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Rate non-managing IT proffessions. Here's my opinion:

God tier:
Malware Reverse Engineer, Hardware architect, Algorithm developer, Kernel/OS Engineer, R&D

High tier:
Security researcher, Data Scientist, Backend developer, low-level developer, Devops, Full Stack Developer, BI consultant

Mid tier:
Sysadmin, Netadmin, Mobile/frontend web developer, SOC analyst

Low tier:
PC/Networking technician, Helpdesk, NOC/Operations, QA, Webmaster

Shit tier:
Sales, Tech support for a specific company's product/application, PC shop clerk, Indian outsourced slave

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>God tier:
My job

>Shit tier:
>Everything else

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>frontend web dev
>mid tier
should be shit tier or at least low

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How racist of you.

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Based Jagged Alliance poster

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>Jagged Alliance
E-excuse me?

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Web Dev is God teir

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I'm a full-stack dev, currently getting into web app security. Started on hackerone, got a private invitation to a companies site. Been bug hunting for the past 24 hours.

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>full stack developer
>high tier
>R&D a separate category
I suppose you just mean any R&D title.
I would disagree.

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kys you're self

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RIP in peace

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