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Why can't Windows ever be fucking idle?

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because you're too fucking stupid to even use winshit
>antimalware service

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That would mean you're not seeding. When you have the best torrent client on the planet (uTorrent 2.2.1) why would you not be seeding?

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It's called hibernation sweetie.
You are clearly actively using the system, therefore how can it be idle?

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r u kidding me

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Works on my machineā„¢

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Install Gentoo.

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Unused disk activity is wasted disk activity.

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get a ssd you idiot

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>falling for the SSD meme

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>has Chrome and Skype running
>asks why Windows is not able to "idle"
what is going on today? Is it retard day or something?

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that's ram you nigger

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>just compensate for slow software with better hardware

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How do Yo know permanently kill cortana?

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it's mostly idle, except for startup, updates, and defender bullshit
those three things above trigger such unbelievably massive disk thrashing that it's unusable on anything but SSD or very specific RAID setups
I have no idea how microsoft managed to fuck up so bad it does this

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>what is a search engine?

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because your fucking retarded
I have changed exactly nothing in windows

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Looks like you might need a bigger disk.

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that's everything in your entire unused life

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Since you retards complained about Windows 8 waking up your computers overnight for maintenance and updates, Windows 10 now does ALL THE SHIT the moment you log in every morning.
Your welcome.

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though it is saying that the system is at 100% when none of the shit in this pic seem to be even close to that, so it may be something else on windows like superfetch or windows search

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Windows 10 ADHD? Run ritalin.exe.

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this, unironically

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So the system is so shit it can't run properly on hdd?

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It's either indexing, defragmenting, virus scanning or updating, all of which are easily disabled.

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cute girl

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>net.exe stop superfetch
you're welcome
net.exe stop windowssearch

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Guaranteed it's Telemetry/.NET Optimization/Windows Defender.

Microsoft simply gave up on older PCs for Windows 10, especially those without SSDs. Windows 10 is designed especially for connected standby devices (i.e. tablets), which can run maintenance tasks while the screen is off, much like a smartphone. Since that condition never happens on a desktop or laptop PC, all that shit ends up running while you use the PC. Windows 8 had a feature that could have remedied this, by waking up the computer from hibernation, but they got rid of that after ``people'' (control freaks) complained about their computers waking up.

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btw people.
can I ask you guys on how to get my pc up and running again?

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Any system is shit when dealing with slow storage Windows 10 isn't the only one, unless you think taking 30 min to update packages is acceptable in Linux

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>windows is using 2.72 GB of RAM on idle

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Scans your disk to update your marketing profile

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If people learned how to use exclusion folders windows defender wouldnt be such a fucking bitch.

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>step away from laptop running windows
>return 10 minutes later
>the fans are whirring like crazy, the temps are around 85 C
>enter task manager
>it stops instantly
What the FUCK does it do whenever I'm not looking?

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Disable SuperFetch, that's the cause of this on every boot.

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holy fuck i thought i was going crazy
i'm glad i'm not the only one, what the fuck
at least that shit's contained in a VM, mother of cancer

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>I wish my RAM was unused and wasted money

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I think if they had less RAM, it'd use less RAM. I think Linux even does this too, though not to that level of WTF.

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because the spying is real. what did you think? want a quiet hard drive? install linux

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Install LTSB and set telemetry to basic. You'll trick microshaft into thinking your computer is a cash register and they'll set you on the botnet's lowest priority.

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>copy some random files, but make sure to not show it in task manager

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holy shit dude, that's horrible

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Telemetry has nothing to do with it, this is caused by SuperFetch running on boot up. LTSB also doesn't include that but don't conflate the two.

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my 5400 rpm hdd takes any update in less than 10 minutes and barely can run Windows. You get it? Laptop designed specifically to run Windows can't run Windows.

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It's also why SSD's don't have this problem, superfetch is 'disabled' by default on them.

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>windows using 1/5th of your RAM, and it's 16gb

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Did you bother to check what files are being read/written to in resource monitor?

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>he does it for free
that's a well documented issues, look it up and you'll see thousands of complaints about it, try harder shlomo

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>Laptop designed specifically to run Windows
Just because an OEM buys a license to ship Windows with their laptop doesn't make it "designed specifically to run Windows".

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If it's a well-documented issue you can show which process is actually using up the IO instead of sorting by ram, disinfo shill. God, you fossturds are pathetic.

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Tixati is the best.

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Look up any problem and you'll find thousands of complaints about it. Look up problems with some product you absolutely love and had zero issues with, you'll find problems. There exists NO product or service on the planet that is without issues, that just isn't how it works.

I'll give you some time, I can see from here your mind is blown.

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>it's windows fault my pc is from 2010

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Where does the rare Deepwater Jew fit on this list?

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Well ok your linux distro can make an HDD seem less like garbage, still doesn't solve the fact the HDD is garbage for OS use

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That's the built-in antimalware in Windows 10. It totally sucks.

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>looking it up for linux still brings up mostly windows
who's a good goyim ? you are ! yes you are !

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>a more popular operating system gets more results on a general search engine
>this is apparently signs to anon that the popular operating system is bad, instead of the fact that search engines can't handle relative size in queries
this entire discussion is going over your head because you're an actual mouthbreather

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Wow you really proved to me you have a legitimate issue instead of disinfo shilling to make your your crap OS look better.

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or maybe it's because linux doesn't have this issue you autistic nigger, here's something people do have trouble with on linux, and not a single windows result
but do keep on coping and exercising that damage control
good argument

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WRONG, LTSB WITH superfetch enabled will have LESS disk usage than standard wankers 10. Microsoft has even bragged about taking screenshots of your desktop every 5 minutes and sending that to their servers as part of (((((telemetry))))).

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Your shit is fucked.

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ikr i just wanna lie next to her and frot until we both cum and then fall asleep while cradling her head on my arm

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You can't

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you can't
i-i was just pretending !

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>disable and remove cortana
Just hit on her and she'll ghost you.

Call it fat?

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If you paint a PC black does it run faster or stop working?

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turn off super fetch you fucking retard

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What's it like being retarded?

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Use a SSD instead of a HDD

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Why are Wincucks always saying muh OS is the best but they deal with shit like this?

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A windows PC is never idle. Fuck it.. worst development environment ever made.

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>despite having it explained to be dozens of times
>i am STILL too much of a fucking retard to understand what a disk cache is
Absolute state, etc.

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How can you possibly be this fucking stupid but never have decapitated yourself with an envelope or something? Of course nobody cares about your nothing OS.

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why don't you try sorting the disk tab to most used to least used.

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>has a mechanical drive in 2019
Anyone who has 100% drive usage at just a few MB/s of usage is rocking an HDD. It's 100% because your drive is fucking slow and takes a long time to respond.

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Unless you are using a *buntu or Fedora linux also requires some tweaking to make the end user experience sensible and not stupid. Even then everyone likes to tweak their OS to be "just so" and that inherently means fucking about.

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>and not a single windows result
>windows 7 - Connect multiple WiFi networks ...
>Fix: Windows 10 will not connect to WIFI ...
>Can't bridge WIFI and ethernet, because wireless ...

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It's some kind of glitch. I've reinstalled a Windows a couple of times over the years because of it. Obviously your system can handle way more data throughput than that; Windows is just fucking up

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>why doesn't the botnet ever stop

>> No.69124177

Your hard drive is dying.

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Remove Cortana.*
It's only anon that's disabled.

>> No.69125648

You can disable cortana and i've done it in the past, but it automatically gets enabled again after windows update

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Running ltsc, 900mb ram used idle 0% everything else
Don't blame the OS when you are the issue

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It's not a glitch. The way Windows 10 measures drive activity is how long it takes the drive to respond.
Mechanical drives have long response times, so it goes to 100% usage really easily if it isn't accessing sequential data, because it is having to wait on I/O.
It's a pretty fair way of measuring usage. I'm sure some people will complain but using percentage of the drive's theoretical throughput isn't really fair either when you're wondering why your computer is acting slow to respond and the drive usage only shows 5%, but it's having to seek all over the fucking drive for this one application that's blocking I/O of other processes.

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Teamos makes these custom build of windows 10 without cortana, antimalware, Skype, store, edge, telemetry and all other windows 10 bullshit. You won't be able to update windows though (its a feature, seriously). If you are paranoid that those build might send shits to teamos, wireshark it.

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How else can we spy on your preferences so we can sell the data to marketing companies goy?

>> No.69126398

just slap some red and blue led

>> No.69126984

something winshit is going to adopt, rest are built into windows and should not fuck you up
>defending windows 10

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install gentoo

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It can't spy on you if it is idling.

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It's time to go back...

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No, thanks.

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It's not a glitch. If you see 100% usage when no program is running then it mean the system is using it.

>> No.69127624

it might be superfetch running in the background

>> No.69127657

System is a process, though.

It has already been well explained in the thread. Mechanical drives are shit and the Task Manager now makes it abundantly clear how shit they are.

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>40% memory

>> No.69128186

I have an SSD, retard. It's a glitch that was fixed by reinstalling

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>i don't understand how an operating system works

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>windows 10
joke's on you

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DIsable superfetch and windows search

>> No.69129424

Botnet, same as uGarbage. Install rtorrent

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No, you don't.

>> No.69129536

Rename the folder it's in to something else. However, this will cause errors to appear in the event viewer every three seconds as windows tries to run it but can't.

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Adding another one for the meme-age, this is on my main windows vm

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How the fuck is it even possible that you faggots are so fucking useless?
No bump or (You).

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Because your HDD is failing

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>uses chrome
>calls anyone else a faggot

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Unused memory is wasted memory

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Disappointed that it took this long for a proper answere. Also, you can take controll and disable the service after this step which *should* fix that issue. However I'm on win LTSB version and haven't messed with it for years.

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Taking the bait

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spotify consistently uses 40-60% cpu while idle, got any ideas to fix it? tried reinstalling the desktop app, good thing that the web app is basically the same shit

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>have tons of useless shit running in the background
>still 0%-1% disk, 0-1% network
My ram usage is high, but whatever I have 16gb, what the fuck are you niggers doing?

>> No.69130918

Idle playing music or idle only having the application open?

weak CPU's report much higher utilisation when bombarded with consistent small ethernet packages. try checking power consumption and see if it correlated with your utilisation. If its low then you're fine, If temps indicate actual 60% heavy utilisation then panic

>> No.69130984

>start disc heavy task on my old HDD
>sort taskmanager by RAM
>post on 4channel.org/g/
Now this is epic

>> No.69131021

>using meme programs
>not turning off swapping
I guess some people are just not smart enough to use even computers.

>> No.69131056

that's just Spotify monitoring you activities to give you "ads that are more suited towards you", don't worry you can trust them!

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>> No.69131100

>ramdom microsoft store updates
Welcome to windows 10

>> No.69131261

>win10 is the best!
>works on muh machine
>you just have to disable a bunch of shit to make it work properly
fuckin kek, windblows shills everyone

>> No.69131291

if you disable cortana it'll also disable searching for installed programs

total bullshit if you ask me

>> No.69131301

>muh tinfoilhatz
what a pleb

>> No.69131310

What are you on about? It's just renamed to sysmain in services. It's still superfetch as we know it you mong.

>> No.69131316

>not using LTSC

>> No.69131323

malware infected box is infected

install more cracked adobe products, i bet you NEED photoshit 2019

>> No.69131344

N-no how dare you make me use GIMP for cropping and red eye removal?

>> No.69131346

chrome is spyware

underage ignorants like you are the reason why /g/ is shit now

>> No.69131743

Installed it a month ago, haven't downloaded a single torrent or cracked software. It's done that on the previous install as well.

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>chrome is spyware
>still thinks there's software that isn't spyware
omg, like uh, nobody cares about your loli porn, faggot

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Disable any startup programs that you don't need. OneDrive is especially noted for this, but don't uninstall it. Disabling it from startup works, but uninstalling it will just have it come back next major update. Disable everything Cortana in the settings. I know it dosent turn her off completely buy it disables most of the internet searching and it poking around in the boot disk.
Just don't run chrome if you want to save system resources.
Uninstall Skype, it's malware at this point

>> No.69132074

It's a tab hoarder

>> No.69132110

Doesn't Linux use 100% of your RAM at all times?

>> No.69132126

Allocated =/= used

>> No.69132146

>it's ok when Linux does it!

>> No.69132273

RAM in general doesn't discriminate when it stores valuable data versus no active data. all operating systems work on the principal that it allocates 'active' data to completely unused RAM. When data that used to be in RAM but is not 'active' anymore then the OS will check first wether the regions in RAM have already been reallocated. If not it can be returned which means saving read-write cycles on both memory and RAM.

>> No.69132864

I upgraded from 16 to 32gb of RAM and my idle RAM usage pretty much doubled. It will use as much as you give it.

>> No.69132871

*scans and sends your data to the nsa*

>> No.69132892

It is indexing your hd. It happens when you turn it on. Just wait it to finish, there is nothing you can do.

>> No.69132969

This may just be the windows antimalware stuff. It detects when you're not using your computer and then runs its scans. I'd deactivate it and see.

>> No.69133004

For disk cache, yes. When a program requests more RAM, Linux shrinks the cache to make room for it.

>> No.69133048

>0.2mb/s is orange
You need a new hard drive.

>> No.69133074

So Linux uses ram for cache, just like windows, but somehow it's ok when Linux does it?

>> No.69133113

Ah, that could be it. At some point I thought it might be defragging but even after manually defragmenting the entire storage drive it still wouldn't stop.

>> No.69133172


because it's botnet and you're being spied on and recorded 24/7 by NSA/FBI/5VEY/etc

>> No.69133234

Not in my machine TM.

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install Windows 7

>> No.69133909

Ltsc or ltsb?

>> No.69133912

listen to the dubs

>> No.69133963

This guy gets it.

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Nothing to see there windows is just copying your data to the cloud for examination.

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