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I am God, tell me your favorite GPU brand?

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You are not my God.

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Specifically the Voodoo 3 3500 All in Wonder

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why did you curse us with brands, god, when we all know only two Chinese companies make all the shit we buy u_u

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Do not be fooled; I am your God

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because China is our only country that can give us best GPUs at a good price

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Lucifer was right. Lucifer is my God. Your god is a gay ass sadistic fucker

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>hating god for the wrong reasons

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Is that a question or an imperative statement? Don't talk with uptalk like a west-coast california liberal faggot, it makes you sound insecure, needy, and gay. Not to mention it's annoying as fuck and no one thinks better of you for doing it. In fact, it's the opposite.

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AMD for anything as powerful as an RX 580 or less, Nvidia for anything more powerful than an RX 580.

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That's just William G. Grace in God attire

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nice feet

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i dont play video games so i'm pro-whatever is on the mainboard/laptop ootb

t. a grown-ass adult

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