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Hello anons,
I am considering developing a FOSS trusted timestamp software, but I'm a bit hung up on how exactly I should go about allowing offline timestamping. Although using third party services (such as the btc blockchain or cert servers) would be a part of the software, I don't want to have to always rely on a remote server or stable internet access.
So far, I have looked at methods in ANSI X9.95 like hash linking...

Is there anything else out there that I could use?

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What exactly are you building? Depending on that, there might be some "escapes" you can use to get a trusted timestamp.

There is that notary system that Kaminsky developed as a HTTPS security root. Could it be reused?

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I'm looking to make it a general API for use with files or text strings (such as entries in a log file). Potential use cases that I'm thinking about at the moment are recording GPS data, or having records to prove possession of data at a specific time.

As for the language, I'm thinking of C++ for the client software. I want it to be able to run on something like a smart watch, for example, but still be usable on more traditional devices.

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Who is the shithead attempted rapist?

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What are you talking about? Are you referring to the OP image?

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what do you need a 'tim' stamp for?

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