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I have an interview for a developer position at Amazon on Wednesday.
How should I prepare?

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Dye your hair and buy a nice skirt/dress? Maybe go there blackfaced and tell them you're a transnigger.

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Ignore what this person says and just go through the very most basic things of your skillset so you have more confidence in them. If you already have that move 'up' one step and do the same.
Study some basic interview questions. See if Amazon has any leaked. Even if they change they're likely to be of similar character.

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>tfw no gf to hold hands a and tinkle with at the urinal

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Install Gentoo

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what kind of developer nigger?

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Which site? I can probably find out who the interviewer is via phone tool.

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>tfw no big dick goth gf

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How do I get a gf like that pls respond

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Subscribe to Prime.
Ask out Mrs. Bezos.

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Eye contact and a firm handshake is all you need.

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>Just tell them you'll make history
>Get hired
>Shoot up the place and dye your hair just before

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