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how will this impact the tech industry do you think?

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More pajeet

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There's already a thread here use the catalog next time before making a thread faggot

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Less pajeet, the reason they are so common now is they are willing to come work for peanuts and then leave after a short stay, so if more permanent employment (which will obviously come with stricter requirements) becomes a thing there is less incentive for companies to simply seek out the cheapest labor.

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Your president sold you our, just admin it.

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More me, here I come USA!!

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I'm not a fan of trump, but what that anon said is true. H1-Be cost a few grand, but they end up paying the pajeet in question a lot less, so it is still cheaper. If they are citizens, they can freely pursue othe jobs for more money, so the incentive loses it's value.

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