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Anyone else noticed we get more and more threads how Linux sucks with each new Windows update? Wow, is Windows really getting that good?

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Nah. Linux just got bad.

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Have you considered that both could be getting worse at the same time, faggot?

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With each new update, Microsoft sends more Pajeets to create shill threads.
In what way? If anything, it's gotten much better lately.

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works on my machine, maybe you suck with computers?

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The only bitching I've really noticed was people bitching about SJWs again and not shit related to the actual functionality/usability of the OS itself. Does it work? Does it fit my needs? Does it give me options? Then I honestly don't give a shit about anything else.

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it was never good to begin with, it just got useable like 10 years ago and and that's it.

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>works on my machine
Yea, but you don't.
>maybe you suck with computers?
I'm able to get the systems to work, but I'm not going to waste my time using the Linux kernel + poeterring.

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>If anything, it's gotten much better lately.
I take it that you're a fan of systemd, pulse audio, the CoC, security theatre, and wasting your time?

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Never had Windows 10 crash but then again I never update it.

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Also is that a custom rice or predefined ?
I'm on i3wm.

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Nope, but I do like Runit.
>pulse audio
Being replaced by Pipewire. For now though it just werks.
>the CoC
So far nothing has happened.
>security theatre
what now?
>and wasting your time?
with how slow and bloated Windows has become, Linux actually saves time.

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>Pulse Audio
Still pulse audio
>The CoC
You're probably a tranny, so it doesn't bother you
>security theatre
Using chromium instead of chrome
>with how slow and bloated Windows has become, Linux actually saves time.
Manjarofag with runit, and chromium is said this bullshit. Poor fucking life choices have been made. At least use a properly configured clearOS, and chrome if you wanted to make these claims.
>inb4 hurr chrome us botnet, but chromium isn't
Fucking retard.

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>Anyone else noticed we get more and more threads how Linux sucks with each new Windows update? Wow
Nope. Just some /v/&/pol/tards thing that is funny.

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Sure. It's the "windowsfags" just trying to "cope".

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Are you even trying anymore or are you just retarded?

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in what universe?

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I much prefer GNU/Linux for various reasons but have to work with Windows. 10 ain't so bad and with WSL I can just apt install even GUI programs.

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microcuck is just nervous, just like intlel

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Anyone else noticed we get more and more threads how Windows sucks with each linux marketshare shrink? Wow, is Linux really getting that good?

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>black wallpaper

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I blame Gnome

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>too noob to install Arch
>install a broken shitstro instead

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>still replying to bait

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>arch isn't broken because it's barely there :^) so if your broke it's because you didn't read the wiki lol

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yes i actually did
everytime windows fucks something up the number of anti-linux thread tripples

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