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>Developers from New Zealand score the highest (54.66%) on coding tests
>USA didn't even place top 10
>Sand niggers are better than amerifats

t. sad amerifat

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It's because we have lots of chinese and indian immigrants

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also, https://medium.freecodecamp.org/what-we-learned-about-2019-developer-hiring-trends-from-analyzing-112-654-coding-tests-b05a3ba0ca7b

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And yet we still make the most. Really makes you think

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Chinese are smart as fuck, though

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By "we" I mean New Zealand, geinus

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This ranking seems like an extremely well fabricated shitpost

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croatia confirmed better than serbia

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Stop being so ambiguous, imprecise tard.

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Stop assuming everyone is American

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The OP is about USA, though.
You're obviously a shit programmer to even make such an ambiguous statement. Never stepped foot in a university mathematics course.

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>The OP is about USA, though.

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>>Developers from New Zealand score the highest (54.66%) on coding tests
Nice. Now if only you didn't have to go that shithole known as Auckland to get a programming job.
Although I managed to luck out and get a remote job, and get the fuck away from there.

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I am aucklander studying software ama

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>01 Java is the most popular language devs are tested in (37%)
>02 70% of companies want to hire a JavaScript developer

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What proportion of your class is Chinese?
It's fucking bizarre how quickly the ratio drops off as you go south.

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everywhere in NZ that isn't Auckland feels like bumfuck hicksville

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did they get all the dojin soft makers or something?

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A lot Chinese but that's Auckland for you. I would say roughly 15~20%?

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>devs killer dot com

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>t. Townie faggot

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I haven't heard anyone talk like that in like 20 years
Leaving the city is like going backwards in time

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how the fuck? they must be using proxies

t. kiwi

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Which is why heaps of kiwis are leaving Auckland (check the census data).

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>the state of modern devs

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yeah all my neighbors are chinese now
cant say its really any worse than white nzers though
>heaps of kiwis
I can hear your accent from here

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>Buy house 10+ years ago for a reasonable price
>House is suddenly worth like 500% of what you paid for it
>Sell your house and leave, effectively earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.
I can't wait until the house prices inevitably crash.

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Only boomers could have done this

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Auckland is just a sprawling bumfuck hicksville.

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Well I mean after all New Zealand belongs to mainland china

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>What is sample size
Oh two small countries beating the rest, also kazakhstan in top 10. Should have nothing to do with the amount of results being used in these 'statistics' .

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v mad

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No shit. We'd rather have code monkey slave labor while scamming US citizen with meme degree and student loans.

Also a big reason is Immigrants would go beyond their job description because they are afraid of getting fired and sent back since once you get sent back to China it's almost impossible to be granted workers visa.

It's literally slavery.

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>Implying those faggots could pull themselves away from fucking sheep long enough to do any coding.

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Im also studying comp sci in auckland. about 40% at AUT.

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a lot of american businesses outsource their projects to places where people are paid less. anyway, that's besides the point of this thread.

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they got discipline. i'm really envious.

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Bro im in my last year of my degree. just got a job offer as a dev without even sending out a CV, i dont even study software dev, I study networking.. Aucklands desperate for devs

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very nice friend. Enjoy the work.

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>Anglo country which escaped EU immigration scored the highest on intelligence based career
How surprising

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people count SQL as a programming language?

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>US, Canada, Australia
>EU immigration

Not to mention if Britain got more Dutch programmers it'd clearly have a better programming workforce according to this study

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Alright, since there's clearly a lot of kiwis around, I have a question: How the FUCK do you get an entry level dev job in your country? I have a degree with good marks, a decent portfolio, a website, and I've applied for hundreds of jobs scattered through the ten biggest cities and beyond. Fucking NOTHING. I just want to emigrate from Australia to enjoy a cooler climate and get away from the ongoing corrupt trainwreck that is aussie government. God damn.

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why would anyone want to hire an Australian?

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Because I can demonstrably do the job well, there's an alleged tech worker shortage, and the trans tasman travel arrangement means there are no visa issues. Don't ask stupid questions.

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fuck off we're full

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That's my line, and I'm anglo anyway so shut your trap.

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I thought Australians were supposed to be able to handle banter

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Kiwi here.
Thanks for the encouragement in my future job seeking!

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>full serbia with kosovo intact

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I dunno, check back when my life isn't being wasted by incompetent recruiter fucktards and the government trying to force me into slavery. There's only so many years of that you can take before the humour gets ground out of you.

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Nowhere I've ever worked has.
DBA's are well respected though relative to something like a sysadmin.

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>full serbia
>not full yugoslavia

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who takes those coding tests, i wonder?

and who is good at rote memorisation of basic bitch "coding interview" questions

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>through the ten biggest cities and beyond. Fucking NOTHING. I just want to emigrate from Australia to enjoy a cooler climate and get away from the ongoing corrupt trainwreck that is aussie government. God damn.

Network bro its all about who you know. Go to hackithons apply for internships, Go to networking events at the unis. get known. they will probs hair u on personality over skill. unless ur a dick head.

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so at least one cunt in the office can pronounce vowels properly

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>java script


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Nobody wants to hire an overseas worker over a local worker unless you have some very special skill

>> No.69530004

sounded like old mate is applying from over here?

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can i borrow your loighter

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It's a little difficult to network in multiple cities you don't live in. If I had the money to fly around like that I wouldn't care about finding a job.

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Correct. If I moved without a source of income already locked in I would run out of money and starve.

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You think that's the only factor you neurotic asshole? People would rather hire a NZer instead of an Australian in NZ

>> No.69530088

trans-tasman agreement doesn't matter, you're still overseas and that means a lot more fucking around to get you in the office and working over some cunt who lives locally or at least nearby

you'd really have to be over there even if it's only temporary but that means you're taking a risk and burning whatever savings you have to do it

could also be easier if you're employed in the field over here already?


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How about the alleged tech worker shortage to the point that the local government in Wellington set up an initiative to bring more tech workers in then? You could not be more obviously full of shit.

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well you're the one not being hired, the results speak for themselves

>> No.69530122

>It's someone else's faul-

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Uh huh, sure. The time it would take for me to move over there immediately is so much longer than the time it would take for an already employed kiwi to give appropriate notice, quit their job, and probably also move. Get some more plausible excuses.

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The Just World fallacy strikes again! Gonna be a fantastic day when all you faggots are rounded up and shot.

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lol, what? I'm just saying, argue and make excuses all you want, the fact of the matter is you aren't being hired, so you're the one with the incorrect perspective here

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government makes up whatever fantasy it wants to bring more chinks and pajeets in

ours does it too

who cares cunt

find some shit job here for 3 years then fuck off to seppo land on an E3 and make real money

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the stories he tells about things like harrassing his personal trainer are funny as fuck
he's so rich he doesn't have to give a single fuck what anyone thinks about him

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>you're the one being shat on so obviously you must deserve it
Step back from your fallacious faggotry for a second and consider that maybe, just maybe, recruiters and HR morons are blithering idiots and I'm asking for advice on getting around them. Paul Swettenham in particular. Fuck that guy. Seen enough of him readvertising entry level positions while ignoring my applications to last a lifetime.

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My advice is "stop looking for jobs in other countries if you don't have any connections or any highly specialized skills"
It has nothing to do with what you deserve, stop acting like life is fair

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New Zealand qualifies as another country to an Australian like Sweden qualifies as another country to a Norwegian, or in other words not at all. Bachelor or higher knowledge in a STEM field is specialised knowledge. And at no point have I suggested the world is fair. Any other stupid bullshit you want to spout, or are you done?

>> No.69530266

Like I said, you're arguing against reality, I really do not see many Australians around
>Bachelor or higher knowledge in a STEM field is specialised knowledge
No it isn't, you're a dime a dozen

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Chinese and indians are retarded niggers

>> No.69530276

there are still too many retarded niggerchinks that cant speak basic english at uc

>> No.69530296

better than being full of polyniggers

just dont be retarded. it's easy if you aren't a retard

there's no tech worker shortage. never has been. its propaganda from companies wanting to import sandniggers and dogeaters

hackathons are for retards that want to learn javascript because they heard it was big on the tv news

companies dont care where you're from and will happily hire sandniggers and ricemunchers if they're cheaper

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>don't see many Australians around
That would be because historically we usually have the stronger economy so the worker flow is towards us, not you.

>> No.69530305

You can get a bachelor's degree without a brain quite easily.

>> No.69530340

>just don't be retarded
Well I'm not retarded, unless you count falling for the university meme instead of going into a trade. Still can't get hired. What other advice you got?
>tech worker shortage is propaganda
Your government seems pretty serious about it for mere cheapskate business lies.

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getting a degree doesn't make you not retarded

>> No.69530371

interesting link op

>> No.69530394

Not what I wrote. Learn to read m8.

>> No.69530404

if you're not in the field, it sure looks like it. i've had tons of chats with people doing various logistical work for non IT companies who say that "they code in SQL"

>> No.69530418

Earning more for being inferior? It's the American way.

>> No.69530468

>intelligence based career

>> No.69530506

He is on point though. 31.2% US, 25.2% Poland. Numbers from their page. Netherlands 4.5%. NZ not even shown and Im not going to dig for it. Over half of the sample for this entire test comes from poland and us combined.

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See >>69529020

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Cope harder amerilard.

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they are still Serbs

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That's not a surprise. American undergraduate CS is some of the worst in the developed world thanks to the universities gutting it more with each passing year. Combine this with a culture that discourages learning or effort and only a few try to improve their skills.

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So same old story of my life then, apply for hundreds of jobs, get summarily ignored for all of them, and all the while these employers are "desperate". Fucking fantastic.

(And according to one of the extremely few interviews I've had I am quite obviously competent, so shut up with whatever you were going to say about that.)

>> No.69531329

>I've had I am quite obviously competent, so shut up with whatever you were going to say about that.)

Maybe its you personality. Get out an meet people use linked in. Dont be a Fuckwit.

>> No.69531395

American programmers are considered India tier in European startups, except they're delusional enough to believe they deserve 6 figures while Indians are always humble. Anti-India shitposting is pure muttcope. Swiss and Ukrainians are cream of the crop.

>> No.69531428

Affirmative action is likely the main cause of American inferiority.

All stats that show America being shit are due to "diversity". When you compare White Americans to Whites anywhere else, there's no difference.

>> No.69531456

american whites are intellectually inferior

>> No.69531459

How can it be my personality when the vast majority of the time I get completely ignored? I'm told I come across as very professional in interviews too, btw. My theory is the recruiter fuckwits see how long I've been looking for a job and use that to disqualify me for some stupid reason.

>> No.69531484

it's because you're looking for a job in another country when there's already people in the country to hire you stupid fuckwit

>> No.69531542

Companies are apparently desperate, hiring between Aust and NZ barely counts as international, blah blah blah. This has already been thoroughly addressed and you're a braindead moron for going back to it. This behaviour from recruiters is the same as when I used to apply for jobs in Aust anyway.

>> No.69531569

Ahahahaha maybe it is your personality, you come across as an arrogant fuckwit. Link you github. Oh and fuck off we are full.

>> No.69531570

you're a braindead moron for whining on the internet like it's my fault you haven't been hired
you might want to do something about your abrasive personality too

>> No.69531607

>programming languages
oh boy no wonder their all shitty they are testing literal webmonkeys and boomers fresh from the web academy

>> No.69531649

Because it's a lot more expensive to hire the wrong person than it is to pass over the right person
Thank labor laws

>> No.69531669

And now we are into the fallacy of assuming I'm always this mad or that I started looking for jobs like this. Newsflash, motherfuckers: if you remain unemployed for 7+ years despite applying for thousands of jobs, with your government actively making things more difficult and trying to force you into slavery, and half your family saying it is all your fault, then it doesn't matter how easygoing you started out as. You will be one ornery bastard at the end.

I hope you faggots trip and break your skulls open.

>> No.69531682

you could program some amazing things in 7 years
instead you do what
contintually apply for jobs without changing anything and complain?

>> No.69531707

Hey bro just saying I have a programming job. It was easy to get. you are yet to link your github. also the fuck have you been doing for 7+ years you useless fuck. Get a shitter job and learn people skills. Also NETWORK!!!

>> No.69531733

Mostly cycle through applying for jobs, investigating self employment opportunities, having a shitton of time wasted by government bullshit, and depression. But of course I have completed some programming projects. No, you can't have a look. Not stupid enough to dox myself.

>> No.69531735

What he said. Just look at terry, granted he was supported by god but he made something amazing, useless but amazing. What have you made?

>> No.69531744

I will hunt you down and murder you in your sleep. How's that for networking, bro?

>> No.69531798

Ohhh shit didnt realize you were depressed sorry dwg i understand now, its every one else fault and you have a great personality shit man i would employ you any day.

>> No.69531837

You. Get up from your computer. Go to the kitchen. Grab a chefs knife. And stab yourself right in the eye socket. Just because I've lost a bit of time to depression doesn't mean my grasp of my situation and who should be blamed for what is impaired. Exactly the opposite really.

>> No.69531839

oh you're depressed
that makes it all ok
that means it's fine to spend 7 years doing fuck all
maybe they aren't hiring you because of a massive gap in your employment history

>> No.69531842

>the land of horrible pc ports 9
>the land of slut beheadings 10
[X] doubt

>> No.69531877

Quick question that will help me give you better advise, Do you live off you parents or the benefit? if its the benefit was that the "government bullshit" referenced here >>69531733 ?

>> No.69531878

Yes, maybe they aren't hiring me because I have no employment history in some sort of retarded self fulfilling prophecy. I only fucking suggested that half an hour ago. Kill yourself.

>> No.69531909

how about you stop lashing out at other people and fix your own life
there are so many things you could have done in 7 years with basic programming ability and you didn't do them

>> No.69531946

I live off welfare, yes, and government bullshit involves hours of pointless interviews (the trivial bit) and half a year of unpaid forced labour every year (the not so trivial bit) which can technically be bypassed, but only by wasting just as much time on other pointless crap. Government bullshit also involves long term sabotage of the tech industry by way of the NBN, because hey, we weren't using that new fangled internet thing for anything important anyway.

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And this is how the world ends: not with a bang, but a whimper.

>> No.69532000

but neither of those countries are in the top 10.

>> No.69532008

Are you trolling? "unpaid forced labour " when you live for free off tax payers. you are a worthless piece of shit. You brought it on your self just sating on welfare for 7 years making you life everyone else's problem.

>> No.69532048

>how about you stop lashing out
How about you stop being obnoxiously stupid to the point of deserving a good stabbing, hmmm?
>so many things you could do in 7 years
Yes, but shockingly, it is hard to predict the future and being unemployed doesn't mean 100% free time. If I had known back then I would have done things differently, but usually when you lack an income trying to fix that problem takes first priority. And as I said I did get some programming projects done.

>> No.69532107

Ah, so you are one of those faggots who genuinely believes the unemployed should be made into slaves. Help them get paying jobs? Nah, slavery! That'll totally fix the problem, and you the slaver advocating faggot totally don't deserve to be flayed alive. No sir, nothing wrong here.

>> No.69532122

Thank god for socialism/mercantilism.

>> No.69532141

Nope. i just think that someone physically fit and living off welfare for 7+ years has no right to complain about having to attend meetings and work for half a year. if you dont like it get a shitter job and as i suggested earlier learn some people skills.

>> No.69532150

>obnoxiously stupid
not caring enough about you to read all your posts doesn't make me obnoxiously stupid
you're obnoxiously stupid if you haven't gotten a job in seven fucking years
I could have started a fucking business and made it profitable in seven years
maybe two

>> No.69532350

SQL is a real language which was designed after the relational calculus. Data sets just melt under the proper application of it, and performance can be insane if you know what you're doing. When you write SQL you're really writing a well defined math equation for the transformation of one or more sets of tuples.
HTLM/CSS are just layout tools. There is nothing fundamental about their design or operation.

>> No.69532415

i don't really know much about it, but is it turing complete?

>> No.69532486

>be forced to work for free under threat of starvation thus taking up most of the time that could have been spent trying to get paid work doing pointless shit instead
>iF yOu dOnT lIkE iT jUsT gEt A job
You are insisting that making it much harder for me to get paid employment is completely okay, and if I don't like it I should just do the thing that is now much harder due to having most of my time wasted. You are some special kind of stupid. I am literally under legal obligation to accept any reasonable offer of paid work, y'know, and I've tried getting shitty retail jobs. Repeatedly.

The funny thing about starting business ventures is that most of them need STARTUP CAPITAL. Which an unemployed person generally doesn't have anywhere near enough of. Christ, you're just as fucked in the head as the other guy.

>> No.69532542

Maybe its your personality thats stopping you from getting even the lowest of ter jobs. Have you tried volunteering https://www.aconhealth.org.au/volunteer

>> No.69532599

>maybe it's your personality
And maybe we have been over this before at >>69531669 and >>69531459 and it obviously isn't, you dense motherfucker. You should apply to work in HR. With your level of supreme ineptitude you would fit right in.

>> No.69532635

>You should apply to work in HR
Na bro i like my software development job that was really easy to get.
But for real, you are going to die alone and sad if you dont sort your shit out. We dont want you in NZ. Stop blaming other people, and maybe "half" your family is right. it is you fault

>> No.69532676

Oh, and in case I didn't make it clear enough, at this point I am no longer interested in finding work in Australia at all. The government has made it quite clear they don't want me to have a job here with their beyond bullshit policies, so aside from legal obligations I am going to leave as soon as I can and never return. Hence applying for work in NZ. This country can go fuck itself.

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>Developers from New Zealand
How aborigens can code?

>> No.69532687

Kill yourself before someone else does, asshole.

>> No.69532730


So far you have blamed the Govt and HR as well as depression for you having done nothing note worthy. The country that you lived off you want to leave because ??? They asked you to work? your personality came through in your interviews? Good luck getting in to NZ we dont want people who make excuses for doing nothing with there lifes.

>> No.69532771

My shit is sorted and I assign blame where it is warranted. Unfortunately there is no way I can miraculously obtain the power to hire myself to an existing business for some reason Just World faggots like you need to be shot. Then shot again, just to be sure. Then nuked from orbit to prevent the cancer from spreading.

>> No.69532774

With CTEs and windowing, SQL is turing complete, but turing completeness does not imply a useful language. You can perform any type of tuple set manipulation without having it. In fact, early SQL specs were not turing complete, but that didn't impact their data manipulation capabilities.
You should learn SQL. It's a totally different paradigm than most languages (declarative), and will enlighten you to a world of absurdly easy and guaranteed safe data manipulation.

>> No.69532792

Tried freelancing?

>> No.69532853

Any way good luck in your future endeavors, I hope you dont get into NZ (likely), I hope I never work with you. Maybe you are right, maybe its not your fault and maybe i should be shot and half your family and recruiters and interviews and the govt are wrong. Good luck Friend

>> No.69532865

Just make the next 7 years of your life worth something for your own sake. Good night

>> No.69532877

The absolute fuck is wrong with you? I have done programming projects, I'm just not going to dox myself. I want to leave this country because government policy has made it nigh impossible to get employed, wasted years of my life, and keeps trying to force me into slavery. The few interviews I have had I apparently come across as exceedingly professional and the other applications my personality couldn't come across because no interview. Is your IQ sub 80?

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>using "Sand niggers"

>> No.69532994

Nowhere they mention "programming"
html+css is turing complete, and so are sql extensions like pl/sql.

>> No.69533028

>HTML+CSS is turing complete
That's the fault of the later iterations of CSS, mainly, and is going to need to be excised sooner or later.

>> No.69533038

Croatia, and we are before Serbia and Japan as well

finally something we can be proud of again

>> No.69533043

doesn't khazakstan have a huge crypto industry because energy and land is so cheap there?

>> No.69533064

hey luke

>> No.69533511


>> No.69533868

Yeah, no. Stop bashing people for using racist words and shit, I've been seeing you all over /g/. This is 4chan for fucks sake, if you don't like it, go to reddit, and stay there.

>> No.69533922

Found the nigger

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>> No.69535839

This is literally testing whose Indians are better.

>> No.69536157


>> No.69536467

Every country belongs to "mainland China" (sorry for the redundancy).

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New Zealand University

>> No.69537750

>ongoing corrupt trainwreck that is aussie government.
The grass is definitely not greener on the other side anon. NZ is even more fucked than AU.

>> No.69537755


>> No.69538083


>> No.69539504

nz sucks

>> No.69540773

Go home, aussie cunt.

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shut up wong

>> No.69540801

>Implying Australia is any better

>> No.69540858

How could Chinese people invading NZ and become residents?

>> No.69540937

Worked in Dunedin, Wellington, and Christchurch in multiple roles. Stop being retarded.

As a side note, I fucking refuse to live in Auckland.

>> No.69540949

Same way mexicans invading the US become residents.

>> No.69540960

> implying they have a substantial sample size

>> No.69542040

Okay rape you next week.

>> No.69542221

based a bluepilled

>> No.69543631

Can confirm.
Source: post-grad compsci in nz

>> No.69543669

If we take really formal and technical definition then yes, it's a type of declarative language.

>> No.69545156

>island on the edge of Asia has Asian names as the most common
really makes you thonk

>> No.69546788

It definitely can be if you utilize anything more complex than joins. It definitely is once you start writing unportable SQL for your specific vendor.

>> No.69547000

Success is a blend of hard-work and luck, and those with it often ignore the luck aspect as it's easier to blame others than admit people are often victims of circumstance with varying limited degrees of agency.

>> No.69547561

No memelangs.
Of course Amerifats lost.
They only know memelangs.

>> No.69547886

>Only languages that are actually used to get work done.
It's why we make 120k/yr.

>> No.69548000

not true the chinese does it legally

>> No.69548043

I can tell you that 90% of programmers here are completely incompetent. There's literally only 1 good college here, the rest are glorified high schools.

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