How any Xs' did you slap out of their hands in 960fps today Sonybros?

>> No.69677991
File: 59 KB, 644x364, Winning as usual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many Xs' did you slap out of their hands in 960fps today Xperiabros?

>> No.69678016

>removable battery
>a feature that one would look forward to having


oh wait

>> No.69678203


Chuwi Hi13 on sale:

>> No.69679106

another applel bread

>> No.69680168

Jesus christ I fucking hate apple and 2019.

>> No.69680187

I still can't believe they actually did this

>> No.69680209

Adapters in theory should be amazing. Providing forwards and backwards compatibility for things. Got a new monitor but your old machine isn't compatible? Good news! There's an adapter! Unfortunately apple that pulls scams like this.

>> No.69680615

absolutely devilpilled

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