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guys I don't feel so good

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Lisa Su already confirmed there would be variants with more than 8 cores, and once you put a second chiplet on there you're obviously going to have an 16c/32t version, so I don't know who you think you're fooling by crossing out the R7s and R9s.

Instead, you should be more worried that an early engineering sample of an R5 3000 at non-x TDP beat a 9900k in multicore, and therefore had to basically tie an 8700k (at minimum) in single core.

This means the final R5 3000 non-x is going to beat the 9900k by some margin, much less the R5 3000x version, and that Intel will not have any answer until they unfuck 10nm and roll out a new uarch.

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>no final info mentioned at CES
>the retard already knows the SKUs branding and what was shown as engineering sample

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This but unironically.
Rip intel

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