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total rn is $1500
im not sure about the ram and the case

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OP is an NPC

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>$100 for a case


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jeez this shithole is ridden with virgins

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Trolling is against the rules

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nice cucked cpu

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>>>/g/pcbg you fucking faggot

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how is it cucked? because muh hyperthreading?

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Stay butthurt, OP.

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isnt me

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Imagine paying for overpriced technology that hasn’t improved in at least 5 years. Kek!

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literally of the best gaming CPU's on the market. amd is still improving but its still not even close really.

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Just buy an 8700k, buying a 9700k is retarded.

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With all the security patches Intel is vomiting out why pay $200 for hyper threading when it will have no performance gain

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Looks good, would be nicer if you could stretch to b-die for some nice memory overclocks.

What GPU?

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im willing to change the ram what would you recommend?

GPU right now is a 1070.

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Something like this
Or just about any similar kit, just search "3200 cl14".

Though if you don't plan to tinker with OCing RAM, it probably doesn't matter much. But these kits can OC considerably with just a little bit more voltage, and some games really benefit from good RAM.

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Shit wrong link, this one:

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8700k prices are retarded and if it's within $50 of the 9700k, the 9700k has 8 cores instead of 6, so even without the hyperthreading it's USUALLY better outside of niche situations like blender which is well optimized for threads instead of gaming which prefers real cores.

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The cpu is wasteful. Downgrade it and use the difference to buy yourself a 2070+

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>9700k for a 1070
/v/ needs to be deleted

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>$300 for a case, probably for the look of it
Holly shit you sure are retarded

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case is only $100 CDN which is probably $60 USD

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> only 16gb of ram
literally kill yourself poorfag

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Literally how poor are you? Fucking child.

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>500$ for a CPU.
>no actual graphic card

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>gaming motherboard
>DDR4-3000 memory

ok, first off, there's a pc building general somewhere around here.

Second, you're retarded. AMD is the way to go right now, Intel is having a Bulldozer moment. And you want DDR4-3200CL14 for that because Ryzen is extremely dependent on RAM timings.

Third, if you're going to pay fucking $100 for a fan go for an AIO.

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>t. 2gb thinkpad
fuck off CIA nigger

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for gaming there is still zero reason to go with AMD if your budget can afford intel.

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Suicide-tier resolution.

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Meh, 1080p 144hz, or 1440p 144hz, either way you should be getting intel.

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1440p 144Hz is GPU bound you fucking mongoloid. Gaming is supposed to be GPU bound. You've fallen for jewish or poo-in-loo tricks if you are CPU bound in a fucking video game.

Even if Zen 2 is the second coming and reks Shintel at every turn, offering 5 gigglehurts and screaming 1080p performance, you're still a fucking idiot if you're CPU bound in a video game.

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I don't care if it's GPU bound.

The single thread performance advantage from intel still dominates for games, even if it's GPU bound at the far end, intel is STILL the better choice if its within your budget without making a sacrifice in GPU performance.

Assuming you're buying the same GPU either way, you'd be a fucking retard to buy AMD right now for gaming only.

If you've got workstation workloads, thats another situation.

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Fuck off with that bait, save it for the cpu shill threads.

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No. Just no. There is no "quantum" anything, this isn't poorly understood near magic effects of some mythical theoretical particle. This is simply electrons being so small they can move through any material at the path of least resistance, because nothing can exert 100% perfect electrical control over them. It is current leakage. It is nothing but current leakage. It is current leakage in short channel devices, and it happens at literally every feature size, it is not exclusive to small FinFET devices like upcoming 5nm EUV FinFETs. Even planar devices have extremely high degrees of leakage through their channels, directly under the gates, electrons still leak out. Yet despite this the transistors still function.

Quantum tunneling is a meme regurgitated by people who know nothing about the field of FETs.

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Is this pasta? I remember reading this exact post before.

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ditch the 8 core OP also you really don't need an M.2 ssd a stata ssd is fast enough, it also takes up a whole PCIE slot which means you can't add another graphics card if you wanted to in the future (since your cpu can only have 16 PCIE lanes and each gpu will take up 8), psu and case is fine, you could probably get a cheaper mobo as well
dude I have a i7 4790k and its fine, you don't need a fucking 8 core for gaming, you also don't need more than 8 gigs of ram unless you cant manage your tabs or you're editing photos and browsing the Internet and playing games at the same time

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>dont need an 8 core

the meme keeps evolving

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>using sli/crossfire in 2019

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>m.2 slot uses pcie slot
Nigga what?

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are you retarded?
hmm grayons, unless you're playing some cpu intensive game like starcraft it wont matter and if you are you dot need a 1070
yeh, fair point, by the time a 1070 becomes obsolete you're probably be better off getting a new single gpu, sli kinda sucks anyways ,I just wanted to make op aware of that

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>proprietary everything
oh great

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Nigga U dumb

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get the r7 case

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WTF are you talking about?

You can put whatever you want in there. Its server hardware not "gaymer" hardware.

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You can put TWO xeon v3 CPU's , and 16 ddr4 ram modules and 8 hard drives in the drive bays.


Hur dur proprietary

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Good to hear bro literally everyone cares thanks for that info cool thread!

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>2018(almost 2019)
wait for CES nigger

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then after CES it'll be
>wait for april/may

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I think what he means is you can’t go to anywhere else but Dell for parts like hard drive carriers, fans, and heatsinks.

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>hard drive carriers

Standard server hardware

This stuff has been standardized for years.

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the wait will never end

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cpu is overkill for gaming

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>$100 case that only comes with 2 fans
>DDR4 3000
>HUGE CPU cooler
>did I mention the case has only 2 fans
>750W power supply
>no GPU
Im assuming you were dropped on your head as an infant?

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There's zero reason to go with Intel if you plan on doing literally anything other than gaymen. The vast majority of video games are GPU bound so you're looking at minimal FPS gains while a 2600x or 2700x will give you massive gains outside of gaymen.

Fuck off intel shills.

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Exactly. The whole
>wait for it to be announced
>wait for it to actually be released
cycle is AMDfag's bread and butter. Just buy intel.

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whats wrong with a i7?
>$100 case that only comes with 2 fans
thats exactly what you get with $100 case, and i already have extra fans from other builds
>1TB NVME drive
>HUGE CPU cooler
the 9 series intels are monsters and need to be cooled
>750w power supple
yea i could spend $20 less nad get a 600 or something but whats the point?
>no GPU
already have a 1070

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lol you swear like AMD isnt better than Intel at every conceivable price point at the moment

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>Just buy intel.

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>9700k for probable 1080p gaymen
You're a goddamn retard.

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i play on 144hz

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Yeah and you don't need a $500 processor to hit 144+ fps at 1080p with a 1070 you goddamn monkey.

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I forgot to add that since intel products never change there's nothing you need to wait for.

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alot of games are not optimized. so i can wait for them for optimization or just brute force

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>Building a PC right now when AMD is selling 7nm, 5Ghz +35% IPC processors in March
I'm usuallly not one to Just Wait™ but really, why did you make this thread?

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That's literally fucking nothing, you can keep your 1993 shitbox case for your snowflake gentoo build

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It's your money. If you wanna waste it be my guest. You could probably save something like $300 and have basically the same performance since your GPU is going to be the bottleneck of your system.

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Do they come with unicorn sperm thermal paste as well?

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>Buy a shit case, shit CPU cooler and a shitty small SSD

This board is so fucking retarded, stop advising everyone on building worthless shitboxes like your PC because unlike you not everyone builds a PC solely to install arch and run scrot once a week.

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>Shipping: $191.90 USPS Priority Mail International

Pay attention to OPs location.

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Not overkill isn't the same as shitty.
What's shitty is spending money on components who's excess capacity won't be used, and skimping on the things that make a difference.

>> No.69112749

>using abreviations

>> No.69112755

want to know how I know you're retarded?

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anything over 2933 mhz is fine
buy a case that has at least one 5.25" bay and then an optical drive, thank me later

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faster and better than your current setup.

>12 core CPU

>1300w power supply

>can add a second CPU, 3 video cards, 8 hard drives, and up to 1TB of ram

>Built in raid

>built in BMC / IPMI

>price $1386

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/g/ has become an incel amd fan boy site, get an i7-8700k and spend the rest on a good GPU, if you're doing gaming of course.

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Kys kike

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the only resolution that your cpu matters is 1080p and below
anything above this is gpu bound regardless of what cpu you slap into it

you are just trying to justify buying an expensive piece of shit because of fanboism

>> No.69113537

in what universe you live when unoptimised games gets more fps out of more expensive cpu that provide literally nothing ?

>> No.69113549

>in march

i really doubt so.. ject check the cpu prices they are dipping right now pretty sure they gonna hard launch

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>Why do you need 8 cores? 6 cores should be enough!
>3 cores? Why do you need 2 cores?!
>You should be fine with using 1 core

>> No.69114161

if it's for gaming, get a cpu with fewer cores and higher clock speed

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Canada price?

>> No.69114663

Jesus Christ OP, you can get a gaming laptop with similar specs + a 6gb 1060 for that money and have portability.
>inb4 gaymen laptops
We've reached the point now where by the time a decent gaming laptop is too outdated to run the shit you want to run, you'll have spent about the same money for a new one in desktop parts to upgrade anyway. Gaming laptops are no longer a waste of money unless you're into serious VR shit and buy the newest GPU every other month

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Playing at high fps stops being gpu bound, you need a fast single core to pull 144+

>> No.69115013

Don't listen to fucking retards trying to shill AMD, the 9700k is the best gaming CPU right now and the single thread performance king, which is great for responsiveness in pretty much every single god damn thing you do in your computer.
Who the fuck cares if a 2700X is better at multi threading if you're not encoding/rendering stuff 24/7? Everyone here acts like they do important heavily multithreaded stuff all day long when in reality they spend their whole day sitting on their pile of shit watching hentai, fuck off.

The 9700k is $100 more expensive than a 2700X and while it is ~13% slower at heavily multi threaded tasks, it is ~25% faster at everything else. And it's not like you're gonna be incapable of rendering some shit as well, it is a god damn fast 8 core CPU.

My build is similar to yours OP, and it's great:
>Gigabyte Z390 Gaming SLI
>2x8GB 3000mhz C15
>970Evo 500GB
>850W gold

>inb4 intel shill
Enjoy your eternal wait for the fabled AMD hardware while I enjoy my fast PC right now. Whenever AMD launches more capable hardware at the stuff I want to do I'm gonna buy it as well because I'm not dirt poor like shills here, nor bound to Intel. /g/ right now is absolute consumer brand brawl garbage, jesus.

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Also, that SSD is placebo autism

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$73USD is an extreme amount to spend on a case? Why is it so outrageous that somebody with a $400CAD+ GPU which has the sole purpose of making games look more pretty wouldn't want to put it in some $50CAD shitty piece of plastic? The lack of aesthetic sense anybody on /g/ has outstands me.

You can have a 9900k and still not hit 144hz in a ton of games you dumb fuck what are you even talking about? If he's running 1080p as well his choices are perfectly reasonable. If he's running 1440p+ then he's probably gonna be GPU bottlenecked to an extent a 9700k probably isn't worth the coin.

Anyways I would buy the nova 550w over the 750w because that's more than enough power to run all your parts unless you're overclocking and overvolting quite a bit.

I think m.2 drives over sata3 are a bit of a waste of money for the actual performance gain but your money.

For a windowed build you're paying very little attention to aesthetic quality blocking out much of the window with the giant ass noctua. A a1o with a rad can look much tidier in the final build.

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Stop kvetchin' just buy it!

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1080p 144hz monitors exist dipshit and they're reasonably popular in gaming because they're not that hard to power and good for fast-paced games.

>> No.69116699

1440p 144hz intel has very little reward and an AMD build is better at most price points. You need to be spending a LOT on GPUs before it doesn't make sense to just throw more money at your GPU.

>> No.69116706

>buying RTX meme

>> No.69116717


It has higher turbo speeds than 8700K and HT is pure meme-tier for eight-core CPUs and beyond. It only yields benefits for niche applications that are comically parallel a.k.a ray-tracing and CPU video encoding. Otherwise, it is a mixed-bag at best. 9700's issue is that it is a blast furnace at maximum load even at stock.

9900K is the real meme-tier CPU.

>> No.69116722

even if 1440p 144hz is GPU bound, having intel is still going to improve you 0.1% minimums and 1% minimums, as well as improved frame times.

You simply CAN'T ignore intel for gaming, sorry, but you're out of your mind if you think otherwise.

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Neither the 9700k nor the 2700X is a reasonable choice for gaming.
The i5-8400 gives the same performance in games since they are GPU-limited anyway while costing less than half.

>> No.69116760

>since they are GPU-limited anyway
lmao, you're a moron if you honestly think EVERY game is GPU limited.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.69117421

not even a fucking 9900k can drive 144 fps at 2k in any modern title besides f1 that has an engine of 2014 and fc5 that barely beats it and that on normal graphics settings

plus yes please tell us how on earth your cpu that has above 60 at 0.1 will affect any other cpu that is also above 60 at 0.1

>> No.69117435

good luck trying to justify your stupid methodology when its clear that no cpu can reach 144 with graphics setting above normal in most cases

>> No.69118072

the 9700k is always a bit better than the 8700k for $40 more. and in the future more games will probably benefit more from physical cores

>> No.69118302


the 2 eternal words of intel fans

>> No.69118334

games already benefit from more physical cores.

>> No.69118342

selective titles on new engines aka VERY FEW

the rest dont

>> No.69118352

the rest benefit from high core clocks whichs intel can only offer apparently.

>> No.69118373

few percentage benefits from core counts

the rest benefits from high clocks

intel fans really have an answer for everything

i bet next thing they gonna say that games benefit from the higher price point too

>> No.69118381

the fact no cpu can hit 144 is WHY investing heavy in your CPU makes sense because you benefit from every ounce of extra power.

I don't recommend above ryzen 5 2600 @ 60hz for gaming because there is inconsequential performance differences between it and any higher end CPU. Only an idiot would buy a i7-9700k @ 60hz for gaming because it's putting the cart before the horse and the monitor upgrade should come first.

>> No.69118383

again fuck head, 0.1% and 1% minimums are STILL better on intel, i will always recommend intel for high refresh rate gaming unless Zen2 manages to actually be decent.

>> No.69118416

holy fuck LOL

>the fact that the cpus cant hit 144 fps its the only evidence you need to JUST INVEST ON THE CPU becauses FUCK LOGIC

only idiots think like that and those that think paying 300 more for 10 fps is somehow justifiable in any way

>> No.69118473

call me when you find a difference between 60 fps or 70 fps or 80 fps on dips

oh wait i know you someone gonna say that you can ACTUALLY SEE the DIFFERENCE above 60 fps while your monitor cant


>> No.69118512

...you realize we're talking about 144hz...right?

If you can't see a difference between 60fps, and 80fps on a fucking 144hz screen, you need to get your eyes checked.

>> No.69118514

Not a bad build imo, but I'd go for the corsair vengeance LPX kit at the same capacity and same speed for about $120 rn. I would also switch the noctua out for an AIO and enjoy cooler temps with overclocking headroom. Might cost extra depending which AIO you get

>> No.69118596

I'm not an AMD poojeet shill so I'm not going to argue as to if spending a few hundred bucks to shave 10fps off your vidya games is a reasonable use of money. Maybe he's a rich trust fund babby and throwing down a few thousand for a computer is nothing. Who knows.

He has a budget of 1500. He clearly prefers high FPS. He wants high FPS. He has said that directly. What is the point of coming in here and screeching about how the OP is stupid for spending money on things he enjoys and how he needs to buy AMD™ products that don't give him the performance he wants?

>> No.69118611

But you don't understand, AMD is better.

>> No.69118685

>oh wait i know you someone gonna say that you can ACTUALLY SEE the DIFFERENCE above 60 fps while your monitor cant

He's using a 144hz monitor you stupid fuck. I legit think you're confused and not trolling this is hilarious.

>> No.69118729

I just went with i7-87xx and haven't been happier. Granted, I was an AMD shill for fucking years and this is my first Intel cpu since Pentium II days, but I'm goddamn impressed with the 8750H in my laptop and the 8700k in my desktop (got both on discount) and seriously thought the AMD house fire shit was just a meme, but I've actually had to turn the heat on this winter in my condo after making the switch to Intel because my desktop is no longer a space heater.

>> No.69118736

you cant the only NOTICEABLE difference on a hf monitor you can see if 60 to 120 and to 144

you would have already knew this since the high frequency monitors have 60 120 and 144hz options

>> No.69118750

>. Maybe he's a rich trust fund babby and throwing down a few thousand for a computer is nothing. Who knows.

nah its just the usual falseflagging and shilling right before any amd launch
the increase of intel threads always peaks before amd launches something

>> No.69118795

I fucking run a 144hz monitor, I can SEE the difference between greater than 144fps, and sub 100fps EASILY.

>> No.69118808

my fs2735 has a stepping of 10hz on it and still you cant even see a difference at all

you know why? as i stated here
consumer monitors 99% of the time have only 60/120/144hz as options therefore your monitor simply CANT show you any difference

>> No.69118814

haha look at this retard buying an intel cpu

>> No.69118835

no shit thank you for proving my point idiot

>> No.69118838

human eyes can only see 30fps fucktard, so no, not right, you fucking dumbass

>> No.69118844

so why the fuck would I ever get AMD that has frame drops to sub 70fps, let alone 100fps.

>> No.69118875

the same question goes for intel
why would you buy a cpu that dips below 120 if you have a 144hz monitor?

oh wait we go back to the original statement
1) you are either a dumb intel fan
2) you are shilling so hard you fail to grasp reality

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My monitor only has 30/60hz as options. I can tell the difference between 30fps, 40fps, and 50fps. especially with vsync and frame limits off. Can't explain that.

Man it's like FPS below the FPS cap of your monitor actually fucking matters. Maybe you should try fucking around with settings more and turning vsync and frame limits off.

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File: 43 KB, 874x421, intel-i7-9700k-f1-2018-1080p-frametimes_all.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...intel has higher frame rates, higher average, higher 0.1% lows, higher 1% lows, AND better frametimes.

Again, why the fuck would I EVER gimp myself with AMD assuming both builds will be using an identical GPU?

>> No.69118937

Try going for a 250gb ssd + 4tb x2 raid hard drives.

Cheaper and less retarded.

>> No.69118969

and again you failed to answer

why would you buy a cpu that cant hold the fps on your monitors specs?

you wouldnt yet you are still here posting irrelevant stuff

>> No.69118986

Neither AMD or Intel can, but Intel does it better.

Why wouldn't you get the better CPU for the task you're buying it for?

>> No.69119013

>intel does it better
what? you do realise that every dip BELOW 100 means that it will be very noticeable right?
and since no cpu dips below 60 fps your argument is irrelevant to the point that calling you a shill is naive

i mean you are just a paid shill to this point

>> No.69119071

lmao, so intel is more consistent with frametime, more consistent with FPS, and has higher 0.1% minimums, AND higher averages.
Since neither drops below 60fps that becomes irrelevant?

LMAO what a joke, go shill AMD in another thread you stupid cucked shill.

>> No.69119078

can LITERALLY play any gayme on my 2 year old 6700k and gtx 1080ti build

>> No.69119081

I have a gtx 1050 ti with an i7 8700k

>> No.69119097

That Noctua is not gonna cut it. You need watercooling for a 9700K. Or just go for a 8700K.

>> No.69119102

>is more consistent

do you even see your own chart?>>69118896

they all have similiar dips and as the frames passes they all are on a similiar level

but hey i guess you dont even bother to see what you upload

>> No.69119111

no one denies that.
Just look here >>69108207
the overclocked 7700k matches with the stock 9700k fairly well.

But when you OC the 9700k it does stretch it's legs a bit.

>> No.69119124

>they all have similiar dips and as the frames passes they all are on a similiar level
Watch the video, he expressly says the 2700x has worse dips that ARE noticeable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuUwLuQGPj4

>> No.69119141

>do you even see your own chart?>>69118896

>4 hits of 14-21ms

>1 hit of 18ms

HMMMMM I wonder which is more consistent.

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OP is in Canada numbnuts he's going to pay $400+ on tax and shipping if he buys that

>> No.69121925

>2080TI benchmarks
He's buying a fucking 1070 you fucking retard

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That site underpriced your RAM and did the opposite to the SSD ; on sale the Evo goes for 100 or less while the ram goes for 150min
Overkill PSU and gaymen motherboard, other then the that and the fact you are using ddr4 because it's the cool new thing it's an ok build for around 1k

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