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Which one do you pick?

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Is there any reason to use case sensitive?

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In order to install hackintosh, the 5th, which will turn into the 1st anyways.

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the second one

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Building android from source requires case sensitive

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We have long passed 1993

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if you work with a lot of linux software it could come in handy

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Are ZFS or HAMMER2 totally not the options here?

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Did you ever use btrfs quota?

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Please keep your freetard excuses for filesystem's out of this thread. Thanks

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APFS is basically Apple's Btrfs.

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Serious question: is there a FUSE driver for hammer in macOS?

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*loses all your files*

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I agree with you mainly because I too use Linux.

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APFS case sensitive encrypted cause FUCK THA BOLICE

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ZFS or bust.

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New Technology File System

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Case sensitive MacOS Extended

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BeOS is eternal

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APFS (Case-sensitive, Encrypted) obviously. Why on Earth would you even consider the other options as choices?

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Can't use steam on case sensitive newfriend

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MacOs extended (Journaled), no idea why. I think that was the default.

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Agree. Some steam games (e.g. Civ VI) don’t work properly on case-sensitive drives

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>using a filesystem made by the same streetshitters that made HFS

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I don't get it

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Pajeets at Applel store your password as the hint and sent the hint to null.

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1 or 2, you'll always find some shit that doesn't work well with case sensitive

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>it's a mactoddler manchild thinks he or his manchild fruit toys belong on /g/ episode

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Linux and windows does not have this problem

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Case sensitive should always be used unless you know you're using some shit software that breaks on case-sensitive filesystems. Case insensitivity was a mistake and never should have happened.

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Virgin non-case sensitivity
>tries to work with everything
>used by everyone
>shitty zoomer tech
Chad case sensitive
>will break and not work for your shitty gaymes from /v/
>programs bend the knee to boomer wisdom from ancient times
>only a select few use it for everything

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