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Daily reminder that MacOS is better simply because it has a decent dark mode

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>dark like my soul theme

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Sorry sweetie, but even the fucking foot has a dark theme out of the box, and I'm not even talking about KDE, so please do us all a favor and go neck yourself with the rest of the Apple's PR Department.

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Really? i found it a little inconsistent, some areas were too dark to be readable, especially unfocused windows.

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this, but I don't even like dark themes

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>yellow Macintosh HD
what are you doing?

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I don't understand, what's the appeal of darkmode?

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>feel like a real life hacker man
>Not burn my eyes out when I use the computer at night

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Here's how I see it.

>Light mode
Fine during the day
Annoying in low light environments

>Dark mode
Fine during the day
Fine in low light environments

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>dark mode

lol, every Linux DE has dark themes since like forever

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Better? Better than what? Better than itself without it? Better than a piece of shit?

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Cinnamon would like a word with you about dark mode.

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nice cheap osx-copy DE

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13" rmbp so comfy ^-^

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>even the foot
>not talking about KDE
wow who would have thought?

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I personally like Elementary OS the best because a great UI, and based off of ubuntu 18+
>To each their own though.

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Well, KDE users never stop talking about Gnome, so it needs to be specified.

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Yeah except when an application doesn't support it. This is especially shit since lots of applications insist on implementing CSD, which end up being a 1:1 copy of basic SSD anyway, except now you can't have dark decorations.

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how is it a copy?

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Another day, another Apple advertisement spam wave.

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Why is there a hole in your settings panel?

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Is it some sort of an indicator?

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>Daily reminder that MacOS is better
Daily reminder that you are paid by Apple.

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Yeah and it took all these years for those faggots to finally implement it and they sold it as some amazing new feature. Macs are shit and it's all a big ploy to bleed stupid faggots dry.

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You stared directly into the sun and are now blind.

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Classic MacOS had a dark mode in 1998.

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The dark mode is pretty half-assed though, and every program has to update to support it. It's a shame because it was so hype.

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2/10 made me reply

Every other OS has been able to do this for decades.

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>took street shitters at one infinite loo 3 decades to catch up to windows 3.1

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>Gnome: 1999
>OSX: 2001
ok buddy

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>>Dark mode
>Fine in low light environments

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>*opens any website*
Could potentially threaten your security. Please use News.app in order to get the latest tech news!

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Using race card
So this is 4chan

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KDE can mimic it

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Lincux defence drone reporting on duty

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ok, I feel generous today.

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So this is a newfag

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That is not a good dark mode. Winjeets fail again.

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I haven't ever seen anyone get baited so easily

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found the macfag

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Oh, that's just my wifes sons rMBP in target disk mode connected.

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A fucking Arc Dark ripoff, hahaha. Thanks, based Applel. What's next for FagOS? A non shitty filesystem and not losing your files when you move them with Finder? iLaughed

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Saying MacOs is better than windows is like saying that your shit smells better than a dog shit. In the end its all shit.

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enjoy your uncustomizable UI on your overpriced machine better off running Linux cause your limited anyways

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u wot m8 ?

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MacOS is better because it’s unix.

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how did you get your Firefox like this?

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gnome in 1999 looked nothing like macOS. gnome started copying mac after gnome 3 version

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>it's another 'macfag discovers feature other OSs had for ages' thread

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imagine falling for b8 and calling others newfag

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imagine starting with "imagine", then "falling" and using "m8" instead of "mate"

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There's no such thing as a decent dark theme. Even Apple can't do it right.

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Very carefully.

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thats why I use this

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looks like trash.

MacOS is literally the only good looking OS

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Fuck mac

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i agree these look like shit; but it's because these people suck at ricing, not because of anything that actually prevents it from looking good.

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>needs to do "ricing" to get a good dark mode


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I'd rather have the ability to set my desktop exactly how i like as opposed to something mediocre looking that i can't change.

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heh, so no arguments buddy

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>decent GOTH mode

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Let me try. How's this?

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>arguing that dark mode is better for night
that's why in windows is now build in flux.

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He's right you know. GNOME went from being a shitty KDE knockoff to being a shitty OS X ripoff.

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>he needs someone to theme his os for him

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>3 applications that happen to work well with the GTK3 theme you're using
>Have to deal with Gnome's broken window overview
>Have to deal with inevitably needing some application that isn't GTK
>UI for applications that aren't part of Gnome is up to the developer and will therefore be inconsistent
Switching from Linux to MacOS was one of the best computing related decisions I've ever made.

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This was Pre-jeet

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>with the GTK3 theme you're using
That's KDE. The only application there relying on GTK for theming is the browser.
Please stop being retarded.

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At least it's been consistent in being shitty.

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>That's KDE
That just makes it worse, because now you need to make sure your shit looks consistent between two UI toolkits. Even if it looks the same, they'll function differently.

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>they'll function differently
So will any cross-platform software on Mac OS.

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That's only really true for javashit.

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Same on Linux.

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>All the shit like XFCE that uses either GTK or Qt but doesn't follow the same UI guidelines
>All the applications like Rockbox or Ario which have the UI laid out by some developer who doesn't give two fucks about UI guidelines period

Linux has always had fragmentation issues when it comes to things like the UI. Apple pushes their UI guidelines and toolkit hard onto developers and makes it as easy as possible to fit the UI gudielines by default. This isn't something that's likely to happen on Linux due to the lack of any central authority.
You get more freedom but less cohesion.

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How does Mac OS not have the exact same issues. Cross-platform apps generally won't use Cocoa.

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Because you're less likely to be using cross platform GUI applications on MacOS. On Linux you can't even use KDE without having a GTK based browser for example. If you go with Gnome you might be able to get away with only using GTK, but you'll likely run into GTK2 still, which cannot integrate well into a GTK3 environment thanks to less features.
Maybe it's improved in the past 5 years or so, but I really doubt that's possible given the situation.
Maybe if systemD decides to actually become a full OS with its own UI toolkit and everything, I can't see Linux ever having a cohesive UI in general like MacOS does.

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>On Linux you can't even use KDE without having a GTK based browser for example
No major browser uses GTK. They really just leech of the GTK theme and use their own UI stuff.
I actually use KDE just fine with almost exclusively Qt applications. Qt makes this a lot more viable as it already is cross-platform so applications like OBS, Mumble or Filezilla integrate perfectly. KDE also actually does an effort at integrating GTK applications should you use them.

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Well I haven't really used Linux much since 2014. Maybe GTK and QT are working much better together. I don't want to hold my breath though, hence why I'm not a raging Macfag.

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But that's wrong

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>squid girl

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