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it's python

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Yes. it's python but also Javascript.

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you take that back

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>languages have to be so hard to use that only autists can use them, otherwise they're shit

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>It's another college boy, angry at being stupid.

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I think matlab is worse. At least you can write C in python and overall make a very simple program with blazing fast hot path.

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PHP and JS
Python is best

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>language is 100x/200x/300x slower than other typical high level languages
>they must be stupid for not liking it xD

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R is worse.

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>language is 100x/200x/300x slower

Don't you mean
>language is 10x faster to develop in compared to other languages and you spend 100x/200x/300x more time writing it than running it

>other typical high level languages

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>durr pyton is slow

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brainfuck is worse :^)

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Python is good for people who just want to automate shit.

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Javascript is 100x faster for both general programs and web servers, and retards like you can "get stuff done faster" AKA import other people's work for every single module you can think of.

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>require( ‘is-odd’ )

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it's python, javascript and php

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What's wrong with Python again?

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It's popular and people like evaluating it in things it's not used for

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All I see in this thread so far is just
>python bad
>python slow
>python better tho
>X is worse than Python
Also some insults

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are you a priest?

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>multiple things can be the worst at the same time
That's not how it fucking works.

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This, python is really handy to churn out some scripts where 50ms doesn't matter, but sometimes it's used when bash would be better.

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Because you have yet to grow out of the Cnile phase and realize that Python is not only good, but one of the best tools for many tasks.

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I know this is bait but I'll bite:

People who think this shit in real life are insufferable faggots who have 0 concept of how much abstraction there already is between them programming in "real" languages bare metal. The amount of abstraction that's achieved by going from logic gates to C is fucking astronomical, and you could probably never achieve writing a C compiler from bare metal in your entire life if it weren't for the work of hundreds of years of mathematicians working all this shit out for you. Comparatively, the jump from C to Python is minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Sure it might abstract away a few data structures and make things nicer to use, but it's nothing compared to carefully organizing bits of sand together in such a way that they perform actual computation.

Computer science and abstraction are tied together at the hip. Losers who can't understand that the continuous abstraction of mathematics is the very essence of computing are the most obnoxious fucking faggots in the world. The losers who can't understand that it's actually harder to think abstractly are the funniest of them all. Sure you can do the equivalent of hand-holding a modern abacus. You're not accomplishing anything by reinventing the wheel for the thousandth time, you're just doing it because someone needs some retarded shit to be fast, but you're not furthering the field of computer-science. You're not developing new fucking algorithms in C, you're implementing something that someone (far smarter than you) has already thought of in a slightly different flavor just so you can get a paycheck.

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shut up i will rape u were do u live

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>C/C++ is a single language
Every time.

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C++ is at least as fast as C.

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Python is one of the best programming languages around.
It has a purpose, being easy and extremely quick to write. The drawback is that its dogshit slow, but for prototyping or light programs which run in a negligible amount of time anyway, it's REALLY good.

Comparing it to C, or any other compiled language is completely retarded as they are in completely different categories.

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why is C and C++ sharing the same spot?

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Yes, and...?

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>>language is 10x faster to develop in compared to other languages

compare to what? php?

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This. People shitting on Python for being "slow" are delusional.

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What's the problem here?

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anon are you trying to maintain your thread alive by linking comments? That doesn't answer my question at all

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Racket or any other lisp dialect

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C wouldn't be on the list otherwise

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OP clearly hasn't tried PHP

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Ha ha no. Shit language is shit.

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Languages became shit when they made it for niggers.

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Why, it's [language you use]. That shits for retards, niggers, and furfags. Seriously, what the fuck, [feature A], [facet B], [quirk C], all along with [gross misunderstanding of simple programming concept belying a lack of knowledge of the concept]? Count me out, only racists use that garbage.

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Oh! the daily python hate thread.

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Could you provide evidence?

I just checked stackoverflow and they list it separated

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>Crackers and chinks don't like when we try to get ahead
>Come on whitey, make me an easy to use computer pls

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>Don't you mean
>>language is 10x faster to develop in compared to other languages and you spend 100x/200x/300x more time writing it than running it
Yeah, so retards can import libraries left and right and call it a day? A fucking webpage with a big button, smooth gradient, huge irrelevant text and 'made with <heart emoji>' can take 5 MiB space and 2 min to load and run because JS.

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Why not Perl (or good ol' Bash) if you want to automate shit?

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because that would require actually understanding a language and doing more than importing a solution and giving it minor tweaks.

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Nah, I use Perl instead. Much shorter, faster and better than Python in every aspect.

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>in every aspect
Can you write C in Perl?

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>things cannot be equally bad
Anon, I...

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And the aspect that nobody use it. python won the script war, accept it and move on.

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Yeah there are abstractions and I do understand them. I have written programs in C, I have written programs in Assembly, I have hand assembled code into binary, I have written codes using nothing but OPCODES, I have programmed EEPROMs and designed Control Matrix by hand. And not even using Arduino or things kids use these days, but by dip switches. I've been doing shit since 8085 microcontrollers. So, yes I do understand abstractions and I am not even arguing that. I am saying Python is shit not compared to C (thats not even a comparision) but compared to Perl, Lua etc. Even fucking Lua is better.

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are you retarded. that quote is most likely a facebook meme someone threw together. rakim is probably smarter than you anyways

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Am I the only one that thinks that perl reads like absolute dogshit? I mean bash/javascript/java/C# is fine but perl looks like gibberish.

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It's slow, not just against C (it's not comparable) but against other languages like R, Ruby, etc. Julia beat Python in it's own game -- linear algebra and machine learning -- in terms of speed.

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Why is python shit? Because you can't waste your life sandpapering your crappy programs for a 2% perf boost?

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No. Perl allows you write code and solve problems as you like. You can write code that looks gibberish (called oneliners) or very elegant (or as our BDFL calls it 'baby perl').

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Runtime type inference is a mistake.
>inb4 type hint
It's for the dev not the interpretor.

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Shut up Rakim

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JavaScript is really good if you ignore the inconsistencies bred from the browser wars.

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Because I have to use Windows at work and I haven't bothered to learn power shell.

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Python own script wars up my ass. That abomination of a language is relevant only because it is used in machine learning and which will be soon dethroned by Julia. Scripts are still being written in Perl. Python doesn't even have a Comprehensive [language] Archive Network like Tex or Perl.

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>taught at world class universities such as MIT
>used as one of the main languages at google "if it's performance critical, write it in c++, for everything else use python"
>main language used for AI and machine learning
>one of the most popular, most loved, and highest paid programming languages

But, yes, you're superior because you read K&R and you don't program in "nooby" languages like Python. Now go back to ricing your desktop.

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Just write python libraries in C and then use them in your python projects. They'll be faster than everyone else's.

You're all stupid

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>idiots don't know how to properly use a language's specificities therefore the language is shit

you know it's possible to make a shitty program in C, don't you? is C shit?

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Powershell is good though.
> In a surprising twist of fate, the company that consistently had the worst terminals and shells out of any operating system would go on to create one of the best shells around. PowerShell was created by Microsoft's server group (a.k.a. the guys who actually use shells) and it shows.

>> No.69502970

Interesting. I'll check it out when I have time.

>> No.69502989

C is a completely different beast to Python. I am not comparing them. They have different use cases. Objectively, Python is a inferior language to it's counterparts like Perl, Ruby or Lua.

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>when JS exist

>> No.69503023

but he's right: computers ARE racist

>> No.69503074

Can someone please arrange these languages from the fastest to the slowest?
>Common Lisp

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i bet no one in this thread can fizzbuzz

>> No.69503156

#.(loop for i from 1 to 100 do
(format t "~:[~:[~a~;Buzz~]~;Fizz~:[~;Buzz~]~]~%[email protected]*" (= 0 (mod i 3)) (= 0 (mod i 5)) i))

>> No.69503270

Fizzbuzz is ez pz
def fizzbuzz(dict, r):
for i in range(r):
newline = ""
for mod,name in dict.items():
newline += name * (not i % mod)
print newline or i

a = {3: 'fizz', 5: 'buzz', 7: 'bip'}


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it's code, not script
happy hacking

>> No.69503296

Oops sorry
def fizzbuzz(dict, r):
for i in range(r):
newline = ""
for mod,name in dict.items():
newline += name * (not i % mod)
print newline or i

a = {3: 'fizz', 5: 'buzz', 7: 'bip'}

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def get_fizzbuzz(0, 0, _), do: "Fizzbuzz"
def get_fizzbuzz(0, _, _), do: "Fizz"
def get_fizzbuzz(_, 0, _), do: "Buzz"
def get_fizzbuzz(_, _, x), do: x

def fizzbuzz(n) do
get_fizzbuzz(rem(n, 3), rem(n, 5), n)

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(set-dispatch-macro-character #\# #\f
(lambda (s c n)
(declare (ignore s c))
`(loop for i from 1 to ,n do
(format t "~:[~:[~a~;Buzz~]~;Fizz~:[~;Buzz~]~]~%[email protected]*" (= 0 (mod i 3)) (= 0 (mod i 5)) i))))

CL-USER> #36f

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it's better than most langs.
at least it doesnt force oop on you at every corner

>> No.69503914

OOP is the shittiest thing toever happen to CS.

>> No.69503982

what's wrong with python and how is it "the shittiest"?

>> No.69503987

good god you don't know how to read
I'm refuting your stupid javascript example

>> No.69503998

python is a godlike language

>> No.69504039

he’s just hopping onto the bandwagon. Python is great for automating a lot of tasks without spending too much time programming. You can even do a mix where the main code is python but modules that need to be fast are written in C (since I know OP will complain about C++).

>> No.69504113

i love using python and have used it for years, so i don't quite get why people dislike it like this. kinda sad.

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>> No.69504137

i was thinking vbscript but alright

>> No.69504152

Ruby is pretty shit. It’s a meme language that no one uses

>> No.69504161

python sorounding environment is terrible
There is python3 and python2 and tiny details between code written in them cause errors (simiiar with PHP 7 mysqli vs mysql shitfuck)
There are 10000 + 1 ways to install things? pip no pip? VirtualEnv or without? sudo apt-get or not? Global installation or local? Install certain package, or one big package that contains all little shit in it? I you have two packages that do the same thing (like pylab and pyplot), which function you should use? Those packages just depends on each other everything is such a pile of stinking shit that could collapse every minute. Honestly even node.js is better, i am not talking about language, but technology, python is terrible, confusing, outdated garbage

>> No.69504178

Learn Lisp.

>> No.69504212

>PHP 7 mysqli vs mysql shitfuck
You’re supposed to use PDO, so it doesn’t matter

>> No.69504239

Why not Perl or Bash for automating stuffs? Perl gets the job done faster and lesser no of keystrokes.

>> No.69504265

Delphi and visual basic called, and they want their title back.

>> No.69504274

Except a large majority of startups using rails you mean?
And like everything in japan is written in ruby. Just like everything in the west is written in python, they probably feel the exact same way.

>> No.69505045

>a large majority of startups using rails you mean?
[citation needed]

>> No.69505378

>he thinks that using libraries is a bad thing
nigga what?

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the worst language is communism

>> No.69505868

It's not a bad thing, but if your only reason to use a language is because you can import libraries to do everything for you, you're a shit developer, especially since using python gives up all performance the second you start using it.

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>pip no pip? VirtualEnv or without? sudo apt-get or not? Global installation or local?

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>It has gotten lots of incompetent normies into """programming""" and now they are trying to shove it down everyone's throat, including fucking embedded shit like microcontrollers
>It's dynamically typed and hence complete cancer, because you can't tell whether something is an object, a primitive type or a function
>Because it's dynamically typed, passing arguments is a huge pain in the ass, since you can't know what type of variable you have to pass to make the function work! If you're writing a library, you have to use "type hints"??? WTF?
>"Pythonic" code is a bad joke where you write so fucking much in so few lines that it takes years to read somebody else's work. Compare it with something more verbose like Java or C++ where you can get an idea of someone's code after skimming through it a couple of times
>It uses fucking INDENTATION to denote nesting, because braces were "too ugly". So now if you want to rewrite your code to look a little bit differently, well turns out, YOU CAN'T! You have this shit shoved down your throat
>It won't fucking run if you mix tabs and spaces, because it's too fucking hard for the interpreter to sort it out
>The fucking 2.7 vs 3 debacle, which happened 10 YEARS AGO and people are STILL arguing on whether "print" is a statement or method
>no multithreading, use multiprocessing instead, even though it's 2 times harder to debug, makes your program use enormous amounts of memory, and you can't pass anything that's not picklable (such as lambdas)
>the import system is retarded and loves to shit itself
>community is retarded and every answer to any question you ask is bound to contain something about muh pythonic or muh dick typing
>libraries don't even use type hints so that you have to read their shitty docs, and worst of all, use magic strings as parameters instead of enums or anything else which is sane
>the community has accepted bad libraries as the gold standard (e.g. pandas, matplotlib) so nobody tries to make anything better

>> No.69506528

My only grievance with Python is the lack of a library to make UI like SWT or similar in Java. I know there's the PyGTK UI thing and others but none of them come close to being as developed and intuitive as SWT.
Otherwise, unless you are making a big software or something that involves connections to big databases, there's nothing wrong with using Python.

>> No.69506556

>you write so fucking much in so few lines that it takes years to read somebody else's work
That's what software documentation is for. If you are using undocumented software, the language it is written in is the least of you problems.

>> No.69506585

It's a script language you fucking dumbasses.

>> No.69506623

>not using it for full fledged project construction
Get a load of this boomer

>> No.69506869

>implying anons on 4chan will link to research for every post they make
if you're interested, look it up yourself
you'll see it's true but you won't come back to show you were wrong, will you?

>> No.69507749

shittiest? haskell and other "functional programing" shit

>> No.69507862

We're talking about real languages here. Don't give retarded examples nigger

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>> No.69508096

TOP post

>> No.69508159

Based and snakepilled

>> No.69508167

Python is not the worst.
It's a decent plumbing language for C libraries.
I don't think the language does a good job of providing benefits of high level languages.
It's like a high level language with lots of the low level problems still present.

>> No.69508172

I really don't get the python is slow shit.
Have you guys ever used any of the machine learning stuff or tackled any other problems that reduce to basic linear algebra? All the popular machine learning libraries are available in Python (and 90% of development is done with python in this field) and its fast btw.
That's the good thing about python. It has amazing libraries that are not actually written in Python but are very easy to use with it.

>> No.69508454

import fizzbuzz

>> No.69508613


>> No.69509201

>Except a large majority of startups using rails you mean?
2008 was 11 years ago

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I'm actually very good with computers.

>> No.69510025


its not

>> No.69510533


Just use PySide (it's a Qt5 wrapper)

>> No.69511006

Seriously, python is so fucking shit. What other language allows you to lose 100 hours of work because of a typo that can't be discovered by any tool because of how the language works?
Not to mention how fucking slow that shit is, significant fucking whitespace, the crap module system, the inconsistent syntax, and the god-awful ffi (both sides).

>> No.69511025

Julia will never dethrone anything because you can't get a speedup from using julia over python+<cuda+C library of the day> in practice, and it has significant warts and bugs that prevent proper adoption.
Note that in the first place the only reason python is chosen is exactly as you say: libraries (the usual vicious cycle: popular library brings in people so they'll write libraries for python bringing in more people. Before you know it, you have man-centuries worth of work that you'd have to replicate elsewhere to be able to use anything else, and people start sharing language-specific data blobs).

>> No.69511071

using formatting as syntax is just wrong, python is a language for students

>> No.69511151

t. never tried to actually write a C module for python
protip: it's hell incarnate. It's easier to automate everything in C than to write a C module for python. Less work, easier to debug.

>> No.69511187

Don't remind me. What a fucking blunder what the fuck. I unironically spin up a sqlite db, put all my data in there, and pick it back up to do nontrivial manipulations. Pandas is fast (sometimes) but it's full of incompatibilities, crap apis, wrong docs, and bugs.

>> No.69511201

Not him but I looked it up and couldn't find a single one using rails. A lot used python, php was also popular, but js frameworks were the most common.

>> No.69511276

But for 99% of things I write o don’t care about having a speed upgrade

Programming languages are tools, only retards think otherwise.
Look in your toolbox and find the best language for the job. Sometimes it’s python, sometimes it’s not

>> No.69511319

[citation needed]

>> No.69511355

>mm I want to automate X
>think solution for 2 mins
>write on python in 5 mins by the simplicity of the language and all the libraries

Everything is so simple with Python, I use it everytime I can.

>> No.69511374

>That can't be discovered by any tool
It's called a linter. Why are you putting random spaces at the beginning of your lines exactly?

>> No.69511393

No one wants to read your ugly unindented code. If you weren't already writing in a way python understands you were doing it wrong.

>> No.69511505

Actually no, the onus is on you.

>> No.69511517

python is annoying, even with ten billion tons of tooling it's harder to use for large projects than the pajeet core languages

>> No.69511518

They can't be discovered by any tools precisely because of the language semantics, retard. "color = 3" and later "colour = 10". Woops, color is still at 3. Checkmate.
>why are you not a lone programmer who never has to handle retarded people's retarded code?

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>ASM and C are way more higher level than they used to be
>therefore, you should just use languages like Python carelessly and stop complaining about abstraction and modern resource management issues

>> No.69511556

Who's actually shitting on python lmao. Brainlet much?

>> No.69511581

write a script that finds variables with similar names if linters don't already do that.

>> No.69511592

What's wrong?
Did a python chad bully you?

>> No.69511601

>the only thing that matters in a programming language is raw performance

t. never has written professional software - keep grinding out SICP and CLRS kid, maybe you'll make it to QA one day

>> No.69511616

>raw performance doesn't matter
keep grinding out shitty web apps kid

>> No.69511624

At this point it's literally faster and easier to write your own language and compiler with C bindings, so why would anyone do that when there are many alternative high-quality languages available? Not that you would know, you're a pyjeet.

>> No.69511634


>implying I said that
>implying I'm not a backend dev working at a scale youll never reach

>> No.69511636

Nobody said that. Nice try pyjeet.

>> No.69511643

>Arrays start at 1
Matlab wins by default. The amount of problems this causes is insane.

>> No.69511644

No, PHP is easily the worst by far. It's messy and looks awful. Second worst is probably javascript.

>> No.69511658

>you can write C in python

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File: 40 KB, 600x532, chadandbetalaughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Writing a language is easier than writing a spell checker
>calling others a pajeet when you can't even spell your variable names right

>> No.69511726

>what is an extension module
Are you retarded?

>> No.69511744

Stop backpedaling.
t. never tried to write a C module for python

>> No.69511755

It literally is. Not that you would know, pyjeet, you've never done either.

>> No.69511785

The C code you wrote in your extension is used IN Python.
>nice try tho...

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File: 35 KB, 263x237, 1544783602492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It might not be the hardest, but it is the most used language.

You can never shit on anyone who uses Python if Python is the best option not to starve in today's tech market

Fucking OP needs to grow up

>> No.69511930

>reaching this hard
lol pyjeet

>> No.69511940

Great idea, let's write a python script to fix another one. Maybe we can write one so complex that we have to have another script to debug the debugger script. Neat.

>> No.69511978

>bragging about being a webdev

>> No.69511988


slow, strict white-space requirement

>> No.69511999

Salary talks. Where u at?

>> No.69512003

honestly worst thing about python is using white space indents for code blocks.

people cant fucking settle on using tabs or spaces (for retards), or how many spaces per tab, which retard thought it would be a good idea to use something people get butthurt and fight about as a core part of language syntax?

>> No.69512033

that must be why Julia is used more than Python

>> No.69512068

2 of my 3 classes this semester use Python.
I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why my __str__ method wasn't working properly only to discover it wasn't indented properly.

I like that it's incredibly succinct and I can do a lot while only writing a little bit, but the whitespace for blocks of code is the worst fucking idea ever.

>> No.69512080

What's so bad about Python? You want a horrible language, look at old Perl.

>> No.69512105

Use a decent text editor like Sublime

>> No.69512128


You haven't seen hell until you've worked on a system that is only comprised of 500-1000 stored procedures.

>> No.69512165
File: 6 KB, 352x199, 1548052005871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this, python would be so much better without the indentation

>> No.69512175

Stop writing ugly unreadable code in all languages.

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>tfw I have been software developer for 5 years using php
>tfw those are my only real life programming experience
>tfw hate php so goddman much


>> No.69512261


It's really not hard as long as you're not writing your python files in windows notepad...
Just use something that does the indentation for you.

>> No.69512286

Go shit in some other language's street, pyjeet.

>> No.69512301


Once again, not a webdev. I do large scale data infrastructure, particularly real time streaming. I used to do machine learning but moved to a more engineering oriented role.


140k :&)

>> No.69512306

How'd you make the jump there?

>> No.69512404

t. nigger

>> No.69512419

>I do large scale data infrastructure, particularly real time streaming
yeah that's what I said, webdev

>> No.69512444

It's C#. The only language for which >90% of tutorials out there are created by pajeets.

>> No.69512458

If you think python is shit you likely don't do anything practical

>> No.69512698

t. pyjeet

>> No.69512723

>people cant fucking settle on using tabs or spaces
It's pretty settled: 4 spaces. It's so simple every retard could do it, unless you're OP of course.

>> No.69512733

>I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why my __str__ method wasn't working properly only to discover it wasn't indented properly.

I'm pretty sure there's a clear error message that tells you where you fucked up your indent.

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