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My GF drank the apple koolaid and it's annoying the fuck out of me.
What can I do /g/?
Is there anything i can do about it. Most of the time it's a really wholesome quality relationship but every so often she brings up apple and tells me I'm a chump for using Androids and windows.
Her only arguments are pretty much that all "tech companies" use apple, she means graphic designers and that a buddy of hers who studied IT prefers apple.

What do.

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Break up with her.

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install gentoo

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.45 to the face

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Tip water on her devices and any following replacement, after awhile she will start to view them as buggy pieces of shit that "randomly" break down all the time

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unironically install linux and dump her
in that order

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Join her as well. Once you've gone Apple, you can never go back to anything every again. The quality of Apple products is just comparable.

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Given the choice between a chinkpad and a macbook, I'd pick the macbook too

a lot of corporate products don't work on linux, so working with linux is out of the question.

if you're in IT you're inevitably gonna do shit with the console, and there's no question that powershell and cmd suck ass.

with bash and homebrew mac os gives you a professional linux-like environment.

to summarize: there is no reason to get a chinkpad. and if you're already on the mac train you might as well get an iphone.

tl;dr: stop whining and get a real job.

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Does she have a roastie vag? If so she isn't a real woman, she's a man pretending to be a woman.

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My (Debian) MacBook Air is from 2011 and based. My iPhone 6 is from 2014 and is based.

If she wants Apple buy her the best second hand Apple and if she complains remind her vagina is second hand too. Problem fixed. Sorted. IPSO FACTO.

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You pretty much are a chump for using proprietary software tho

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>wholesome quality
>calls you a chump for phone/OS choice
got some bad news for you son...

"tech companies" use apple....
yea, a lot of companies do, not just tech companies. ANY company which has any kind of proprietary information or data is pretty much going to use Apple stuff, at least for phones. Blackberry would in many ways be a better option so thats dead. Those places that used to hand out blackberries now hand out iphones.

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She's not the problem, you are. Like a badly trained dog she does not know her place because you're a limp-wristed beta "man." If you were fucking her right she wouldn't be going against you and talking to other "industry guys" she'd be home making you food and sucking your dick, to occupied with fulfilling her role rather than having passive-aggressive arguments about meaningless things with her snarky girlfriend (you). Don't worry that Apple-using Chad that's lying to her the way she likes it will soon dick her better than you and she'll leave you and your electronic toys to get pumped and dumped by him.

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She's right.

If you think Windows is better than any version of macOS you unironically have brain damage.

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i bet you start every argument about it

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not enough info; fwiw you could be a borderline applefag or - even worse - a gayming winbabby.

From what you state, though, your GF is pretty much unable to argue properly - which alone should be a solid reason to dump her; if there's no intellectual parity in a couple then it's pretty much a dead relationship, because you either end up like a homeowner and a cleaning maid/fucktoy or break up soon.

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>I'm a chump for using Androids and windows.
You are. Windows is far, far worse than macOS. Android is as bad as iOS. You are a retarded faggot.

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Give her a good spanking

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Call her and her retard friends brain dead troglodytes right back. The thing you have to understand about normie retards is they don't care about objective fact or reason, only image. Hit them where it hurts, call them out for the retards they are, mock them, denigrate them, ridicule them, give them what they deserve.

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He can't really mock her when he uses Windows, which is much worse.

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>much worse
Nothing is worse than the objective steaming heap of shit that is fagOS.

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That's quite funny actually, just put a few drops in at night, then one day when she's using it it will just go bust.

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You don't even need to do that. They break on their own just fine.

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>wholesome quality relationship
>with a subhuman brainlet

I have a wholesome quality relationship with my onahole, but I really wouldn't go so far as to consider it sentient much less a gf.

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Have you ever considered that you might be a chump?

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>implying you are any better for using windows
please return to the reddits

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These followed by >>69588188
Rub it in as hard as you can. If she ever gives you shit, call out her hypocrisy. It can go two ways after that.
A) She bows to the alpha and you tame her and make her into a proper woman.
B) She denies her double standards, at which point you've more than enough justifiable reason to dump her ass on the spot.

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Windows is. Windows isn't even POSIX compliant.

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>Windows isn't even POSIX compliant.
That's how utter fucking shit macos is, that it actually manages to be worse.

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What makes it worse?

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Unironically, this.
Just be like "look, i have my preferences and you have your preferences. i'm fine discussing why we each chose what we chose but i don't need this frequent nagging about my preference. just let it rest or i'm out".

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Had a friend travel to Canada one time. Had her Mac in a bag in the trunk, and ended up too busy to ever use it. Took it out maybe one time to check a work email, and left in the backseat on the way back. She came home and it was dead. Applel store tried to claim she spilled water on it because the moisture sensors tripped. Macs are fucking trash.

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The very first time she did that should've been the one and only time it was allowed. Stop being a beta bitch pussy boy and taking her abuse, man up and tell her to shut up or fuck off.

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Nah you're just hating on apple because muh macfag. There's plenty of valid reasons to despise apple but macOS is one of the things they've actually done right.

This definitely is the mature thing to do.

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>one of the things they've actually done right.
Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.

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Explain what is actually wrong with it, you wintoddler.

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Explain why you shit in the street iPoojeet.

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Okay, you're just a shill. Good to know. Enjoy your windows trash.

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Keep posting that image, macOS is a perfectly fine OS though I do choose use various GNU/Linux distributions over it.
Using Michaelsoft Binbows makes you no better.

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That just makes me sad.

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Windows has about 95% desktop market share in India and 98% of the mobile market is Android. Nice try.

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>post proof fagOS is steaming shit
>b-b-b-but u must love wangbloz if u haet muh froot toyOS!!!

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No, he's a known troll. His name is wintoddler.

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>perfectly fine
Back to /r/eddit street shitter.

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My wife uses an iphone
At every opportunity, when she complains about ads and having to pay for seemingly miniscule things that are free on android, I simply shrug and say, "Wow, that sucks." without mentioning my phone... ever.
She's getting a Samsung phone on her next upgrade.

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Nothing can be done and I think zoophilia is a crime in certain states

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Post the real one, winjeet.

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>My GF
ask reddit and then kys

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Well so far all you've posted are lol ebin meme images and now you're using le back to rebbit argument as well.
I hope you don't actually think I buy apple products.

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There's a reason why the saying "never stick your dick in crazy" exists.

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Rape her violently to show dominance

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