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Is he based?

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He's like an American homosexual equivilent of Techmoan.

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somebody post the webm

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>mactoddler untermensch
pick one

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He's based in Texas from what i heard

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a webm of what?

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Hey, I like 8 bit guy and his videos. I would buy him a beer if I ever saw him.

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the one with him walking down the street. I never found it even remotely funny or meme worthy

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it's just him walking down the street? what's so embrassing/funny about that?

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*cleans a 1980s computer using windex*

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at least he actually knows how to program basic unlike this entire board.

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apparently, some autist on /g/ thinks he walks funny. When it was actually just a skit for the video

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>owns a gun and brags about it

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Yeah exactly, homosexual.

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bitch, i don't even know how to program. keeping it real

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He also wears autism shoes.

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lemme see lemme see

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He has a wife and kids. Hes so wholesome thats probably why hes not very well liked on this board. Personally i think he is very smart, It becomes more apparent when he talks about the more technical side of things.

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Yeah he baste asshole with his cum

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Comfy tier

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>Personally i think he is very smart
watch his video on AI

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Homos are insecure, too

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Wow, who's the cutie?

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Can't read file names either?

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He's based, a really fun YT channel to watch.

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He's fucked more than I have

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Windex is a great cleaning agent that doesn't harm things it cleans.

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i thought this was an obvious joke

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I'm not sure honestly


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based? based means "doesnt give a shit"
it means "couldnt care what you think of him"

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I know very well how to program in BASIC, C, Pascal, and COBOL

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on what?
complete your sentences

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Totally fucking under rated comment

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eh, whatever. I mean, what do you reasonably expect for someone who loves and dedicates himself to technology and old technology at that? Do you want some zoomer with a side cut reviewing an apple II?

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that's the dumbest shit ive heard on 4chan today

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I fart in your direction, your mother was an hampster and your father smells of elderberries

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Alright. This was actually worth all the hype. Go show posting this, sport.

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this is what peak performance looks like

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I mean the guy in the middle

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I actually like his videos. He actually motivated me to fix (by soldering and electronic bits replacement) some stuff I had lying on the side.

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That's the walk of a man that fucks peoples wives with no remorse.

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>the chad stride

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>Particularly smart
He's a great guy but your iq has to be like warm to think he's smart

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Maybe he isn't 140 IQ mesa member, but for sure he's smarter than your average normie mouthbreather.

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He's definitely smarter than average

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Being smarter than the average human isn't that impressive...

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No. He looks like an incel and pedo.

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>writes DOS games entirely in assembly with support for obscure shit and minor video modes
>does it in notepad with no version control

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are millenial programmers really incapable of working without version control

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