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Likebook Mars question edition

Does the Mars support 256-512GB microsd?

Previous threads - >>68897930 , >>68665332 >>69010900

>6" $99
>4/8/32GB with no storage expansion possible
>large and cheaper book selection
>most models don't have expandable storage
>worse support of sideloaded content
>older models can be found dirt cheap used

Likebook Mars
>comes in 6" $120, 7.8" $220, 10" $440 screen sizes at 300 ppi
>Android 6.0+
>octa-core CPU and 2 GB of RAM
>microSD card, 3.5mm headphone jack
>can easily sideload apps via .apk

>smaller but slightly more expensive book selection
>better support of sideloaded content
>newer models don't have microSD slots
>comfort light, newer models having more adjustability
>some models have internal microSD cards (https://blog.the-ebook-reader.com/2013/10/08/how-to-expand-internal-storage-of-kobo-ebook-readers-video)

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Anyone reccomend a ereader 10+ inchs?

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dont buy an ereader until one comes out with 500-600 ppi , everything else is a waste of money

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Where does one torrent ebooks?

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Will I notice a big difference going from 212ppi to 300ppi

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i guess it depends what you are looking for
libgen and project gutenberg is tons of reading

i've been looking for a programming/comp sci dump

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>programming/comp sci dump
The official /g/ book torrent had about 40GB of programming/comp sci books

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thanks anon, i didn't know about this

https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Programming_resources for those interested

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apparently this compares the two ppis

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Just get an iPad

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Is it worth going for Likebook Mars over Likebook Plus if I just want to read manga on it as smooth as possible (stored on the device and read wish koreader)?
Likebooks on Ali

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Anything with an e-ink display that can run Linux? Or really just a terminal emulator and connect to wifi? Sometimes I'll be reading in bed and want to check on something by SSHing into one of my machines

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get a tablet retard

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likebook mars runs android and could get a ssh app.

i think.

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>>newer models don't have microSD slots
Being the only provider with a 10" model < $300 kills me.

Text books, especially technical ones flow like crap on smaller screens. The only readers that are 10" and let you carry around the library of Alexandria are $500+

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what font do you ink readers use?

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>tfw fell for the djvu meme

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>djvu in 2018
Why would you even try it?
It was declared obsolete in 2006 or something.

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I would really like to get one next year for all my textbooks but I heard most of them don't take pdfs and if they do, their screen only displays b/w. Is that true? Any recommendation for a pdf-compatible e-reader that can display colour?

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