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What do you think of AMD being openly pro anime?

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I don't care

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I want one of those.

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Didn't need another reason to buy AMD for the rest of my life, but that will do

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It's sad how desperate they are for some market share

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Because intel's never done anime art?

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theyre all weebs then

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I like the girls' dresses, but the character design could use some improvement. The processor could have been incorporated more elegantly. As it is, it looks slapped on. I'd also prefer them to not be afflicted with 2010s anime noselessness, though that is probably too much to ask.

Was this their mainstream ad campaign, or did they have separate ads targeting anime websites like 4chan?

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Just tells me now that AMD is run by pedophiles. Not like it matters to me, I don't use AMD anyway since I'm not poor.

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so where can I get one of these?

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is this legit? I will buy a CPU just for the mousepad

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I am jealous because they're only openly pro-anime in Asia

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Only for Malaysia or Singapore.
Japan has a sakura background one.

I can't get hold of the original image to print my own...

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it's not fair

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So desperate they even cater to degenerates just to dispose their sandy bridge equivalent cpu

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If you don't like anime, leave 4channel.

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I found a leddit thread from like 6 months ago with some extracted and scaled versions of it:


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Yeah I've seen those, it just doesn't have the original japan sakura one, the original one doesn't have that cheap tacky looking blue background.

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what the hell I love AMD now

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Amada or riot.

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based and redpilled

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I get it that imgur is like reddit's image hosting service, but who puts a week worth of effort into creating high resolution images only to upload them to a site that recompresses large images to save bandwidth?

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Makes me like them even more.

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>have both an amd cpu and gpu
>no mousepad


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>Not Amada Kokoro
sorry I just can't get behind these new run-of-the-mill unoriginal AMD girls

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I love ke anime, but I personally think that amd products are trash.
With that said I'll probably still buy amd.

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Why dont anime have noses?

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I will always buy Nvidia™ because I only play games The Way It's Meant to be Played™. Nvidia also pioneers innovative new technologies like PhysX™, Gameworks™ and the highest quality driver to ever grace Windows.

When I boot up with a brand new Nvidia™ Geforce™, I can experience the game just like it's meant to be played. Nvidia™ also delivers a far more smooth experience.

Nvidia Geforce™ is also very power efficient. A graphic card is the most power hungry device in your house. Refrigerators, AC units, water heaters, dishwashers, lights, etc all use significantly less power than a graphic card. Which is why Nvidia™ puts gamers first by ensuring that their gaming experience is of the highest quality while looking out for gamers by giving them the most value in their electrical bill

At this point in time, there's really no reasons to consider an AMD graphic card at all. I tried one one time, it caused so much heat that it exploded. It also consumed so much power that it gave on an EMP and destroyed the rest of my computer.

Nvidia™ also pioneered how useless GPGPU is with CUDA™. Years ago, everyone thought GPGPU, CUDA™, and OpenCL were the future. Now, Nvidia™ has removed those useless features from their GPUs and increased efficiency. Now you can save thousands a year in electricity thanks to Nvidia™ ensuring that useless features like GPGPU are "optimized" for gamers.

It's quite clear that OP's an AMD shill trying to convince you to settle on something less than The Way It's Meant to be Played™. Nvidia™ is the only real way to play games. We have seen recently that they offer incredible libraries for software developers like Nvidia Gameworks. He is probably too poor to afford the Nvidia Geforce Experience and can not afford to play any games The Way It's Meant To be Played™.

Don't be a poor gamer with bad drivers and a huge power bill. Play games with the Geforce™ Experience™: The Way It's Meant To Be Played™

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Well, You're not wrong.

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>Buying -anything- manufactured overseas
fucking plebs.
Every single part of my computer was manufactured in america, even the raw materials were mined out of (south) american mines.
It must be terrible being poor, and knowing that your computer was built from the ground up by starving chinese children.

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Noses don't convey a lot of emotion. When talking to a person you don't look at a nose to tell what they're feeling. Like, ever. The exaggerated mouths, oversized eyes, and eyebrows that seem to be visible through hair are used extensively, along with dramatically oversaturated cheeks to produce emotion that always seems to be in a state of hyperbole. So, yeah. Anime 101: overstate the eyes, mouths, & brows. Forget the nose unless you're going all out as an artistic choice.

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Nvidias budget, and gaming cards are capable of CUDA now, and made it more accessible to everyone.

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Unbased and cringepilled

>t.Vega 56 + 1600X owner

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