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> Ew gross, never! Anon still plays videogames!

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You're looking for >>>/v/ traveller.

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I know that you guys think that girls are cunts because they ignore you, but they only ignore you because they sense that you are socially awkward and are cold towards them.
Trust me, I used to be the same way.
If you smile and work on being charismatic, it is 100% guaranteed that they will smile back at you and have a conversation.
Provided, of course, that you aren't really fat, really ugly, and you don't come off as a rapist. I know that's a tall order, but I believe in you /g/uys.

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Will never talk to any people, regardless of gender, who say such shit stuff. Fuck off normies, go put more images to the botnet Thotchat.

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>ew that creepy guy who never talks is smiling at me, i wonder what he wants from me, i hope he doesn't rape me or anything

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