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I think my dentist lied to me about having cavities in my teeth and then put a device in my mouth that will allow the CIA to track and control me. I'm having another tooth filled in a couple weeks, which means he's putting in a second device. These devices will work together. Until both devices are implanted, I still have freedom of thought and movement, so I have until then to figure out what's going on.

I need some way to examine my filling to see what's in it. One thing I want to do is determine its chemical composition, because I believe it's composed of a corrosive metal not normally used in fillings, which would explain why that tooth is still hurting. I also believe there may be KeepAlive signals, or at least background radiation, that I might be able to pick up on an oscilloscope. Any advice?

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install gentoo

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If you're so smart, why don't you detect and then hack into this device?

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>I still have freedom of thought and movement
Implying the aliens hadn't implanted a microchip, even before you were born. Lel.

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Go back to being dead, Terry.

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I'm pretty sure microwaves are sufficient enough to overload and knock out any electronics in your teeth. You could destroy the first device right now by sticking your head in the microwave oven, that way when the second device is implanted you'll still be free to destroy it too.

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ITT: a great candidate for lithium treatment

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Yeah. It's a distinct possibility. These faggots are known to implant radio like devices in your teeth. It works as a simple crystal diode radio and is connected directly to your nerves inside tooth. This means they can just control your brain any fucking time, implant thoughts, control your actions and even make you docile nigger cattle

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Didn't that lab funded by fb just publish that they successfully controlled a monkey via an implant?

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Good to see your back for your regular /g/ thread schizophrenic friend.

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>low-quality schizo trolling

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Did you ever tried valium? You should.

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they're making him post this thread and laughing their asses off

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Wasn't there some guy who legit thought something like this but with his eyeball? He made a video of himself literally tearing his left eye out

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did that happen in philly?

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schizo posters in full swing
are zoomers just rared?

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this vid ? https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b39_1470238800

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A "minor" news story that always comes to mind when I read this is the one casually published in the late 1990s by the Swedish government where they admitted to two "studies" on microchip implants, one was done on metal health patients in the 1970s and one in the mid 1980s on elderly in nursing homes. The first group makes sense (who's going to believe a guy in a metal health institution claiming he's hearing voices because of a microchip implant?), the second is a bit more puzzling. I guess they figured they subjects would die soon anyway.

Technology's progressed a lot since the 1970s..

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Well, if you're serious... Whatever. The biggest commonplace-threat is mercury poisoning causing brain damage over time.

Getting microchipped like a dog is becoming more and more likely, for identification when they find your teeth in a burnt building...


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50% of my family are dentists and my as a computer scientist can tell you: This is totally bullshit!

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Stop this pasta. If you think a dentist is anywhere near capable of this you're a tard. Also stop being pussies and knocking yourself out every time you go to the dentist. I got 4 premolars removed in middle school with local anesthetic and no opioids. Meanwhile people need 50 10mg oxy to recover from wisdom teeth extraction to get addicted to heroin. Pathetic.

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Holy shit there are more pics of this girl? Who is she?

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I don't get it either. Fucking pussy ass niggas. The junior doctor couldn't pull my molar and he called a senior. The senior extracted after 15 minutes by breaking that teeth. I was on lidocaine injection btw. Didn't feel a thing. They advised me not to eat for few hours, but I was hungry af and ate anyway. Later I found I bit my tongue and lips pretty bad

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Why do newfags call everything pasta

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I've seen this post before. It's forced pasta

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Seeing a thread once before does not make it pasta, you throw that word around too casually

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Fine. It's a shit post from a namefag. Doesn't change the fact that dentists are shit bags getting kids addicted to opioids when local anesthetic and high dose Tylenol suffice.

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how is a computer chip in your tooth gonna survive the temperatures of a burning building

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Don't listen to all the CIA shills in this thread OP.

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>implying this is actual treatment used today
ITP: I googled something and use it to sound cool, twelve yr old edition.

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Yeah, it's not a pasta. And I wasn't knocked out for the operation, I did have local anesthetic, and I'm not taking painkillers, so you're making a lot of assumptions here. Pain doesn't bother me. Also these two posts both reek of pastas themselves.

I want to know where you saw it before, because this is an original post I made about something that's actually going on in my life, so whoever posted it before me must be able to see into the future.

I was put on Lithium back in 2013, so unless it's been banned within the last six years, I'm sure it's still being used.

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S-stay right where you are!
t. CIA

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shit i'll become part of the botnet if it means i get to be with her

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>essay reply
>multi user reply
>makes it about themself so they can take the opportunity to mention/show off their edgy mental illness, as if those are cool and not just something that means you are a write off, damaged goods, defective, etc.
attention whore fuck off back to facebook/reddit to complain about your problems to people that do not give a shit either.

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Go back to >>>/x/

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oh that?
well if you really are sleepy you can lie down here traveler.

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The only issue i have is that the CIA better not be using propriety code in their tracking.

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this, if you're so smart you could use a software defined radio to detect this stuff.
> background radiation, that I might be able to pick up on an oscilloscope
oh boy nevermind

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>Whatever. The biggest commonplace-threat is mercury poisoning causing brain damage over time.

B-but I thought mercury fillings are harmless? Have I been lied to?

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>ywn be seduced by a cute undercover CIA agent to gain access to the sensitive information you have

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this is indeed a thing that modern doctors do and you should be worried. they even install devices in people with diabetes that constantly monitor and record their bodily functions.

also never, EVER do ANY kind of surgery or medical operation for any reason, especially if it involves any kind of anesthetic. they buy that shit directly from the cia who developed it to be used as the main weapon in the successor project to mkultra. when you wake up you'll think nothing has changed when in fact you're living in a dream world created by the cia to make you think everything's fine while your real conciousness is in the real world being controlled by them

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>also never, EVER do ANY kind of surgery or medical operation for any reason, especially if it involves any kind of anesthetic

oops. too late

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I've had surgery before, but my grammy watched it in the operating room. Do you think the CIA still got me?

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>propriety code
Yes, they should only use improper code

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my friend had to pop lithium a year back bc he was crazy too. You should cool down and drink some water anon

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Do you write software? We need a new Terry, the old one broke.

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kek it's perfect

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>which would explain why that tooth is still hurting
The tooth is hurting because it was fucking drilled into. Or potentially, because your shit dental health caused the cavity to return.

Is there a reason you suspect this dentist in particular to be working with the CIA? Why not just go to another dentist? If you think it's all dentists, then why go to any dentist at all? Just wait until the tooth rots and knock it out with a rock like people did in the old days.

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Sounds like schizophrenia

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