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honest thoughts on this guy?

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an important thinker. A creator, innovator, artist, idea

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Looks like a mad psycho

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Maybe you should not assume their gender, OP.

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I like watching his programming streams


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He looks like he enjoys having his gf fucked in front of him by Jamal

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He's really fucking smart. Genius even. But I would hate to work with/near him because he seems just so fucking condescending - like all the smart kids in your cs classes.

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I haven't heard of him in a long time. Not since he was cracking PS3's.

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stop projecting

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he made a self driving car

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Fuckin' Adam Lanza stare

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Is that the scooby doo guy?

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he cute

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mass shooter stare

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Am I supposed to know who this faggot is?

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the GOAT

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>Sandy Hoax

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Why are you guys so obssesed with every single youtuber out there?

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nihilistic with a touch of psycho just like me.

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Hotz, please stop posting threads about yourself.

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he looks like he fucks black guys

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based as fuck


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I only know that he won defcon's ctf alone, but he looks like a fag

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He's alright. A bit arrogant but it's not surprising given his history. Not to what he's done is unprecedented or anything. It's simply that he's young. There's plenty of stronger security researches.
I'm not convinced by comma ai as a standalone. Yes self driving cars are way over engineered but that's because they have a different goal than comma ai does.
He seems awful at PR and negotiations as well.

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I feel like he browse /g/, he was probably the top guy on Advent of Code

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I feel like he's the kind to not waste his time browsing /g/ unlike complete losers.

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t. geohot

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>tfw the botnet wants me to starve threads
>headphone general
>gpu wars
>apple shill threads
>political shit that barely has any impact or connection to technology with whatever hot memes of the week
>stupid questions solved with a google search + tech support everybody keeps fueling
>is x a meme threads
>what went wrong threads
>hwo do i hack?

Only the brightest minds are here on /g/

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George holtz has some of the best Livestreams/VODs that I've seen. His timeless debugger (qira.me) looks great. Fantastic CTFer. Honestly he's one of my favourite people in the world.

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A hero of our times

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>smart kids

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>google this guy
>click on images
>his face looks completely different in nearly every image
lol what the fuck

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An cool dude

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Isn't that the autist who REEEEd when he found out you need a permit to sell aftermarket AI driving mod for cars? He then rage-dissolved his startup then open-sourced the code, and people realized the reason he dissolved the company was because the software was some babby toy shit years behind what other companies have, and he couldn't raise more VC money to stay afloat.

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scorching earth

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they got the worst image and stuck with it. its like that one image of pewdiepie every journalist uses

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>t. EE freshman

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Not as meme worthy as terry but he's all we got left really

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>replacing terry with some faggot kid

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Did he write his own compiler?

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Based and vimpilled

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Zoiks Scoob!

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I think he looks like black guys fuck him.

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Empty lives, leading them to obsess over literal nobodies. It's the exact same condition that middle-aged office-worker women find themselves afflicted with, which in their case leads them buy celebrity mags and tabloid papers, so they can read about z-list ""celebrities""

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Looks stoned, who the fuck is he?

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>implying you can replace divine intellect you stupid fucking nigger monkey

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