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A part of my chair broke....so...i just 3d printed it. Isn't that amazing?

The thing is paying for itself.

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Ohhh noooo, the plastic on my headphones broke. WTF do i do now???? Oh wow, i did google, and it costs 30 bucks to replace them, and i have to ship it. Its so expensive, WTF.

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god i love technology

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OHHH right, i forgot, i have a 3d printer lol. I just 3d print it, oh my god, thats amazing.

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get back to us after you factor in the cost of the device and the materials and your time, and realize what the true cost of that part actually is

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I was kinda tempted to buy one and build a CNC router to compliment it, but ultimately I'm creatively bankrupt and only interested in building things far beyond my scope of understanding. Maybe it's just the suicidal depression talking though.

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You should upload those to the thingyverse, being able to repair things is my primary reason to get a 3d printer, throwing out stuff because some little plastic piece broke is infuriating.

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>Replacing a shitty plastic part that broke with even shittier plastic

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The printer costs 200 bucks, and the filament 12 bucks for 1kg.

I made so far 500 bucks selling this stuff

I saved 30 bucks with the earphones, and a few for the chair, plus other stuff i print that would be more expensive.

Also what an autistic way to think about something you have as a hobby. Do you also think this way about tools?

I have literally chainsaws and other tools that cost way more than my 3d printer. It just is something i wouldn't want to miss in my workshhop.

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So should i instead throw the chair away or don't use that part anymore?

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I printed also this

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any chance you could upload the .stl? Had 3 pairs of these fuckers and every one had broken plastic

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I mean the thread is cringey, but I do agree with OP. 3D printers open a whole new avenue for DIY, repaid-it-yourself fantatics such as myself. There is so much shit that relies on random tiny shitty pieces of plastic. And it's almost always the part that goes. This can add years of lifetime to other products you buy. It's fairly likely imo that they will become a staple of homes once the technology gets cheaper and picked up by bigger companies being sold as a necessity.

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I thought the whole thing about a 3d printer paying for itself was a joke at first too, but now that I have one I've seen otherwise. I think. The problem is I wouldn't buy these broken parts but I'll gladly print them. For instance, my case has plastic clips holding the front on. These things come as a set of 4 for $16. I went for years with the front taped on. Now I have printed clips and it fits together like it was new. Did I save money?
I'm still in the phase where I'm just printing upgrades to the printer itself and lurking /3dpg/ and finding practical applications for small printable things. Ultimately it's a hobby, but I understand how it could easily generate revenue.

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berry nice anon

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What printer do you have?

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I will probably buy a 3d printer when my kids are old enough to do Legos. Then I can print any replacement parts instead of pay the Lego goy tax for special star wars shit.

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