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>Install Debian
>Everything "Just Works"™
Thanks Debian

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reimu sucks demon dick for living

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>fails to install grub

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god i wish that were me

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Debian has outdated packages.

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will my future radeon VII work out of the box?
I don't think so

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Pic related is the average Debian user.

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File: 3.07 MB, 2508x3541, __benikurage_and_hakurei_reimu_manatsu_no_yo_no_inmu_and_etc_drawn_by_szk__fa45a294ff2ce7e48f7f1af893e5bc85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's fine. Reimu is into retrocomputing.

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I don't dislike debian but dude it has really stupid defaults
>sudo not installed by default

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post 2hus using a computer

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>outdated packages
>apt-shit package manager
>creator kill himself

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>He doesn’t use LILO

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Only because she can't afford a new one.

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i want to nakadashi reimu

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Would you help afford it?

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Would you help her afford it?

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god i wish that were me

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As Marisa or as Reimu?

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Enjoy your SJW distro

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>using sudo

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>"Eirin! cancel my meetings!"

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>Being this much of an autist

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Enjoy your password keylogging via Xorg

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>install debian
>shit works every time
>install arch
>everything break every time
Is debian, dare I say it, our GNU plus Linux distro?

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Was this what you wanted, OP?

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So what does mr. hacker do here?
Just log as fucking root with everything that requires SU permission?

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sure, whatever
post more 2hus

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Of course?
That's what root account for.

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I seriously hope you are not fucking with me.
>Uninstalling sudo rite now

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su user -c 'rm ~'

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Which 2hu would you say is the most /g/?

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>giving your users permission to switch users
Ruh Roh

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Having sudo installed isn't the problem, the problem is logging in as root either via sudo or su from your Xorg session, if your normal account gets compromised, lets say for example via your webbrowser then the attacker can listen to Xorg key inputs to grab your password and thus gaining root privileges.

An attacker can also mess with your shell config so using su/do from a tty is also not a good idea, ideal is logging in as root on a separate tty and just ctrl + alt + num when need to run some root commands.

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Cirno because she is an idiot.

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don't worry man, it's all logged!

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More importantly, she is a zoomer.

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Imagine buying into the NSA boogeyman

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Huh, NSA doesn't need to so something so tiring and time consuming if they want access to your computer, they already have tons and tons of undocumented 0days for every OS

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>outdated packages
Try buster or sid anon, been running sid for over a year and have yet come across any instability

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Post fumos and computers

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Cirno has a good taste in computer cases.

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you don't need new packages. you likely won't notice any difference at all for 99% of updates, and if the updates are actually significant then chances are debian will patch or it will end up in backports. outdated packages are a /g/ meme, rolling distros are ridiculous. do you really want to run apt update and see 200 packages that need updating every week? my stretch install hardly ever needs updates

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Is there a Parsee fumo yet?

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cute Vigne

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No, but some anon made a yuugi fumo out of a flan fumo.

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Looking at the average Debian user hurts my eyes

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It should be the other way around.

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based satorifag
but there are 0 satori cloverOS wallpapers

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it ain't openbsd

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I'll make some just for you.

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I agree. Use doas.

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Not outdated enough to be obsolete, not new enough to be lacking thorough verification. I've used Ubuntu, Neon, and Arch in the past and not one of them was even half as reliable as Debian.

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Minecraft is bakas' choice everywhere.

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I needed 4.20 and new versions of amdgpu for getting full use of my Vega

No stupid reply you make can change that fact

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>not systemd-boot

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sparkly faggots

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You need Mesa > 19 too. Ubuntu LTS + UKUU + backports has you covered.

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how can you stand to look at that many screens at once. Too much light, I wanna vomit and lay down in a dark room just by looking at it.

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I just don't get why changing what makes Ubuntu Ubuntu. If his use case requires a newer kernel he should just choose something that provides him with it ootb, and debian sid seems good, I personally use Fedora or Arch for this situation

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moar 2hu

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>install Debian on my laptop
>trackpad doesn't work because the drivers aren't FOSS, so I have to manually install them

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I switch around screens. Also move to my T61 for posting on other sites.

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>install debian
>mess around with apt sources otherwise nothing is available or up to date
>managed to break something and can't install some packages anymore
Thanks debian

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reimu is my waifu

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and yet that doesn't appear to be a picture of reimu.
you know /g/ problems? it's full of ironic weebs. they keep posting pictures they have no idea where it came from. it was never about "anime". it was a picture that captured a moment that talks with you on a personal level, and you post to express something yours.

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don't be so upset lol

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fuck a rabbit

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I like Debian too but there's no need to lie about it

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>install Deepin
>everything just werks
Thanks China

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>Install debian
>The only distro with broken wifi AND trackpad drivers

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Since when is being a consumerist whore a good thing?

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run a bunny

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You're welcome, anon!

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It's not time for another shrine maiden

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Why is this a valid complaint when people still use Centos at work? If Debian is ancient, centos and Red Hat dates back to the Big Bang.

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I gotchu senpai.

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Administer corndog.

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CentOS is a bit different model, it gets some updates during its life.

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Yes, my dick.

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no u
yep, an CentOS as the newest stable compilers.
unlike Debian, Red Hat thinks about real work getting done and not just communism dick sucking. They backport relevant stuff through point releases, Debian just changes a number

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>what are AppImages

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Install Gentoo.

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Nitori, obviously.

Also this

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>install debian
>wifi and trackpad disabled
>need to find drivers
>can't because no wifi
>get second machine to find drivers
>transfer via usb
>get them to appropriate place
>spend next 3+ hours autistically setting up the DE
>or just cheat and use the unofficial firmware version
>still autistically set up the DE for 3+ hours though

Debian 'may' just werk from installation, but getting it to werk the way you want is another issue

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T. Ubuntu

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Why? Ubuntu just werks too, there's no need for bitterness or competition. Both distros are good in this regard

t. Ubuntu too

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She’s beautiful. Cute feet, too.

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It's net set up by default just for single-user PCs. They have to worry about many other use-cases as well, and even then getting sudo is only 2 commands away.

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File: 175 KB, 800x600, __inaba_tewi_kawashiro_nitori_and_saigyouji_yuyuko_touhou_drawn_by_maku_wasabishock__43b138c0434907c3c29f4118d9f415ee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Even if my hard drive is now ruined, at least I have a ghost.

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assuka is just parallel universe reimu

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>do apt --dist-upgrade
>it deletes almost every package on my system and creates a version hell rendering apt unusable
Thanks Debian

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sorry about your garbage laptop cobbled together with chink lowest bid oem parts, anon

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>not plain EFIStub

>> No.69338120

What the fuck! That wrench socket is OCTAGONAL! Does this mean in Gensokyo they have totally fucked up octagonal nuts?

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stop posting LITERAL SHIT-tier shrine maidens!

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>takes 3+ hours to set up DE and blames the distribution
>needs firmware but thinks firmware ISO is cheating
Maybe the problem is you

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