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You get what you paid for.

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>buying windows

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Eww. Mac OS is a budget brand. No wonder pioneers are always shilling apple.

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>being poor

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Apple gets those $2000 from you by charging you $200 for the wifi module in your laptop, $100 for the soundcard, $600 for the RAM, etc.

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Notebook on the right was more powerful, and the MacBook blew itself up while throttling. As expected of cheap hardware.

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Who in the fuck actually buys windows? Most people get an OEM version preinstalled anyway, and those of us who build our own have the resources to get it free anyway.

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>Most people get an OEM version preinstalled anyway,
Which is as free as free shipping.
>and those of us who build our own have the resources to get it free anyway.
Changes nothing.

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>selecting a shit tier consumer laptop to compare to

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mac os x was years ahead of windows at that time desu

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>paying for an OS, ever
install gentoo faggot

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>Which is as free as free shipping
Where did I say OEM windows was free? Are you surprised businesses don't actually sell things for free or what was the point?

Regardless, my original point is that windows is significantly more cost effective.

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I built a decent rig for that much around 2009. It was possible, and it was better than a Mac.

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this image had not aged well.

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2010 called, they want their shitty meme back

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Does it really cost 13k? wtf

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>Where did I say OEM windows was free?
>Who in the fuck actually buys windows? Most people get an OEM version preinstalled anyway,
First sentence heavily implied that you consider preinstalled windows as free.
You're the idiot here anon.

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I/Win toddlers BTFO?

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linux is only free if your time is worthless.

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>DIY builders struggle to meet price with fewer features
>cheaper build with 2x CPU and GPU, 4TB more storage two posts above

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what is google

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I guess it's the 5K display macfags like throwing around.

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But I save a lot of time because I use Linux?

Also many of my professors use it, so very regularly it has been a significant benefit to use the same OS.

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you're not making sense

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>not pirating wangblows
>chinkshit consumer laptops
Try harder, Rasheesh.

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It depends what you do. Linux is niche OS, its good at areas where it has software developed for it, but sucks at all other areas (like any other OS does).

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that build also has a 5k screen

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Well, I do mostly scientific computing and a bit of image recognition now.
In one class about solving sparse systems of linear equations, the setup to complete the homework assignments, clearly was meant for Linux machines and even the TA had to install virtual box to get it running.

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>26 more cores
>another fucking graphics card
>10tb of storage over apples maybe 2tb?
Hope those apple fags are seething every night over that tax.

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5 shekels have been deposited into your account, keep it up

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Then you should use Linux, of course.
OS is just there to enable your tools (software), you should select one that does this enabling the best.

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Yes, I absolutely agree.

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>non backlit keyboard
literally a non issue.
>shared memory
implying it's not shared on the 9400M as well.
literally a stolen patent from chink rice cookers

I am not sure what display that Dell originally came with, but I suppose it's safe to assume that it was dogshit even back then. That said, the original Unibody Macbook from 2008 had extremely shitty TN Panels that gave horrible eye cancer.

Still, the MacBook beats that shitty Dell hands down. The Touchpad alone would have been worth the extra shekeles. Remember that it was Apple who introduced large Touchpads that were finally fucking usable (inb4 muh clit mouse, that's unintuitive as fuck unless you're a virgin cocksucking nerd).

I hate Apple as much as the next vir/g/in, but these comparisons are fucking terrible.
Even these days, a similary specced ThinkPad (8GB mem, quad core CPU, 1440p display) costs around the same as a MacBook does.
The MacBook has OSX and a non ULV CPU on its side, the ThinkPad has upgradeability going for it. The upgradeability alone would make me go for the ThinkPad at current pricing since I really don't give a fuck if I'm on Windows or OSX (inb4 lunix, that shit belongs on headless devices and VM hosts)

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but 70% of my income is working with Linux servers... The rest is Windows and Mac

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Now compare hardware costs.

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OSX is only free if your time is worthless

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Comparing this with a dual socket EPYC system is even more hilarious.

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Difference is windows works and homOSeX doesn't

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Some of these netbooks were cheaper than Apple mouse and keyboard on that image.

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pls delet this sir or i take pic of u and report to SIR Tim Cock

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>touch gestures are a feature
my 2013 dell latitude e7440 is better than most MacBook pros, but only costs 120 dollars. you lost.

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I've never paid for Windows and I've been using them since XP.

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>want to upgrade
>have to throw away screen

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Based dubs.

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>buying Windows
>not using hwidgen
You stink man

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>even bothering to activate windows
you can download it straight from the microsoft website and use it forever

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Literally everyone on the planet excluding education and enterprise customers.

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Linux: $0

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How is this even possible?

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truly worthless

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my then-$200 lenovo netbook supports 3 finger touch (not sure about higher)

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Don't forget that Mac has an integrated PSU without a shroud, because they want to kill anyone opening the machine up

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Forgot about that... thanks for reminding me.

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I'd rather run a non-apple UNIX (ie BSD/Linux) on PC hardware. It's the most reliable and sustainable solution. How difficult is this to understand?

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