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>build a new computer with AMD parts on the recommendation of many fa/g/gots
>Ryzen 7, RX 580, SSD, the werks
>gaymes are fine, vid production is fine
>discover fatal flaw
>have to physically press the power button to wake it from sleep
>can't configure it to wake up from a keyboard press
>MFW my intel build was capable of this

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I have a 2400G with two SSDs, two HDDs, and a Nitro+ 580
I don't have this issue

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That's what you get for playing vidya like a five year old and I have no sympathy for you

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>software issue

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This post was written by a Real Man™

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I have an it 4690k that didn't have this problem until a couple weeks ago. Must have been some retarded windows update.

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Video games are for children.

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>le ebin antigaymer spam :DD

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>gamers spam off-topic shit on /g/ when they should be on /v/
>bitch about anti-gamer spam when people call them out on being insufferable manchildren

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>have to physically press the power button to wake it from sleep
Who the fuck still put your computer to sleep? Disable that shit unless you're using a laptop and run your computer on all day like men.

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what did he mean by this?

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Fuck off, gamer manchild. Go back to your own board.

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you first

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I am not trying to discuss anime.

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>I can't figure out how to configure it and the defaults aren't to my liking
have you considered reading your motherboards manual or searching for help with your particular BIOS's settings?

I'll even give you some pointers, if ERP2013 or other "ERP" settings are enabled then you won't be able to wake it from sleep with USB devices or use them to charge phones or whatever when it's off. Make sure that's disabled then look for settings named something like "wake up from sleep" and make sure USB is enabled. It should be in a menu where you can select other stuff like wake up from network event and so on.

Hardware isn't at fault here, the error is between your keyboard and your chair.

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nigger I live in the Union of Socialist Sodomite Republics where electricity is about a dollar a kilowatt hour, my PC eats through $2/day just idling
These posts brought to you by Gillette™ Toxic Masculinity Division

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You think gamers are masculine? The opposite is quite true.

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Did it start after you made a hardware swap?

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>retard makes tech support thread in disguise
this is how low can nufags can go

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You're a dumb nigger.

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Use a raspberry Pi instead then if it cost too much and stop complaining.
I pay 0.46c per kWh and still run my computers on all day

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OP wasn't strictly shitposting about gaymes either, yet here we are

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He shouldn't have mentioned his gay little toys at all.

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Learn how to configure the BIOS and then come back you mongoloid. Also install Gentoo.

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I know how to configure BIOS and I checked that box before I made this thread, my faggot. This is not a tech support thread, its an AMD is trash thread.

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pebkac you dumb /v/igger

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You're an idiot who won't admit it or a liar.

Now tell us exactly what motherboard you supposedly have so we can laugh at you for being an idiot who can't figure it out even when you're told exactly what you need to do.

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I realize that you may be a homosexual, but for most people going into the BIOS settings and allowing hardware peripherals to wake the computer is not rocket science. I already went down that road, like I said, my faggot.

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>shit what are these nerds talking about
>bios what? better look it up on jewgle
You reek of dumb /v/tard.

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I await your apology, my opinionated homosexual detractor.

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>cant set power profiles on a new system
>thinks its the cpu's fault

low level bait

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I have the same specs and no problem.
You're a moron.

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Plenty of time to check the manual. Doesn't make you less of a /v/tard.

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Disable your PS/2 legacy shit, you goddamn cuck.

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>Ram at 2133MHz
>B450 Tomahawk

Regardless, what OS are you running?

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Is your bios version 1.20 or above? (1.21 beta is apparently below 1.20)

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Yeah I want to upgrade my RAM but I'm a poorfag so what can you do? I'm running Wincucks 10, but I also have Ubuntu, although I don't know why anyone would use Ubuntu at this point unless they're a fugitive from justice.

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Ah I see. See if there is a bios update. I know other people with similar setups have had that issue too and updating the bios helped some of them.

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>can't configure it to wake up from a keyboard press

Its in mobo setting you retard

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>>>/v/ gaymerfag.
Agreed but coming from a weeaboo it seems silly.
Posting a weeb jpeg is the same, don't force your lame weeaboo kiddie diddler bullshit on us.
Go back to being a winfag then, we have enough contrarians on here already.

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>Posting a weeb jpeg is the same
So people who post reaction images from television and film should be banned to /tv/? Same for sports? Should candid shots be banned to /p/?

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They should be tech related not weebfaggotry.

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Define tech related.

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And you shouldn't have mentioned your gay little girl cartoons.

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I didn't.

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Technology look it up in a dictonary you retard.

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Oh, you're just trolling.

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Have you tried OCing your ram, my 2133mhz ram kit runs at 3000mhz

And whoever the gay nerd and weeb are, stop fighting girls and kiss

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>windows issue
>hurr AMD

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Reset power profiles to default, reboot, set them again.
See if that fixes anything

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I have not and am not sure that I am able to OC the RAM. I got it from a pre-built, 16GB are Samsung and the other 8 are Hynix. I'd like to be able to do it but I seem to recall having learned that it is not possible with my sticks. Could be wrong on that though.
I was able able to fix it after messing with the power manager and some BIOS settings that are not to intuitive.

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uhh, i have an intel CPU and Nvidia GPU, i have to do this

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what the fuck
it's so easy to bait /g/ into tech support...
just pretend to be angry about something they like
fucking cucks

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Just a tip: You could upgrade your BIOS. You are using a really old one.

That could help. On a more general note, I have come across some MSI systems (older, not Ryzen based) that would only wake up from sleep by keyboard when the keyboard was connected to USB2.

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Weak bait.
I can wake up my 2400G gear using literally anything.
Power button, keyboard, mouse press, timer, magic packet, network pattern, you name it.
OP just bought a shit baseline tier mobo instead of a business one.

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Sir, are you te only one using this compuer?

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some ram is just FUcked
there is a tool in the wild, ryzen Dram calculator that seems to help with frequencies
might give it a shot again

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Or you could just spend the 3 second to put it to sleep and wake it, why the fuck would you waste electricity and money you fucking retard. and you have the gall to try and tell others to be as retarded as you

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> bait.
OP asks for tech support and should be banned desu.

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it's tape

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you need to enable that in the bios, retard. works fine for me.

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He didn't ask for anything, if you read the post. You should be banned for filing a misclassified or false report, if you did.

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anime website.

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What OS? I didn't have that problem on Windows 10 at all. On some Linux distros, I get it that issue, but if you're gaymen, you sound like a Windows 10 user. Maybe you fucked something up.

tl:dr; pebcak

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are you seriously this retarded to not realize what OP is doing?
can't you fucking see other his posts replying to posts which are trying to help him fix?
are you really this literal?

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Sleep is useless on modern OS waking it is no faster than just booting from scratch.

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Update your motherboard firmware
Actually install chipset drivers
Make sure windows knows what hardware it has (a clean install is the easiest way to do this)
>ps/2 keyboard

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Never had any issues with sleep mode on my PC. I'm using a ryzen 1600.

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>all these giving tech support
Kill yourselves

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but he didn't, you went full sperg.

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oh hi slav nigger

which gaymez are you playing?

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a slav nigger, to be precise

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What is your motherboard, faggot?

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He cant help it anon, taking shit literally is one of the defining traits of autism

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using sleep in the first place is flawed you nigger

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my amd cpu and board does this ????

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>Blaming AMD for a another company's shitty bios
I use a 990FX board with AMD and I can set to wake it from keyboard.

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Oui Monsieur
Squad, RS2, and some other single player shit like Witcher, Prey, etc
Read the thread, Horatio

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2700x owner with x470 gigabyte mobo here, works for me.

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