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>list of roughly 200,000 personal email addresses (e.g gmail, hotmail etc) of students who are currently studying at university

How can I monetize this?

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you jackass, your gonna land in jail.

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put a gun to your head and pull the trigger

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sell it to spammers for $0.01 per email address.

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This is what everyone says. My question is How exactly?

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send some dickpics and beg for money to get an enlargement surgery.

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>I can't do math but what's that Like $20? No thank you I think there are better options
There really isn't, unless you want to risk ending up in jail for two decades yourself.

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Yes but how would I end up in jail?

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Fuck off zucc

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By trying to sell to FBI man.

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OK So this is my plan

>set up website with newsletter / subscriber plugin
>the newsletter will be student deals emailed on weekly basis
>email students (Spam) with some incentive to sign up to newsletter
>state in email that if they don't subscribe i will never email them again
>get thousands of newsletter subscriptions in good niche
>adverts/promotions/affiliate marketing ????


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>How can I monetize this?
With jailtime.

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great, until someone investigates into how you obtained their e-mail address

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Yes but how exactly does this investigation unfold?

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Boy, in the USA, the CAN-SPAM act specifically states that you cannot sell the email lists period, even worse is selling (or renting) the address of someone whom did not give consent to use.

If you cant pay the $120K USD fine, then you land in jail. If you have to ask this kind of question on a japanese imageboard, then you will definitely get caught if you try.

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I'm not in the USA but that's not that important

I know it's stupid But I want to know why it's stupid? How exactly would I get caught?

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It's pretty easy to set up hosting anonymously, and I doubt you have a big chance of getting caught selling the mailing list.

You'd mainly have to worry about cashing out. #1 method of catching people breaking the law on the internet, is following the money.

Unironically use Bitcoin, I was just talking to someone working in a Federal Computer Crime unit this week (Western EU by the way), and he mentioned they do not have the time, resources or methods to track someone down through Bitcoin. That is, if you take some precautions, such as mixing.

All in all, 200k addresses makes you a small fish.

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Thanks for your contribution anon. This is what I'm thinking - I'm small fish. I'm not going to leave trace back to me.

Plus Which 18-21yr old student who receives an email about signing up to a student newsletter is really going to launch an investigation into how their email address was obtained? They're already going to be receiving tons of student related spam shit.

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pick a random one and ask the person on a date

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>Plus Which 18-21yr old student who receives an email about signing up to a student newsletter is really going to launch an investigation into how their email address was obtained?
You should always operate under the assumption that someone will. Here's another fun fact, when you eventually end up on law enforcement's radar, and get caught, it is most likely because you got lazy, and thought "I've been doing it for so long now and nothing has happened."

Don't get sloppy.

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I agree. Someone will try and investigate. There will be one. This is what I'm interested I'm in. What is the process of this investigation? How do they report this, who would they contact, who would care etc

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no one is going to sign up

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scammers board is that way

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email headers contain more relevant data if the users have desktop mail clients, it will show the ip from which machine they sent that email.

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This ain't the 90s bru. This racket is over.

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give it back Mark

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trade it for xmr over escrow

or don't, this shit is illegal you know

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Make sure to sell your own email address. Good red herring.

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Ok Ok But this is the question. How stupid is it to pursue this?

On a scale of 1 to 10
1 = Great idea OP, You go glencoco
10 = Retard, jail, STOP thinking about this

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this, i know people are stupid but that's too much
I think only old tech illiterate people would fall for it

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You could make a killing from a list like that IF that list was compromised of a certain kind of a demographic or if you knew the interests of those people.
If it was 200k emails of people who are interested in makeup or fishing for example.
You could basically just spam products at them from your store and even with a 1-2% of success rate you could make at least five figures.
But since they're just random emails without any more data behind them, they're fairly useless.

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GDPR and apathy kill this

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there doesn't seem to be a way to monetize it legally and if you take the moral part aside and think about doing illegal stuff you should ask yourself if a long time in jail is worth the peanuts. only brainlets become criminal, anon.

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I don't think it'll necessarily put you in jail (depends on what account info you sell I guess, just the address I doubt would) but it would likely get you fired or expelled (depending on your position in the uni) if you get caught. Plus this:
It's not worth the effort or jeopardizing your standing for little to no money. To actually make money would mean selling person information which would probably mean jail time (look up cyber crime laws and cases in your country to be sure though)

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The course they study, mobile phone, dob, home address, nationality etc. Not just emails

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