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what does /g/ think of my yorha themed css?

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>bhop script

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2b more like 2 cute feet (。>﹏<。)

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is wangblowz even capable of displaying windows without borders half a screen thick?

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Hi old ruri poster XD

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yeah just turn display scaling down

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ruri is still my waifu anon

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Yup in 1809

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Anyway I know
A question though what CPU and gpu do you have ?

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6700k and 1060

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I'm girl

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so it has been a feature of literally almost latest release?
how long has loonix had it?

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How is nier automata working for you ??
Is it on high graphics ???
Do you feel a slight stutter while playing ???
I have i7-4720HQ and gtx 950 4gb edition

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fine i use the far mod and average around 80-90 fps at 1080p
graphics are high, global illlumination is high
i rarely stutter

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That piece of love always stutter whatever I did
UNTIL I disabled spectre/meltdown protection on my CPU
Fcking solid smooth gameplay at medium without any tiny stutter
I don't know how that protection related to that lol XD

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>no link to it
come on anon

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2b is so pretty

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sry, did it better without even trying, bro

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will you be replaying at the end of february when the goty edition is out

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came here for this

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what's different about it

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not much but DLC and there isn't much of that. but I thought just because it's coming out it would be a good time to replay

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share it you ultra fag

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This but more polite.

Looks very nice anon, I would like to partake.

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